Potential Customers of Ascension



ASCENSION is a branded Marketer with the Aim of “Working towards Eco Excellence”.

According to the CEO of ASCENSION “We are committed to Ethical and we are committed to cool”[1]

ASCENSION is a company which has the vision of being more fashionable and better environmental friendly. They are working hard to execute their eco plans from fiber to customer in the whole value chain.


In the modern era of technological progress and global economic recession, it has become very challenging for a fashion company to become highly fashionable at a reasonable price. This competition is even more difficult when the people have less purchase power and the company wants to present ethical fashion.

Ascension's products are made, based on the philosophy of fair trade therefore the product's prices are a bit higher than the companies which are not working on this philosophy. Ascension is working on the projects of creating awareness among the customers about their responsibility towards the consumption. Green label companies are open to share all information about their value chain to its customers. That is why the products of the Ascension are famous in the people who want to be more responsible to the environment.

Being ecological is not the only reason for consumption of Ascension products. They are more fashionable. According to CEO they are working with young innovative designers having the aim of “leaving the world in a better state than we have found it” 1

They are providing latest trends in their assortments which attract the consumers towards it. In Eco fashion there is a big competition all over the world. As studies have shown that Brand loyalty is less as the consumer has more options. Ascension is providing clothing, foot wares with a lot of accessories for Men, Women and Kids. They are delivering their products to almost all parts of the world. Their consumers are mostly inspired by the charity projects of the Ascension.


As we know that decision making process starts from need arousal. From some online questioning it has been noticed that the most of the people make their purchase decisions during browsing of the websites. Some people purchase Ascension products when they like some particular design or color. Some people purchase when there is some discount announcement on the website.

Ascension consumers are having high level of involvement in purchasing the products. That is why Ascension is address to its potential consumer by providing a lot of information for its products. They always mention the contents of the products. For consumer it is quite easy to trust the company as it has an association with fair trade organization.

Ascension has a good quality control over its whole value chain that is why they have developed their own suppliers. That is why Ascension faces fewer problems in after sales. They have fewer rates of returns of their products. Development of own suppliers is reflected in the form of better quality products and rewarded as Brand loyal customers.


According to the web information before the start Ascension made a plan for targeting the right customers. For that they discussed to the individual customers all over the world and inquired what sustainability to them is. Some people said that less transportation, some thought that Organic cotton, some said natural dyes, some proposed less water consumption, some said fair trade, and some said less purchase of the products and so on. [2]

Ascension stared up with all such ideas and they worked in all parts of producing fibers, manufacturing of clothing, marketing and supply chain network to do communication with all such customers. We can see all the consumers who have different perspective of evaluating the Ascension's products but they believe that the products are ecological.


Ascension is based in UK and it has strong distribution network in Europe and North America. Sustainability and eco friendly fashion are hot issues in these regions than the rest part of the world. People are more educated and have better purchase power. Online consumption of the products is quite higher in these regions. So the cultural impact in influencing the purchasing behavior of the people.

Now a day the talks about the better environmental policies are at its peak and a culture of Eco fashion is developing among the people. Although it is not much strong but the future trends are showing that this trend will increase with time. So it will be beneficial with the companies like Ascension to develop in this era. They have recently opened their Debut Flagship store in London. This increase in ECO Culture will have a great influence in business plans of the clothing companies.

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[2] http://www.ascensiononline.com/About/Philosophy/WhatWeDo.aspx

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