The marketing management

As the complexity of this matter demands, I am going to start with the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a company. After that I will explain try to cover up the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. And to finish I will end up with some of the common responsibilities these important position have.

The Chief Executive Officer is one of the highest ranking a person can occupy in any type of organization. A person that is selected as CEO responds to the board of directors of that corporation, company, agency, etc. A CEO is also seen as the public face of the organization and any statement he says is paid attention and importantly considered.

The responsibilities of a CEO are the ones concerning the achievement of the principal goals of the organization. The main responsibility probably has to do with the guidance of each sector of the company so that the business can be performed. In that sense a CEO has to pay attention and dedicate to the guidance of the employees. His goal is that every person working for the company pursues the goals that the company is after and is willing to give his or her best effort to achieve them.

The size and sector of the company will dictate the dictate the secondary responsibilities of the CEO. For example, the CEO of an industrial corporation will not have to perform the same tasks as the CEO of a big international courier. It is the nature of the business what changes everything. Nevertheless, there are many common areas, especially in vision and perspective.

Commonly a CEO has several executive subordinates such as: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and so.

A Chief Marketing Officer is a very important part of any business organization. The role this person has not only influences the marketing and outgoing decision making but also contributes to the establishing and fulfilling of the main goals of the company.

The CMO also develops and constantly improves strategies to make the organization grow. As marketing has become a key factor in nearly any business, this role is taken more and more relevance. When review the last decades and the tendency of companies to become marketing oriented we can understand better the point of having an experienced and committed CMO.

The Chief Marketing Officer has to take decisions regarding the support and orientation of the different products or services the company offers. For that he will have to develop a strategy in which he will decide which media to use and how, which agency will manage these programs, etc.

The CMO position is not an easy place to maintain. An investigation done to 100 companies by a firm that dedicates to the search of professional talents called Spencer Stuart showed that the average of keeping the job of CMO was 22.9 months. That is a small number if compared with the average of keeping the CEO desk: 53.8 months.

An important factor on having that kind of job rotation is that commonly the CMO is hired and set to work with very specific goals to achieve. In the decision taking process the CEO and the other executives will probably evaluate the performance of his work. The reason it is so easy to measure how the CMO is doing is because of the crucial position he has.

To give an end to this work I should say that the most important thing the CEO role and the CMO role have in common is that they both, from their place, define the direction the firm should take. One of them having the steering wheel on his hands, and the other one holding the binoculars.



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