Nike's culture

Nike is market oriented company. There are three pillars of market orientation. Customer focus, coordinated marketing and profit availability. Nike focuses on the customer demands and needs. Nike sets its strategy according to their customers. Their target market was only sports and fashion at first. However when they became aware of the value of hockey skaters, skateboard equipments, retro style sneakers and dress and casual shoes markets' they expand their market target by co-opting those markets to Nike's constitution. Nike has take a strong interest on dealing with their customers more than product.

On the other hand, Nike has its own management culture as all the companies should have. By this way their management strategies, values and traditions are specific. While any interruption occurs to this culture, naturally they get out of that system. It clearly seen in the example of the one manager that Nike had. Perez tried to adapt new managerial strategies to the company. They are strategically good but not suitable for Nike's culture. That is the reason for his quit.

Nike also use the market strategy as focusing to the customers very effectively. Nike did not sell the products which produced for football game to the U.S.A. Those products only sold in Africa and in European countries. This is because football is not famous as much as it is in EU countries and Africa. Hockey is more important for USE and Nike focus on hockey products in USA.

As I understand from the text, despite Nike did not have Human Resources Department at first, they are good at coordination. This is because of they were small business at first. They know each other, they can communicate easily, on the other hand they usually organised meetings every week. By the time they try to expand the company and filled the gaps by transfer successful managers from other companies, they had difficulties about the new comers culture adaptation. New comers try to change some strategies that they found necessary. However these changes come across to Nike's culture. That is the reason that old Nike family did not accept those managers.

Nike is not well designed inside the organization at the beginning. They do not have Chief Finance Officers, marketing strategies...etc. at first. They would not know how many products they are going to sell one mount later, or how many t-shirts they have to stock for the next order, however they even didn't know when the next order will be. By the time goes, the system relied. Every acquisition based on a proper system.

The only market is not the one which Nike deals on. But there are some cross markets that their targets do not like the other one's product. So as to gain those target Nike work on new product portfolio by expanding new companies as mentioned above. Nike's growth strategies are related developments as Ansoft's growth model strategy.( When Nike get these brands in his constitution, in accordance to their brand strategies Nike did not change their brand names, furthermore tried to abstain to mention about their selves in any commercials, announcements, advertisements and presentation, etc.

Nike also used ambush marketing for a strategy of brand by showing Nike”s symbol “Swoosh” while Reebok was expected as a sponsor.


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