Promotion management on brand shoes

An effective communication campaign should comprise of a well thought out message strategy. What message are you trying to put across to your target audience? How will you deliver that message? Will it be through the appropriate use of branding? Logos or slogan design? The message should reinforce the benefit of the product and should also help the company in developing the positioning strategy of the product. Companies with effective message strategies include:

Nike: Just do it.

  • Which segments are being targeted and strategies used to influence the target segment?

Segmentation and Targeting

For this "Just Done It" campaign, our targeting market is:

  • Young people, from 20-30 years old, low and middle income and social class
  • Middle-age people, from 30-50 year old, middle and high income and social class

Because during this period, especially young people who are preparing to enter or have just entered into the job market as well as middle-aged people who have achieved a little in his life are confronting more pressures from the impact of economic crisis.


In addition to maintain Nike's most powerful image, Nike positions itself as most considerate and confident brand all over the world, which can accompany you to overcome the most critical time.

Message strategy and tactics

Targeting all audience--Why choose "Just Done It"

Following "Just Do It" slogan, it shows the message that "I have done it! The situation is not as difficult as you think. Just do it and you will have it done soon." Just like Nike's consistent powerful image, Nike wants to tell consumers: Believe yourself just like believing Nike as you're always doing.

Targeting young people, from 20-30 years old, low and middle income and social classusing endorsement strategy .For this group of generation X, they prefer extreme sports, fashion and really need a sense of belonging when they feel lonely and stressful. So Nike will still use celebrity endorsements to appeal to the consumers' sense of belonging and show their hero worship and self-fulfilling image by the message that wearing Nikes for every part of your life was smart (the shoes are designed for comfort) and hip (everyone else is wearing them, you too can belong to this group which is heroic, courageous and always with you.)

Advertising & Promotion

Nike positioned its products as high performance shoes designed with high technology features. Nike athletic shoes were targeted at men and women aged between 18 and 34 years. Till 1976, except for the routine purchase of space in running publications, Nike's advertising was largely in the form of cooperative arrangements with retailers who inserted ads in local newspapers.

Promotional tools used and the strategy behind using these tools.

  1. The main tool used by Nike for its promotion is ADVERTISING through TV media.
  2. Its promotional activities include agreements for product sponsorship with professional athletic teams, celebrity athletes, and numerous college athletic teams.
  3. Nike is involved in the production of goods for a wide variety of sports, competing with every sports fashion brand in existence. Because of the absence of any single brand that rivals the products of Nike, the company has no direct competitors, with the exception of German company Adidas.
  4. This has helped popularize the brand worldwide in all areas of sport and sports fashion.
  5. Nike always believe in doing new innovations for their product every time.

Which strategy out of Pull or Push is used and why?

Nike is using the pull strategy through his advertising because the company is using the celebrity like golf player Tiger Woods, etc to attract the customers. They are using them because there target segment is only the sports person. Related to any sports the nike uses every celebrity as related to a particular sport like for football fans leading club like Arsenal, Manchester United, FC Barcelona Ronaldo , Beckham for tennis Llie Nastase, basket ball Michael Jordan , For cricket official kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team for 5 years till 2010 end.

So they are only selecting those sports persons only to target the sports shoes market that tcan help easily attracting the youth (target market).

Critically Appraise the Promotional strategy of your selected brand.

Nike,Inc is the world leading designer marketer and distributor of authentic athletic foot wear, apparel equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities

Nike mines consumer insights and uses research and development to design premium performance athletic products. We contract with manufacturers to make and ship products to our owned and partner retailers around the world. We create demand for product through marketing and advertising, our presence in sports and our relationships with athletes (sports marketing). For Nike to be successful, the world of sport must be successful. To build our business, we have to fuel and respond to consumer interest around the world and continually appeal to changing demographics and new markets in a deeply competitive industry.

We also stimulate growth through smart, effective investments in people, research and development resources and a well-managed supply chain. We increase shareholder returns by effectively managing our operating costs in proportion to our growth rates. We have shared information on the company's growth strategy, including our aim to achieve revenue of $23 billion by FY11. This strategy is the context for our corporate responsibility efforts. We aim to achieve this growth by delivering premium products, growing in our geographic regions and elevating the retail experience. Detailed information is available online at

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