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My product category is soaps and in this category I have chosen Dettol soap. I would be explaining various promotion strategies used by the company named Reckitt and Benckiser for the better positioning of Dettol soap in the Indian market.

The brand has been well known for years. Dettol is Rs 300 crore and 70 year old bran of Reckitt and Benckiser. Launched in 1936 as an antiseptic lotion, the brand became a generic name for antiseptic lotion and then extended into soaps. From its launch to 1980's the brand had a dream run with virtually no competitors.


The target market for dettol soaps is mainly mothers and housewives as they mainly run the household and buying all household items and keeping the household germ free and hygienic is in their hands.


The Dettol advertising starting in 1960s has centered on educating consumers on the need for protection from germs, while offering solutions to manage the problem of germs wherever and whenever they may occur. Starting then and till now Dettol advertising has celebrated the role of a mother in protecting her family.


The various promotion tools it has used are - Television advertisements - in the tv ads it has focused on the mothers and their children everywhere they air the ads. They main idea of their each advertisement rests upon 100% germ protection.

Print Advertisements - these ads also focused upon the core value i.e. germ protection displaying its variants and extensions.

Recently Dettol has come out with a campaign - Aap ka Dettol kya kya karta hai? The campaign harps over the communication strategy of re-inforcing the relationship between pride and performance.

Dettol also celebrated Mother's Day, by creating a special TV commercial with children thanking their mothers for all the love and protection they get all through the year. On a serious note, Dettol also donated Hygiene Packs to 'Save the Children' - a leading global NGO to flood affected states of West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and Bihar. Apart from this, Dettol also has tie-ups with numerous hospitals and medical care facilities.


Dettol mainly uses pull strategy through its various advertisement campaigns and sometimes push strategy also by launching its various combo packs.


Dettol has used all best ways to market its products and position them deep in the minds its customers. the feature of dettol soap is its typical smell reminding everybody of its antiseptic quality and hygiene. Its various advertisements says that in every season, while taking bath, before having meal, a dettol soap is a must. It has tried extending into talcs, deos, shaving creams but could get success only in the liquid soap extension.

If we look upon the advertisements the ads focused upon mothers and the children along with the guidelines of the Indian medical association to the viewers instead of focusing upon all of the family members.

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