Strategic focus of southern sun?


Southern sun, a division of sun group one of the continent's largest hotel and entertainment group also a leading hotel in Africa. It has been able to position itself in all aspects of the Human life by maintaining its brand image and with a five star ratings over a very long period of time. The focus of this study is to show recent achievements and opportunities for brand communication and how they have managed to achieve their focus and considering factors too.


Their strength have been their excellent marketing capabilities being a market driven organization guided by market trends and customer needs, they offer great expertise by providing excellent meals and beverages, they have made five star services a life style.


Even though Southern Sun has faced several competitors in the Industry, it has been able to survive with its revenue generation index and with the implementation of marketing principles in its objectives carefully expand from Africa to the Middles east and Indian Ocean islands. They have also implemented ways to deal competitions from other hotel of same category by repeating services that enhances the company's financial performance because the main intention is to enable the customer to identify and re-identify services provided by Southern sun and not look for alternative either from searching for a luxury accommodation to suit the customer's status or an affordable accommodation for his family, The southern sun group has boasts an impressive array of accommodation to suit any kind of customer and their needs.

The external environment has been greatly affected by several strategy implemented by the organisation either by disseminating information, introducing programme packed with benefits ,exclusive privileges and corporate social investment by giving back to the community, They have several tactics in place to enable their customers benefit highly from their structured products and services packages. With recent recession Southern Sun has managed to extend recently to the Middle east with establishing itself in one of the most expensive city Dubai, positioning in a well known Tourism centre The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall which is currently the biggest Mall in the world and also World trade centre with easy access to prestigious shopping centres and entertainment (all are very prominent centre of attraction for people all over the world). This has also created great opportunity for branding regarding its international recognition and improving their dynamics in investments in their primaryfocus areas which other than its origin Africa to Middle East and the Indian Ocean Islands eventually, luring its customer's to enjoy life in another way.Due to equity and trust which has been earned over time form its consumer does not impose any imminent threat of losing its customer base and substitute but it is continuously building the brand image as a whole. Intensive pricing and other competitive pressure have been dealt with by introducing several attractive packages which suits each type of existing customers and prospects too. Soaring to a very strong brand being well managed by brand managers will improve its international recognition and encourage its expansion to the proposed focus of establishment.


Expansion of Southern Sun group to its primary focus area is a bold step the company has had to believe in and because of the complexity of regions and planning process may involve several demand, strategic marketing implementation and control measures.

The implementation of global strategies must often address issues related to market differences in national culture, economic development and political characteristics, even though this is to attain what is called globally unified brand by expansion but must trend carefully to be able to continue at its current pace successfully, using performance measurement and controls follows the same general principles but market differentiation must be greatly considered.

Achieving its accomplishments in Africa, Middle East may not be very easy in the Indian oceans islands because sales and profitability may be low and expenses incurred tends to become high but findings have shown that Southern Sun has implemented several technical planning activities to achieve this objective and to help keep the market target on track by making situation assessment, deciding action programme for marketing mix components are in place in place to check variable and differences in national cultures and stage of economic development.


Southern Sun, this year celebrates its 40years of hospitality leadership, being a market driven organization and also a group dedicated to build business dynamics by which will change the hotel industry forever through innovative spirit, dynamic management and a work force of dedicated employee which has made it consistently remained Africa's leading hotel group therefore strategizing market in prominent places in the world and this enables it thrive well in any place it operates.

The Human capital has a leadership focus in the sense that its recruitment procedure is excellently done in hiring the best person that suits a position through EQI and RSI, Southern Sun threats its employees as leaders and this has been proven by staff climate survey.

Product decision is to weigh its accessibility in the target market for example this year Southern sun group has launched a new hotel in Nigeria adding another hotel to its portfolio in Africa and thereby considering its establishment in the Middle east, locating its four star rated hotel at the heart of Dubai which has been positioned properly due to the understanding of marketing dynamics in Dubai before establishing Al Manzil Al Qamardeen which involved strong marketing capabilities.

Pricing strategy by market segments considering the yield management option in the peak period is due to the law of demand and supply and has influenced their seasonal pricing working with what is known as the peak periods.

Promotion decision ,this goes to their public relation scheme which not only has improved sales strategy but also promotional strategy by luring and attracting their customers with different varieties of rewards for their loyalty, from leisure discount to unique benefits o free holidays. Advertisements has also been a promotional decision for their customers all over the world by sponsoring activities with benefits to the FIFA family over the year another example is the upcoming FIFA world cup 2010.


Markets were identified by Southern sun as objective and focus of establishment and due to expansion from Africa; they decided that markets like Middle east and India Ocean Islands will be effective in targets of their business. In the Middle East the establishment of Al Manzin and Al Qamardeen was carefully achieved understanding the market they have proposed to establish and today they have positioned themselves as a known hotel in Dubai in a very strategic business and innovative area. They Southern sun group has also been appointed by United group to take on full operation of the Four star deluxe Eva hotel, September 2010 is set to delight international and local visitors to Abu Dhabi with chic style, premium style and relaxation atmosphere at Eva hotel located at the heart of Abu Dhabi city, this is set to be a prominent hotel for business travellers and vacationers.

The location of this hotel is definitely another advantage towards the business strategy adopted by the company making the market and competitive effect be defined to identify consumers' needs and proper analysis of its competitors. Their market segmentation offers an opportunity for the organisation to focus its business capabilities on requirement of all their customers internationally and locally.

The Business level strategy also used by Southern sun most importantly was their perspective on customer relationship management they emphasize delivering of superior customer value by personalizing the interaction between customers and company and achieving the coordination of complex organisational capabilities around the customers' wellbeing, increasing the value of a company's customer base and maintaining viable relationship.

Performance level of the company has been high according to statistics of income notwithstanding the value of this has brought about international sales and because their new locations has proven to be market driven environment and this has made business for Southern sun thrive. Their target markets has also help to promote income as their aim to become the best hotel group by any means has been a great tactics used to gain favourable position called the marketing mix and marketing programme and also the use of the 4 P s theories has come to favour Southern sun and it's still favouring them because the organisational structures and process matched to the business and marketing strategies that are developed and implemented.


Flexible rate and revenue management capabilities benefits marketing operational performance through relevant and timely reporting which is standard. They were ranked as the third in the revenue generating index (RGI) because they have put in place several measures which through analytical investigation of business strategy has gained a reputable impression over time in the Hotel industry.

The arrival of Southern sun to any of its place of establishment has not only been a huge complement to the landscape but has increased the influx of world class hotel chains. Their management team which can also be referred to as the span of control of the Southern sun usually consist of expatriates who most likely the managing director because part of their job is to have full knowledge of the external environment and be able to impact past experience especially from where they are coming from to their subordinates and younger employee. The Managing Director ensures that there is a strict adherence to the Total quality assurance and implements measures like the KPI (key performance indicators) for the employees of the organisation to curb any form of excessiveness in the course of carrying out tasks designated to them.

The chain of command here is to help communication and delegation of duties and role of other directors and to ensure formation and organised units/ departments. Skilled Directors are appointed fill some core units in the Hotel for examples Sales and Marketing Department, Production Department, Human resource department, Finance etc they all report directly to the Managing director.

In Southern Sun, the efficiency of the organisation hierarchy has made their business procedure and transactions always an "end to end" procedure triggering event generated by requester of a process and ending with delivery of service to the same. Auditors are also appointed to make investigations within the company and be sure rules and regulations of the company for example the description of the jobs of individual employees, the entry and exit criteria, business objectives and even laws governing where they are located are strictly adhered to this helps to relate effectiveness and identify useful potential performers within the organization. The Audit and enquiry team also monitors staff climate safety by internal surveys, property and environmental factors like economy of the country which southern sun exists, the entire financial audits of the company.

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