A profession of forging your destiny

Blacksmithing: A Profession of Forging your Destiny

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Although World of Warcraft is a high-fantasy virtual universe, it has realistic elements to enhance its gaming experience. You can choose a profession that will suit your personality, interests and curiosity. Blacksmithing can forge your Destiny.

Your character in World of Warcraft have several traits that can be personalized to distinguish it from other game participants. This added feature simply makes the game more exciting. A Profession is a good example. Imagine practicing Engineering and building machines. You can also try Tailoring to fabricate beautiful garments.

There are 2 kinds of Professions in World of Warcraft. Primary Professions are your main source of living and is like a job where you have to perform work and get paid afterwards. Your character can only have 2 Primary Professions which could belong to any of the 3 categories: gathering, production and service.

A very important trade in this medieval universe is metallurgy and the profession related to it is called Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is a Primary Profession and your tasks include obtaining bars of metals from miners and turning them into unique and finely crafted weapons or armor. Many types of armaments are rare and hard to find. It is your job as a Blacksmith to create this custom-made items which you can sell to earn a living.

As a Blacksmith, you can make weapons and armors for Paladins or Warriors and later mail the items to them. You may also want to trade some of your items for things that you like. Blacksmiths can produce special weight and sharpening stones that will temporarily improve weapon damage.

Like in the real world, Professions in WoW are interrelated. This means that your products can be used as starting materials in other industries. Blacksmiths can make special regents that are used in the Enchanting profession. As you improve your craftsmanship, you can manufacture special tools that are useful for Quests and place them in an Auction House to generate some income.

Similar to reality, some Professions will require a previous skill to make you more qualified and competent. Before becoming a Blacksmith, it would greatly help if you had mining experience. Miners gather ores and melt them into metal bars that can later be used to produce different blacksmithing products.

As a craft, Blacksmithing may also use jewels as ornaments to add value and beauty to their products. Leather can also improve the presentation of your metal items. To do those things, you need to trade with another professionals - Jewelers and Skinners.

If you belong to the Class of Paladins or Warriors, a Blacksmithing profession will help and enable you to make your own tools, weapons and armor. Plus, you can sell them to other characters and profit from your skills.

As in the old days, you will first look for a Blacksmith Trainer who will teach you the craft. Do not be intimidated. Once you get to know more about how things are performed, you will become more confident. After learning the basics of the job, you can verify this new knowledge by pressing "p" and you will find that the "Blacksmithing" icon is added into your list of acquired abilities.

After possessing the skill, you may now buy yourself a blacksmithing hammer that you will use in your trade. This hammer is usually sold by a "Trade Merchant" or other merchants nearby. You need the blacksmithing hammer with you when making an item, although some items do note require being close to an anvil during forging.

In performing your job, you will need certain recipes, ingredients, plans and increasing your reputation will unlock more possibilities. This is why trading, exploring and questing are important. Like in a real workplace and community, you need to get out of your way in order to reach your goals.

To undergo Master Training and become a master blacksmith with a skill level of 300-375 you need to head to Outland and look for the trainer depending on your faction. To undertake Grand Master Training and become a Grand Master blacksmith with a skill level 375-450 you will need to train in Northrend. Other Professions will also require a similar and special process in order to become proficient. Good luck in your profession and enjoy the your career!

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