The consumer behavior


People can notice advertisements everywhere, while watching T.V, reading newspaper, on the streets, shopping in the malls; even in the toilets they can see advertisements. Marketers have been very aware of the significant influence of the advertisements on people's decisions, for that reason they study the consumer's behavior to identify their needs and want in order to be able to attract them by their advertisements. Moreover, marketers use different techniques to reach their customer's such as novelty advertisement which is basically creating innovative and unique ads that can grip the attention of the viewers and stick in their memories. Other ways such as contrast advertisement brings the element that should be advertised and compare and contrast it with other elements to show how different and better is their elements.

Color: Etisalat chose a green color for two purposes: the first one is that the color green relates to life, freshness, fertility, well being and nature. It relates to people, communication, worldwide interactions and relationships... all that are really important in a world that is so critical to pollution, global warming..By that I mean that Etisalat is trying to send a hidden message to customers reminding them to the importance of looking after the world and contributing to clean and safe environment. The other color chosen by Etisalat marketers is the White: which implies cleanliness and purity. That as well gives Etisalat a competitive advantage against its competitors to be one of the few companies that touch one of the most important concepts in human emotions and existence which is the environment and the conservation of natural resources.

Position and novelty: Etisalats' advertisements and poster take place everywhere, in malls, parks, hotels and roads and many other public places, Attached to busses and taxis. Moreover, Etisalat advertisements are available as TV ads and cinemas. They are even available in public restroom like the ones in cinemas. Etisalat has been a sponsor for some cultural clubs in the American University of Sharjah in addition to involving in many different campaigns and car races as a way of marketing..

Etisalat Service centres are located in most of the well known malls in UAE like Festival City and Mall of the Emirates where we can see Etisalat Centers located in many strategic places at the center of customers' vision together with well decorated, technology oriented furniture to reflect the importance, capability and prestige of Etisalat in the purpose of building a reliable none breakable relationship with customers who appreciate development.


Known as one of the largest telecommunication companies across the globe, Vodafone, markets its brand, products and services in a very unique matter. The company advertises its components in various ways that emphasize its uniqueness. Vodafone creates contrast in terms of size, color, position and novelty. (Solomon, 2009, pg. 99) In terms of size, the company advertises in a wide range from small Ad's on shopping carts (novelty ad) to huge Ad's on skyscrapers and other famous monuments across the world, especially in Europe.

Vodafone chose red as its color for a reason that is related to its business culture and this red color has become today a brand color known worldwide. If you ever see any telecommunications ad having red as its color, you would instantly have in mind it is Vodafone that is being mentioned, even without reading the brand name. A mix of red and white has always been used to resemble a perfect match as well as illustrates supremacy, high temperature and muscle. (Signexpo, 2009)

Vodafone's position and novelty ads are well known all over Europe and they are indeed well structured to reach out to the greatest number of consumers. For example, the company positioned itself all over the world in malls, business centers and hubs, public transportation and much more. This is all part of its marketing strategy to be there at all times for consumers of all kinds in all societies internationally. This in fact has created a solid relationship for Vodafone with their consumer that establishes a common ground whereby people are always alert and notice Vodafone on a daily basis which allows them to feel a sense of pride to be part of such a globally reputable corporation.

One of the most important relationships marketers tend to create with consumers is a semiotic relationship that emphasizes the role of signs in relation to the interpretation of different reactions towards a given product or service. (Solomon, 2009, pg. 103-104) Vodafone is a service company that has created an attractive symbol to grasp the attention of consumers who also instantly interpret the meaning behind the symbol. A modernized, colorful and eye catching quotation mark is the symbol used at Vodafone which resembles the idea of communicating words through its network provisions. For example, some do see the symbol and realize its meaning in depth others just see it as a means of communication. Vodafone has been successful in establishing a semiotic relationship with consumers through its sophisticated and entertaining marketing techniques.

Overall, Vodafone has indeed met the criteria under different ways of contrasting their message to a vast number of consumers. Its ad's size, color, position and novelty indicate its reliability and efficiency to always be close to its consumers and approach new comers in a much more sophisticated manner.

Coca Cola:-

Established in 1892, Coca Cola is the world's largest beverage company, largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage. Coca Cola succeeded in using contrast methods in its advertisement which made it gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Coca Cola depends on huge attractive advertisements to capture the attention of the consumer. For example, A large replica of its soda bottle attached to a building which is lit in red to attract consumers even during night time. Another example, is the use of huge billboards on skyscrapers or even residential buildings.


Coca Cola associated the color red with its brand and culture. The color red relates to passion, love, heat, and strength. Wherever you see the color red the first brand that pops into your mind is Coca Cola. This shows that Coca Cola succeeded in creating this mentality.

Position & Novelty:

Whether you are watching TV, or shopping in the mall, or even walking down the street you are bound to find a Coca Cola advertisement. Coca Cola ads are located everywhere in order to create a mentality that Coca Cola is part of their daily life. In addition, Coca Cola sponsor a variety of championships and TV shows such as American Idol, FIFA World Cup, NBA ...etc

Coca Cola went further in reaching out to the consumer. They placed Coca Cola vending machines in video games. For example, Play station Home and Shenmue

Coca Cola succeeded in using contrast methods (size, color, position, and novelty) to attract consumers. Coca Cola ads are well constructed and innovative to attract new customers and it indeed succeeded in this part by becoming the world's largest beverage company.



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