Windsor Castle

International Marketing Strategy for Windsor Castle, London


Marketing is very important to any organisations, museum, castle or any tourist sites. Being a Castle, they need to consider different market segments when designing and implementing their strategic and marketing plans. Marketing has by tradition been linked to concepts of profitability and providing an aggressive edge, however with any organisations, marketing needs to focus on customer service. To achieve the best customer service, the organisation needs to know what the customer wants and demands which in return satisfy their psychological and physical needs.

This paper discusses exploratory research undertaken on the Windsor Castle. United Kingdom, which looks at the motivation-based values of the tourism. The most important finding in this study is the prevalence of socially oriented values (being with friends and family), whereas traditionally a Castle visit has been linked to more individualistic values, such as education and knowledge. These findings have important implications for Castle managers in that they show the value of psychographic segmentation. A tourist site like Windsor castle, and other arts organisations, can decide if they will target one particular segment, for example, families, or if they will design their tourist site with quite different sections that will appeal to different target markets.


Windsor is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Its rich history extent's almost 1000 years. The Castle covers an area of about 5 hectares and contains splendid State Apartments furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection, St George's Chapel and Queen Mary's Dolls House, a masterpiece in miniature.

Henry VIII: To mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's accession to the throne, there is a exhibition celebrated from 8 April 2009-18 April 2010 which is a beautiful treasures to survive from the King's reign have been brought together from the Royal Collection and St George's Chapel archives. Through drawings, paintings, miniatures, prints, manuscripts, books and, the exhibition explores the life of a king who had a profound impact on British history.

[1]The beginning of Windsor Castle was in the 7th century Saxon settlement of Windlesora, where the present day village of Old Windsor is positioned. The town of Windsor is universally known as "New Windsor" - the word "new" being used in a relative sense

Windsor Castle was first built by William the Conqueror, following his incursion of England in 1066. The original structure was built from timber with earth defences. The Castle held an apparent tactical location on a steep hill overviewing the River Thames, and was part of a ring of castles around London, with the Tower of London, one day's march away, at its heart. The Castle has remains' the same since the early nineteenth century, apart from the restoration work after the fire.


As the castle is one of the oldest and largest one that is occupied, the Unique Selling Price of it lies in its uniqueness and the products and services that they offer. They have made the castle interesting in this way that one would like to come back to visit the place again. Although it has many things to be observed the unique things that everyone could be admiring from children to any age of people would be the doll house…..
The tourism product is always developing and offering new dimensions to the Visitor:

* Windsor Castle: restoration after the fire of 1992 and the opening of additional rooms (Semi-State Rooms), the opening of the Jubilee Garden, the BBC documentary ‘The Queen's Castle' (2005), the televised blessing in St George's Chapel following the Royal Wedding in April 2005 have all kept Windsor Castle at the forefront of international media interest

* LEGOLAND Windsor (also a part of product promotion to the tourist) brings out a major new ride or show every year, with additional smaller enhancements

* Windsor Royal Shopping, situated within the Grade I listed Royal Station, offered a completely new concept of shopping experience when it opened in 1997 and has won British Council of Shopping Centres awards since

* Al fresco dining and themed restaurants have altered the dining experience out of all previous recognition and the trend is continuing

* Dorney Rowing Lake is the venue for an increasing number of rowing and canoeing regattas and triathlon events.

· It is the venue for the 2006 World Rowing Championships and will host rowing, adapted rowing and canoeing events for the 2012 Olympics.

* Ascot Racecourse reopened in June 2006 after a £200 million redevelopment programme, the most extensive project of its type ever seen in Europe.




Adult during closure of State Apartments

£8.50/ ticket

Child 5-16 years inclusive


Child during closure of State Apartments

£5.50 /ticket

Concession - Senior/Student with valid ID


Concession (Senior/Student) during closure of State Apartments


Concession Group of 15 people or more

£13.05/ ticket

Concession Group of 15 people or more during closure of the State Apartments


Family - 2 adults/up to 3 children


Family - 2 adults/up to 3 children during closure of State Apartments


Group of 15 or more children


Group of 15 or more children during closure of the State Apartments


Groups of 15 people or more


Groups of 15 people or more during closure of State Apartments


These data were recently updated in 2010.

The castle is normally open from 9:45 to 15:00hrs and there also many days that the castle is closed in full and few days some part inside the castle is being kept closed from tourist.[2]


Promotioninvolves disseminating information about aproduct,product line,brand, or company. It is one of the four key aspects of themarketing mix. Windsor castle focuses all these points in the field of promotion and it is very successful in promoting the castle and the product and services.

Promotion keeps the product in the minds of the customer and helps stimulate demand for the product. Promotion involves ongoing advertising and publicity. The ongoing activities of advertising, sales and public relations are often considered aspects of promotions. There are mainly two types of promotion that any marketing destination would concentrate on, which are:

§ Above the line promotion:

This Promotion is done throughmedia(e.g.TV,radio,newspapers,Internet,Mobile Phones, and historically,) in which theadvertiserpays anadvertising agencyto place thead. This way of advertising reaches the tourist better.

§ Below the line promotion:

This is all the other promotion that is being carried on to advertising Windsor Castle. Much of this is intended to be subtle enough for theconsumerto be unaware that promotion is taking place. E.g.sponsorship,product placement, endorsements,sales promotion,merchandising,direct mail, personal selling,public relations,trade shows

Advertising is bringing a product (or service) to the attention of potential and current customers. Advertising is focused on one particular product or service. Thus, an advertising plan for one product might be very different than that for another product. Windsor Castle should typically carries the strategy of advertising with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact, etc.


This is one of important reason why Windsor castle is famous. The place it is located is in such a destination which adds to a major positive point of the success of the castle. Location also plays a big role in marketing purpose. As this castle is located in the heart of the city and in the banks of Thames it acts as a wonderful reason for marketing. One more important thing on the location is that it has a wonderful view from top of the castle where one could not miss the view with a nice picture to make it remember always.

Windsor Castle, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror, is the oldest in continuous occupation. The castle remains centred on the artificial hill. The immediate environs of the castle, known as the Home Park, comprise parkland and two working farms along with many estate cottages mainly occupied by employees.

Physical Environment:

The comfortable surrounding and the ambience around which the service and comfort revolves is said to be the physical evidence of a place.

Ø The castle itself

Ø Amazing collections

Ø Ambiance with a soothing atmosphere

Ø The paper works about the castle

Ø The appraisals of the destination

Ø Evidence of professionalism

Ø Features available

Ø The true value that is provided

Ø Supporting literature and documentation

Windsor castle has all these physical evidence to ensure the memory of one's visit. The security and the staffs there are very helpful and kind to answer or help for whatever its tourist or customer needs. After all customer satisfaction is the main thing in the tourism industry. Thus these are the few major things adding up to the positive points of Windsor castle.

Discussions and Results:

This is the section where we will be discussing on the four W's of marketing strategy.


This section answers to the questions of where, is the country and basic knowledge of the country is being discussed[3].


17 million

Urban Population:


Major Ethnic and Linguistic Groups:

Malayo-Indonesian, Cotiers, French, Indian, Creole, Comoran -


Traditionalbeliefs - 52%
Christian - 41%
Muslim - 7%

Population Growth Rate:


Life Expectancy:

56.1 years

Infant Mortality:

80 per 1,000 live births

Under Five Mortality:

136 per 1,000 live births

Maternal Mortality Rate:

490 per 100,000 live births

GNP Per Capita:


Percentage of Literate Adult Males:


Percentage of Literate Adult Females:


Percentage Population With Access To Safe Drinking Water:



This section answers W which stands for who, the people are and the current facts about the country.

Over three-quarters of Madagascar's 17 million inhabitants live in rural areas. Seventy-two percentages of Malagasy population live on less than $1/day. Madagascar is rising from a prolonged political argument over the outcome of a December 2001 presidential choice. These political crises devastated the economy, further stressed one of the world's top three “biodiversity hotspots,” and disrupt an already weak health care system. The political crisis further worsened people's well being. In addition, during the eight-month crisis, illegal exporting of rare species occurred. Such actions threaten long-term prospects for sustainable development in Madagascar, given the exceptionality of Madagascar's flora and fauna. With the political crisis resolved, Madagascar's prediction is now brighter than they have been for some time. Madagascar's primary source of income is agriculture, a sector that employs eighty-eight percent of workers. While fifty percent of land is arable, less than ten percent is cultivated, due to lack of roads and irrigation infrastructure, credit and marketing, and farm equipment. Food crops of Madagascar are maize, cassava, rice, sweet potatoes and groundnuts. Cash crops include coffee, cloves, sugarcane, cotton, vanilla, cocoa and sisal. Madagascar is well-known for its biological diversity, although this is endangered by serious ecological problems including deforestation and soil erosion.


This section answers for what, that is what is the food and culture of the country Madagascar. What are the activities and main and general life of the people of Madagascar?

Food: The tropical climate is certainly good for manufacture of every kind.

Houses: The climate in the hot season can be painful for people living along the coast, while in the mountainous areas people criticize about being too cold.

Clothes: People dress similar to other tropical countries, while the rich dress in dressing in Western attire.

Outdoor activities: There's a range of climates in Madagascar, so it depends on where you stay. People all over the island play football (soccer). Activities of any kind are comfortable in the most temperate regions in higher elevations. In the south, you should expect it to be hot and humid.

The top twenty major activities that are in Madagascar are

1. See a magical universe of baobabs at Andohahela National Reserve

2. Watch The Whale Migration Around Baie D'antogil

3. Enjoy Dhow Sailing From Nosy Be

4. See The Madagascar Sights From A Quad Bike

5. Surf The Ambinanibe Ballade

6. Dive Madagascar & Explore The Deep

7. Shop At Zoma Market, The Second Largest Market In The World

8. Experience The Antadroy Culture & Visit Antandroy Village

9. ExploreNossi Bé- Exotic perfume plants are grown here

10. Live The Legend Of The 2 Waterfalls On

11. Visit The Lost Palace & Royal Rova In Antananarivo

12. Kitesurf Fort Dauphin And Diego Suarez

13. Visit The Lost Palace & Royal Rova In Antananarivo

14. Enjoy The Tsimbazaza Zoological And Botanical Garden

15. Explore The Royal Hill Of Ambohimanga

16. Explore The Caves & Sight Lemurs At Ankarana National Park

17. Hike The Andringitra Mountains

18. Go Snorkelling Around The Nosy Hara Archipelago

19. Go White-water Rafting On The Rapids By Lily Falls

20. Catch A Big One On A Deep Sea Fishing Excursion[4]

General life: labour in the rice fields love the natural beauty, but like any other countries with high hotness they wish it were a bit cooler. People in the mountains don't make this criticism, but mountainous areas have fewer jobs and less opportunity.


This section is to discuss on why Windsor castle is being marketed abroad

The percentage of tourist from overseas are in a hike and the addition to the economic value of United Kingdom is also high.

UK Tourism: Headline figures

Inbound visits (m) 2 9.5 -8.8% in the 12 months to November'09

Inbound visitor spending (£bn) 1 6.3 -1.9% in the 12 months to November'09

Domestic overnight trips (m) 124.4 3.3% in the 12 months to October'09

Domestic overnight trip spending (£bn) 21.8 1.0% in the 12 months to October'09

Bedspace occupancy in serviced accommodation 43% -1.1% in the 12 months to October'09

Overseas Tourist Visitors to UK



Spendin £ Millions

Spend per visit

















































Even though we see a less number of tourists from Madagascar, there are expected growth rates in tourism in Madagascar. The expected growth rate is said to be approximately 1.7% in $s from the year 2009-2018.


This is the section to focus on which is the group focused to market in the country of choice and how is being marketed currently

The people for whom the marketing is focused are:

Ø Independent travellers

Ø Weekend short breaks

Ø Domestic and overseas markets

Ø Group travel organisers

Ø Conference buyers

Ø Youth educational groups.

Ø Tour operators

Ø Overseas agents

The current activities that are carried on for focusing marketing to the tourist are:


On an annual basis they attend the following trade exhibitions:

• British Travel Trade Fair

• Meetings & Incentive Travel Show

• Regional Tourist Board Group Travel Fairs

• Excursions

• The Royal Collection Enterprises kindly display Windsor Castle's brochures at World Travel Market on our behalf[5]


This is the first website for the Visitor Management & Marketing Unit of the Royal Borough and they are also in the process of developing the marketing opportunities through the site in due course.

Other Promotional Activities

As well as the annual programme of marketing initiatives that there are a number of other ways for local businesses to get involved with promotional activities.

Familiarisation Visits

Working with partners such as Tourism South East, Visit Britain and Trade Magazines they have welcomed many groups of buyers to the Royal Borough. This has proved to be a very effective form of promotion and one that Windsor Castle intend to grow over the next few years.


• Complimentary admission to attractions

• Complimentary or discounted accommodation

• Complimentary or discounted meals/refreshments

• Time and effort from marketing personnel

Press Relations

Our PR campaign began in 1996 and has since reached over 120 million readers/viewers with a value of £2.9 million. Press activities are handled on their behalf by PR Matters based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Literature review:

This literature review will analyze past and current research that has been done which relates to the motivations of marketing. This critical analysis of literature contains facts, and discussions of different motivations to relate to the findings in the surveys done from the research of Windsor Castle.

It is important to understand why people attend events and performances in order to market to the appropriate target effectively. A special event or a place of visit is seen as an opportunity for leisure or an opportunity to be with friends and family. This is what appeals to potential visitors and they must feel that this is what they will receive.

Norman castles were built from wood, because the base of the mound was so strong at Windsor. The castle that William built consisted of a shell keep built around the mound, and two baileys, one to the east of the mound, and one to the west. Between 1173 and 1179 Henry II spent time and money getting better the keep. The elevation of the keep was raised and the walls around the baileys were reconstructed. During the supremacy of John, the castle was overwhelmed twice. In 1216 the Prince Louis and a French army attacked the south of England at the same time that rebels were combating against King John. Later when John became Henry III, he fixed all the damage that had been inflicted during the period of his father.


Stage of development


Construction of Windsor Castle

The first plan and construction of Windsor castle implemented by William the Conqueror.


Windsor Castle becomes a royal residence

Henry I had developments made to Windsor Castle, including a chapel, for using the castle as his official residence.


Remodelling of Windsor Castle

Henry II carried out major reconstruction work at Windsor Castle, including raising the height of the keep and improved the walls around the bailey. He also rose up towers to the walls and built himself a house, the basements of which continue to exist.


Treaty of Windsor

A treaty signed by Henry II and Rory O'Connor allowing O'Connor control of the areas of Ireland other than Leinster, Meath, Waterford and Dublin which were controlled by the English King. O'Connor agreed to pay Henry an annual sum of money and to provide one hide from each ten animals slaughtered anually.


Prince Louis advances across England

Prince Louis advanced on Winchester and captured the city and its castle. Elsewhere, Windsor Castle and Dover Castle were besieged by the rebel barons. Both castles were secured and held out against the sieges. King John used Corfe Castle in the south-west as his foundation of operations while he intended his campaign against the rebel barons and Prince Louis.


Building work at Windsor Castle

The Round Tower was reconstructed at Windsor Castle


First Round Table at Windsor

A jousting tournament at Windsor castle may have been the time of the creation of the Order of the Garter based on the King Arthur's knights of the Round Table. The formal creation of the Order occurred in 1348


Creation of the Order of the Garter

On St. George's Day at Windsor Castle, the Order of the Garter was created. The initial Knights of the Order were: The King (Edward III); the Prince of Wales (The Black Prince); Henry, Earl (afterwards Duke) of Lancaster; the Captal of Buch; Ralph, Lord Stafford; Motacute, Sir Bartholomew (afterwards Lord) Burghershe; Thomas Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick; Sir John Beauchamp; Lord Mohun; Earl of Salisbury; Sir Roger Mortimer; Sir John (afterward Lord) Lisle; Sir Hugh Courtenay; Sir Thomas Holland; Lord Grey; Sir Richard FitzSimon; Sir Myles Stapleton; Sir Thomas Wales; Sir Otho Holland; Sir Henry Eam; Sir Sanchete d'Ambrichecourt; Sir Hugh Wrottesley; Sir Neel Loryng; Sir John Chandos; Sir James Audley;and Sir Walter Paveley.


A Splendid Tournament at Windsor

To celebrate St. George's day Edward III held a large tournament at Windsor Castle. The Black Prince, Edward, oversaw the events in which kings and nobles from all over Europe were given safe passage to take fraction in[6].


Work starts on St. George's Chapel

The construction of the massive church begun at Windsor Castle by Edward IV. The church was not done until 1528 in the reign of Henry VIII some fifty years later.


Early Modern Period

Under Construction (renovation for a new form of the castle)


Jane Seymour dies

Jane Seymour died after difficulties with the birth of Edward VI. She was also buried in St. George's Chapel, inside Windsor Castle


Prince Rupert attacks Windsor Castle

In early November Charles took Reading while Prince Rupert was attacking Windsor Castle. Prince Rupert's labours failed so he turned his attention towards the south of Brentford dealing the Parliamentary forces a heavy blow. Charles' next objective was to take London but the Londoners brought their army together. When the Londoners' army was armoured with the army of the Earl of Essex there was a confrontation. The Royalist and Parliamentary armies faced each other at Turnham Green but Charles was outnumbered and chose to withdraw.

After this stage in 20th century there were a lot of changes that occurred where George VI came to throne, after which Queen Elizabeth II came to throne and in 1992, a fire broke and raged for 15 hours. The restoration was carried on till the year 1997. So Windsor castle is a 900 year old castle which has a strong history and literature of development period.


The information was collected in two different stages namely the primary and secondary


This involves a personal visit to Windsor Castle as a part of the study and got to know a lot of information that was very useful for this assignment. The place has an interesting history that a tourist would be keen to know it.

The visit of the castle I will ensure a lot of information and knowledge from the place and the guide book, instructing on how to cover the whole castle, as it is a big palace that takes a long time for us to cover the whole area. The guide book gives us the clear picture on what are the things kept inside the castle and how things are operated inside the castle. There is an audio tour which is provided to us when we enter the castle and it helps us find the features and true stories (history) of every spot we would visit in the castle. The audio was a very interesting and helpful feature for this assignment as it provided the whole history of the castle as I walked through[7].

I'm really thankful to the guards inside the castle especially Mr. Steve Creep who gave his precious time on answering the questions I asked him and also provided me with ample information that I wanted for this assignment.


Apart from a personal visit and information collected on a research basis there are also a few addition of information collected from various sites of the internet, which added most of the project information to complete my report[8]

The main website of UK government on Windsor castle added lots of information to this assignment[9].


Tourism that meets the needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future'-World Tourism Organisation.

The Castle is amazing! It's really big and on top of this hill that overlooks the Thames and the country side. We explored everything that could be done in the Castle. Including St. George's hall, this if you remember burnt down in the early 90's. It's all restored and looks pretty good. The other rooms are amazing, much more extravagant than Dublin Castle.

Tourism makes a significant contribution to the Windsor's economy. Latest estimates show that visitors spend £381 million a year. Tourism supports 7,990 jobs (5,892 full time equivalent jobs) and accounts for 11% of all jobs in the Royal Borough

A 2007 survey shows that 34% of visitors to the town are from overseas. This is significantly higher than the 16% of overseas visitors to the South East. Windsor attracts visitors from the USA, Germany, Canada and Australia, closely followed by South Africa. These visitors tend to have a keen interest in culture, heritage and countryside, which Windsor is well placed to meet. Currently only 12% of overseas visitors stay overnight, This represents an opportunity to encourage longer stays. Visitors who stay on the fringes of the Borough are not counted in the tourism volume and value data.

Outbound tourism continues to grow, fuelled by cheap flights and greater accessibility through regional airports. Enjoy England also forecasts an ageing population. Increasingly older consumers are active, well travelled and keen to visit new destinations.

As to conclude Windsor castle has a very strong method of marketing. It also focuses a large market segment, domestic and international. If they concentrate to achieve the target market in overseas, as it is just 12% of the total tourist as of now annually, and so if they focus and market Windsor Castle in a strong way, it would be a successful revenue target.

Reference section










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[8] Guidebook and brouchers


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