The business plan

Chapter I: Executive Summary

New Horizon Ministry (NHM) will exits as a start-up church oriented consulting venture based at Eugene, NY. The firm will be solely owned and / or run under sole-proprietorship by Peterson Kelly. Services that will be offered by this firm will be focused on comprehensively fulfilling churches needs within a full range of business cycle. In the marketing mix, this firm will ensure the products or services offered will be quality and of high standard. In addition, in placing the services will be readily available fro the clients when required, with highly qualified service distribution, even via internet. Affordable prices for our services will be availed to ensure our clients are not disadvantaged. Promotion will be conducted to attract more new clients and ensure retention of the existing clients (DeThomas, 2001).

Occasionally, we will offer services for free or at special rates to our clients, as one of our marketing and / or promotional strategy. In capital acquisition, the owner will submit hi contribution plus an 8year loan from SBA, which will be settled within a period of 3years. Staff or employees of this firm will consist of experienced professionals applying a team approach in major consultancy projects. NHM will be offering more balanced standard and quality services to church organizations thereby acquiring a more competitive advantage over other consultancy firms within Eugene, OR. Services provided will involve church bi-laws establishment for church auxiliaries. Similarly, this firm assist churches restructure their distinct church boards to facilitate efficient functioning. One of the strategies that will be applied in this firm will involve conducting seminars, powerfully combined to church organizations where assistance might be required. For such seminars to be useful, reliable software will be developed to offer churches future references purposes (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005).

Chapter II: Company Direction

Present Situation

NHM is a focused consultation company offering a combination of varied services specifically to church based organizations. NHM is based on the realization and maximization of the owner or potential founder with an aim of developing his personal skills or knowledge in consulting services, applying it in viable business. New Horizon Ministry will have one main professional consultant. Other six assistant consultants will be hired to assist in service delivery, each specializing in a specific field. Such services will include seminars addressing various church needs, church financial management, and church policy formulation and church trainings among others (McKeever, 2008). NHM will focus on existing churches and new up-coming churches. NHM prefers to develop or establish relationships with various church boards. By nurturing such relationships, confidence from churches will be assured.

Our firm will focus on advising the new churches on growth and existing churches on proper management for growth and curbing of church splits. NHM will be established as a Eugene based consultancy firm with me as the principle owner. However, several other individuals will be recruited, who are well versed with management of church organizations. On individual will be an expert in law, to help assist in formulation of church bylaws or policies, another will be an accounting expert to assist churches in financial management while another will be a specialist in marketing and advertising to facilitate marketing of our services (Hazelgren & Covello,2005).

Vision and Mission

NHM vision is to avail consulting services comprehensively, mainly focusing on specialized and personal services, specifically meeting each clients needs. New Horizon Ministry's mission will be to be a source of quality and standard consultancy to all types of church based organizations within Eugene. Seminars to be conducted will provide church boards with quality church management in finances, policies, structures and other church needs (DeThomas, 2001). Focus will be on advice and information provision concerning major limitation encountered by churches. Similarly environment will be conducive to all its affiliates, including competitive employees' compensations to facilitate devoted and client-oriented services.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

The main NHM strategic goal is establishment of a strong church development and growth plus an increased client base. We also aim to grow as a consultation firm to a bigger organization where all Eugene church organizations will experience sufficient and rich consultation services. However, our operations will never go beyond Eugene and its neighborhood, since our services will mainly be local (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005). NHM aims at achievement of self sufficient flow of cash towards the end of the first phase or period of operation. Similarly, the firm targets to have settled the SBA loan which facilitated the original financing by the end of 3years of operation. Another objective of NHM is to avail an income to the founder owner in line with income growth possibilities. NHM approximates its sale to be 826, 250dollars within the first period and 1,390,000dollars by the end of the third period.

Company overview

Legal Business Description

New Horizon Ministry will have a single sole owner, as the founder and president of the company. The company's name will be registered as a fictitious with the county council. However, later the firm will be incorporated as the attorney will recommend on the basis of business growth or as the conditions will arise (McKeever, 2008).

Firm location and Facilities

Operations of New Horizon Ministry will be based at Eugene. Eugene is not within any of the major markets. However, local costs tends to be lower than average. Similarly, distances from San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles are attractive (Pinson,2001). Choice of location is mainly considered on the basis that the NHM founder is based at Eugene and because this business is aimed to facilitate the owners benefits.

Team of Management

Peterson Kelly, being the owner and founder of New Horizon Ministry contributes 8years of church consultancy and church policies restructure. Another individual will be responsible and a specialist in organizational planning and financial management with individuals specialized in CFO positions (McKeever, 2008). Similarly, another individual will be recruited who is highly experienced in advertising, communications and marketing plus an extra individual who will be a legal expert.

Strategic Alliances

To facilitate effective thrive in this market, NHM will venture into partnerships with various firms or enterprises which offer services linked to consultation services. For marketing purposes, alliances with media services will be significant. In technology and communications, links with various IT experts firms will be necessary to enable us conduct our seminars efficiently. Before we purchase our own technological tools such as a projector in the second year, we will be hiring from a particular firm within the whole first year period, hence need for partnerships (DeThomas, 2001).

Service Strategy

Summary of strategy and implementation

New Horizon Ministry intends to succeed through offering church organizations a comprehensive range of multi-cycle solutions in planning (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005).

Sales Strategy

Through provision of multi-cycle solutions in planning to church-based organizations, New Horizon Ministry is confident of its success. NHM will be striving to optimize on its billing hours (McKeever, 2008).

Competitive Edge

Consultants' team approach will be applied to facilitate a competitive edge which will be focused mainly on a specific discipline (Pinson, 2001).

Days and Hours of operation

Convenient working hours will be availed by New Horizon Ministry to ensure all clients are served whenever they require the services. All weekdays will have a representative in the office from 8am to 6pm. On Saturdays, operation will commence at 9am to 5pm. However, on Sundays, New Horizon Ministry's offices will be closed since majority of the clients will be in the church services (Stutely, 2002).

Chapter III: Research and Development

In order to align itself with the current consultant trends in Eugene, New Horizon Ministry will have to conduct a research so as to establish roughly who their competitors are. With such knowledge, venturing into the market will be simpler since they will acquire information on the entry strategy (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005). NHM will know what their competitors offers and maybe come up with a new way of doing things and new improved services. Similarly, when NHM gathers information on what time other firms operate, it can alter its working hours to capture those clients who may need consultation services at such times. With this initiative, customers are assured of reliable services at all times.

Service and Delivery

NHM founder is mainly interested in consultancy services. With the help of his qualifications as a Human Resource graduate and an ordained church minister, the individual feels a drive to assist particularly church-based organizations. Already, the individual has already been assisting churches in establishing policies fro the boards. Similarly, the individual has been assisting churches to restructure their boards to facilitate efficient functioning. In addition, in a bid to fulfill his goal to assist churches, the individual has conducted various seminars based on varied topics which would help the churches in areas of deficiency. Seminars will be bundled with software to assist focus on the real obligation or tools and how to derive resources from them. Evidently, teachings on planning or management cannot be done in a single day. However, basic familiarity can be achieved through tools and process (Stutely, 2002). NHM will assist church organizations, especially those in their initial stages to break the tensions and fear of the unknown. We will ensure that as clients leave seminar sessions, they are armed with both desire to progress in management of their churches and tools to facilitate that occurrence. Very high quality and standardized software will be applied plus professional marketing and organizational planning software.


Presentations of seminars will be offered mainly by real experts, either the sole owner or other proficient/ordained ministers who poses a track record which is proven, successful academic background or practical experience. In addition, these individuals will have to be good seminar leaders and good public speakers since NHM will be focusing on high quality services (Pinson,2001). Seminar information will be delivered with presentation materials projection via use of a projector. Seminar sessions taking more than three hours will be delivered with one computer for every three participants to enable them follow alongside the software. Services will be offered via use of the best equipment, well delivered, rested and well prepared information.

Chapter IV: Market Analysis

Market Definition

Generally, consultancy industry is very fragmented. Large multinational firms dominate the consultancy industry while several smaller firms occupy the larger companies' niches. Major management consulting firms such as Bain, McKinsey or Boston group of consultancy have established positions which are dominant through availing their services to the chief companies within distinctive industries. Practices of the consultancy within major accounting organizations have developed presence globally. Their packaged services are then sold to companies of varied sizes and to industries. Consequently, various individual consultancy firms and businesses have been observed to prosper in the niches of the market regions where bigger or larger players have considered unprofitable to venture (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005).

NHM target is based on starting up churches as well those which are already established, although emphasize will be on toe starting up. Being a new business, its services will be within the local area. In addition, effort to referrals from the group, business contacts and internet marketing will be established in order to pursue new clients within the region. Starting up churches seems to be attractive since the board or management is deficient of broader knowledge or expertise needed in new church launches or progress (McKeever, 2008). Within Eugene, New York there is certainly a gap in church consultancy hence the demand for consultancy services are quite high. However, it's important to note that there are several other firms offering services NHM is intending to offer.

Other firms' offers services such as management, integration or information based services. Aims of such services are designed to improve clients effectiveness in their operations through reduced through advanced customer services, reduced costs, improved and quality service lines and proper ways of introducing changes within the organizations. Similarly, competitors provide specialized services objectively aimed at developing, evaluating, managing and implementing information systems, applications or networks (Stutely, 2002). Consulting competitors to be met by NHM include LOUISVILLE, CSTG Octagon Group ,S.M.G. Consulting, Church Doctor Ministries (i.e. CDM), Monitor Group organizational strategy, Brooks Law firm, Associates of Joel Cotton, JBKS Architects, Post Tagged consulting, Octagon Group and Eugene L. Mason, among others

NHM main focus will be mainly on new starting up church organizations preferably, although its services will also include already existing churches. Middle sized and small enterprises make up a major size of businesses in Eugene or international market. NHM aims to have strong long-term bond or relationship with church boards or management (Pinson,2001)..

Analysis of business services

In our evaluation, consultation industry is very fragmented. Multinational companies are observed to dominate the consultation industry. On the other hand, smaller firms, specializing in a specific or particular consultation service occupy the market niches of the large multinational firms. Consequently, consultation companies specializing in management have been observed to establish dominant positions within the consultation industry. Such companies avail consultation services to the leading firms in varied industries (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005). Major accounting firms' consultation services have emulated and developed worldwide presence. Similarly, they sell personal packaged services to different sizes of companies or industries. Numerous firms or individual business enterprise have been prospering in consultation services delivery within market niches perceived unprofitable by bigger players to venture into.

Chapter V: Market Segmentation

Customer/Clients' profile

Start Ups

Generally, churches which are commencing experience difficulties in management and hence require expert advice and planning during the initial stages to establish successful performance. Popularly new or start-ups normally seek for consultancy services. Such entities keep seeking fro areas with comprehensive services (Pinson, 2001).

1-3 Year Old Churches

During this period, churches will are likely to be seeking expert consulting services. Typically, such organizations have readily secured finances and have an established security level which is satisfactory. However, organizations in this phase are still in the initial stages of its overall cycle. In most cases, they will therefore require an extended or advanced team of expertise in consultancy (McKeever, 2008).

3plus Years old firms

Churches which are already established form the final segment and it's normally smaller than the new organizations. Established organizations typically have need of less comprehensive consultancy services. Specialized services are required for this segment in one or two fields (Kleiner & Abrams, 2003).

Target Market Segment Strategy

New Horizon Ministry targets to reach the existing and new church organizations. Activities to be undertaken by this firm will be based on local markets or areas. Similarly, to enhance better marketing services, NHM will engage in alliances or business contacts, referrals from within the group plus wide use and efforts in internet marketing. Internet marketing will play a big role in reaching and pursuing new clients (Stutely, 2002).

Market Needs

Usually, organizations which are starting up normally are deficient in wide knowledge or expertise required in launching new businesses. Within our Eugene market area, there is dire need for consultations services especially to church organizations, where most consultation firms have not ventured yet. Demand for such start up services in consultation is high. This explains our reason for setting up this consultation services specialized to serve organizations that are church based (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005).

Competition and buying patterns

Competitors are normally obligated to offer consultation which is informational based management services or integration. With such services, clients' daily operations improve on their effectiveness through advanced customer services, improved and quality services delivery, reduced costs plus more frequent introduction of new services or products. Similarly, competitors provide expertise which is specific on a particular industry to facilitate objective selection, implementation, evaluation and management of networks, applications and management information systems (Pinson, 2001).

Since consultation services are becoming more technology-based focused, clients are assisted to improve quality, research or development and management of costs in order to acquire a competitive and differentiation advantage. Services of E-strategy are being offered to organizations to bring about insights, strategies or education to make use of internet power in performance improvement. Internet power services have been widely used to transform services distribution and sale. NHM is dealing with competitors which are specialty and regional consulting firms plus other international forms of accounting consulting groups (Kleiner & Abrams,2003)..


All firms normally take a risk in commencing new businesses. NHM will be taking a risk to venture into Eugene where there are already existing consultancy firms which are well established. They might face resistance from the locals especially from those clients who have change phobia. Therefore, NHM may experience limitations in location of new clients and building of strong client base as fast as they would desire. Similarly, there is a risk of NHM competitor copying their services and the challenge will be in securing clients confidence in this new firm services. For this reason, customers will prefer and be more interested in services which are quality and already known accomplishments (McKeever, 2008).

Chapter VI: Analysis of NHM Competitors in Eugene

JBKS Architects

JBKS is one of the competitors NHM will face in Eugene as it commences its new consultation services. This firm is quite familiar and well established firm since it had existed before as Maguire and Company. Consultation services offered are in areas of designing of new church structures or on renovations. JBKS Company also participates heavily in church re-ordering in order to facilitate effectiveness in terms of space and light. Normally, they target new churches in bringing order in case of crisis (Kleiner & Abrams, 2003).

Church Doctor Ministries (i.e. CDM)

CDM is also a consultation firm in Eugene. The firm has an experienced and a consultant partner and expert Rev. Alan Chandler who is very passionate about churches. Alan's passion has made him to undertake all the learning, work extra harder and go wherever he could to ensure church stability to enable them reach all individuals who are far from God (Kleiner & Abrams, 2003). CDM facilitates the building of on-going churches relationships through consultation the firm offers. Alan previously before becoming a consultant, served churches in California, Lowa and Colorado. Through CDM, Alan has been addressing subjects on growth of the church, vitality and health issues within the church, treatment and prevention of church 'heart failure'.

Brooks Law firm

An expert in consultation, Eugene C. Brooks offers free case and consultation services. Being a certified trial specialist, the individual has secured a renowned litigator title, through securing million dollar settlements and verdicts. Services offered by this firm are not specialized on church based organizations but also on other consultation services as clients may require. Focus mainly is on negligence, personal injury, workers compensation, and property damage and construction litigation, among others. Assistance to churches especially on issues linked to church constructions is facilitated by this firm's consultation services with great expertise (Pinson, 2001).

Chapter VII: Marketing plan

Keys to Success

New Horizon Ministry will undertake business with corporate clients. Sales will be done through regular seminar oriented strategies. Marketing will also be done through seminars. In addition, NHM will leverage its service delivery through formation of marketing and sales alliances. With such actions, NHM will attain its objectives through sale maximization thereby resulting to successful performance (McKeever, 2008).

Sales Strategy

New Horizon Ministry will market directly to its clients. Fliers will be the first tool that will be used in creation of awareness among the clients on the new firms operations. NHM partners will also be used in distribution of the fliers to their customers as they come for various needs. Churches within the locality will also receive pamphlets to make them aware of the new service (Pinson, 2001).

Pricing strategy

Services will be offered in two levels. In the first level, clients will receive full package of the consultancy services at 5000dollars. First level normally is for start up church organization. For partial services, the client already has an established plan and only requires direction from the consultancy services at accost of 3000dollars. This level mostly applies to already existing church organization. Seminars will have an entry fee of 1000dollars. However, occasionally, we will conduct free trainings or services at special rates during promotional periods to build on our client base (Stutely, 2002).

Distribution Channels

NHM will work hand in hand with its clients to ensure flow of the services. Similarly, our company will work together with our partners to ensure they help us market our products. For example, our alliances with Microsoft will help us create an internet page where our clients will access our services, particularly seminar details on a particular session (Young, 2007).

Promotion and Advertising

In our advertisement services, we will make use of the media through an alliance established with them. Similarly, we will make use of the internet or website to ensure our services awareness reach even those clients who are not informed about our existence. Yellow pages will state the services we provide. Pamphlets and fliers will contain the services we will be offering plus our operating ours and our contacts (Kleiner & Abrams, 2003).

Technological application

All seminar sessions will be offered by use of laptops and projectors which are very essential. However, technology upgrading will be done as better availability emerges. Similarly, we as NHM will keep updating ourselves with any new technologies since that might facilitate new services such as video or online seminars. With such upgrades, our clients can get access to available and packaged service (Young, 2007).


Through our alliances with the media, we will be able to publicize our services. Media will offer television shows opportunities to New Horizon Ministries to minster the word of God to people. In the process, NHM founder will pass the information about NHM existence (McKeever, 2008).

Chapter VIII: Financials

Capital requirement

NHM anticipates to raise 48,000dollars being own capital and 100, 000dollars loan of 8years borrowed from SBA. Mainly, this capital will facilitate the operations of first phase or period (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005). However, the NHM anticipates to have settled the loan by the end of the third period of operation.

Projected Profit & Loss account

New Horizon Ministry anticipates acquiring a continuous steady profitability growth within a period of the next 3year period of operation. (Pinson, 2001). Every year, a profit and loss account plus a balance sheet will be drawn to determine the firma performance in terms of profits or losses made. However, New Horizon Ministry will be based on a going concern basis and anticipates profits generation in all the three years of operation.

Exit and Payback Strategy

New Horizon Ministry pals to have settled the SBA loan by the third year of operation. Similarly, the firm does not foresee any company failure in the future but expects it to be a going concern. By the end of the first period, we aim at having self sufficient cash flow. However, if the business will be sold in the future, the company plans that it must be sold at a profit (Young, 2007).

Financial plan

New Horizon Ministry start up capital will be provided by the owner. Any extra amount that will be needed will be financed from Small Business Administration (i.e. SBA) loan of 8years. The loan will include an amount of 100,000dollars. Own contribution plus the SBA loan will cater for the firm's expenses covering the first year which is the most basic period in terms of cash flow. NHM analysis of the Break Even will be based averagely on the figures of first year for the total sales volumes against bonuses costs, salaries plus all other operational expenses (Pinson, 2001). Similarly, in addition to fees charged in consultation services within the first period of three years for New Horizon Ministry, benefits will be derived from income earnings from seminar services offered through projections and internet provisions. In the first year of its operation (2010), New Horizon Ministry expects a sales volume of 926250dollars in the first year. Consultation fees will earn an income of 215000 dollars, while seminars will earn 85000dollars. After all expenses have been deducted, net income will amount to 83963dollars after tax in the first period. In the third year (2013), New Horizon Ministry anticipates a gross profit of 465000dollars, Consultation fees will amount to 115000dollars. After all expenses have been deducted, NHM will generate a net income of 298990dollars.

Chapter IX: Conclusion

New Horizon Ministry is a consultation firm targeting the church organization both established and those starting up. Services that will be offered by this firm will ensure church stability, through provision of quality consultation services to the church leaders or boards. This will be done through assisting them to formulate their own policies or by-laws which will assist play a key role in church management (Hazelgren & Covello, 2005). With an extensive marketing strategy, New Horizon Ministry anticipates tremendous earnings, growth as well as expansion perhaps in future. Similarly, seminars to be held will be aimed at helping the churches in areas of dire need. Technological advancements in the modern world will assist New Horizon Ministry to a great extent in widening its scope to the unreached clients through internet and web utilization. In the future, New Horizon Ministry anticipates to have created a large and a strong customer base over the three years of operation. Each year, profits are aimed to increase attractively.


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