Purpose and importance of Marketing

Purpose and importance of Marketing

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural Business


This lesson will teach the students the purpose and importance of marketing.


Upon the completion of this lesson the students will be able to:

1. Describe what the purpose and importance of marketing is.

2. Give examples of what marketing does for companies.

3. Demonstrate the purpose and importance of marketing.

4. Evaluate an agricultural company marketing strategies.


TEKS: 119.42.c.5A



I will have different company's names on the board and I will ask the class to tell me what the first thing is that pops into their heads when they think of the company's name. The students will then tell me the slogans and other things that come to mind. Then I will ask them if this helps them remember the company, and if they are more likely to buy a product from these companies since their name is easy to remember. I will then go into how these slogans are part of the marketing process and why this is important to the success of these products.

Lesson Content:

The students will then break into two groups. I will give each student in one group a paper that describes the purpose of marketing and the other group will get a paper on the importance of marketing. They will have five minutes to read and discuss the papers. They will then break into partners with one from the purpose group and one from the importance group. The partners will then teach each other about what they have learned and give them a handout of their topic. Once they are in their pairs we will have a class discussion on what they have just learned.

Guided Practice:

Then the partners will then find another pair of partners and form a group of four. They will then be given an object and they will have to come up with a slogan or jingle for the object that they think will get people to buy it. They will then present this to the class and say why it is so important to market their product in order for people to buy it. See attached handouts.

Independent Practice:

Each student will have a company; they will then have to do research on their company to find out the company's marketing strategies. Each student will have to evaluate how the company markets their products and why this is so important to the company's success.


Chalk board with chalk

one object per group of four

one company per student

Handouts of importance and purpose of marketing one for every student

Purpose of marketing:

Marketing promotes your company and puts it on the map.
Describes Your Products/Services and lets people know what you do.
Announces New Products/Uses to maintain customers and show variability and growth.
Differentiates Products/Services by vitalizing what your company knows best by positioning it in a unique way.
Client Acquisition and Get "business".
Increases your Visibility and Exposure
Helps build networks with other professional and to further enhance company growth.
Lower the cost of sales for the products and services a company sells today.
To maximize the value of client relationships.
Determine what products and services a company should sell tomorrow.

Importance of marketing:

It would be most difficult for a business to exist without marketing. For example you can build a lemonade stand, but unless you put it out on the curb, you won't get any business. The simple act of placing it on the curb is a form of marketing!

You have to have marketing in order to have a successful business it allows your company to get your products out in the market and lets people know that your product is the best.

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