Beckham ready to beat man united

The England and AC Milan star, David Beckham says he is ready to beat his former club, Manchester united in the last 16 of the Champions League on Tuesday.

Beckham who won six Premier League titles while at Old Trafford faces his former club for the first time since 2003.

"It is going to be an emotional game but, as a Man United fan, it is the first time I am going to want United lose," the Superstar told reporters on Monday.

"As AC Milan player I want to beat Man United, and to say that as a Man U fan is quite difficult. It is important that we win the game.

"I am a Milan player and I want us to play well in the game and progress to the next stage."

The superstar who holds 115 international cups left Manchester United for Spanish giants, Real Madrid in 2003 after his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson turned to sour as Ferguson was unhappy with his increasing off-the field celebrity. But Beckham insisted that he has no problem with Ferguson.

" Sir Alex will always be a father figure to me," he said.

" He always will be. No matter what has been said in the past, whether good or bad, I only remember good times.

" He was the man who gave me my chance to play for the club I had always dreamed of playing for. For me there were only good times. Sir Alex is respected throughout football all around the world.

" Clubs moves forwards and it was my time to leave Manchester United in 2003, and I moved on. I definitely hold nothing against the Manager, he is an incredible man."

In other Champions League games, Lyon are at home to host Real Madrid while Arsenal will be travelling to Portugal to face FC Porto.


Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has appointed Guus Hiddink as Turkey's new head coach after the Dutchman failed to renew his contract with Russia which expires on June 30.

Hiddink announced last week that he will not renew his contract after he failed to take Russia to the South Africa 2010 World Cup when they lost to Slovenia in the qualifying play off.

The 64 year-old Dutchman signed a two year contract which starts in August this year and is expected to guide the national team to the upcoming 2012 Euro qualifiers.

" Turkish Football Federation president Mahmat Ozgener and TFF vice-president Lutfi Aribogan flew to Amsterdam with Hiddink," said on its website.

" The experienced coach agreed to a two-year contract with an option for a further two years."

Hiddink led Chelsea to the Champions League semifinals and lost only one game in 22 games during his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

He also was in-charge of the Real Madrid and Valencia before taking South Korea and Netherlands to unforgettable fourth place at 2002 and 1998 World cup.

The experienced man also took Australia to second round of the 2002 World Cup before steering Russia to Euro 2008.

What can be described as his remarkable moments it is when he won six domestic league titles and four cups when he was manager at Dutch club PSV Eindhoven.

Turkey were drawn alongside Australia, Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in 2012 Euro qualifiers.

He replaces Fatim Tarim who quitted the job after failing to take Turkey to the 2010 World Cup which kicks-off on June 14, 2010.


Following Rooney's impressive performance on Tuesday night, Manchester United boss, Alex Ferguson has praised the striker for his two goals contributions which made the English Champions to claim their first victory against AC Milan at San Siro.

Rooney scored two goals in the second half in the 3-1 victory against the Italian club and Ferguson describes him as one of the best players in the world.

" His second-half performance tonight carried on the form Wayne has been showing recently," Ferguson was quoted in Opera Sports.

He is in absolutely devastating form. They could not handle him in the second half. I thought he was marvelous."

The veteran coach also said that he has seen some improvements in the striker especially for the last two months.

Ferguson said: " There has been improvement in his game over the last two months."

" Confidence has a lot to do with that but it is also his ability as a player.

"As I have said about him on a number of occasions what he has to do is improve his goal scoring. That is what he is doing now.

" When you look at the way he is performing at the moment he must be regarded almost those players at the highest level."

Ferguson also admitted that they had bad start when they saw Ronaldinho breaking the deadlock in just three minutes into the first time to put the Italian club into command.

" It was a bad start and it gave them encouragement," Ferguson admitted.

" It was a bad period for us. We could have been two or three goals down. We were desperate to hang on and thankfully we got ourselves back into the game.

Ronney registered his 25 goals of the season in all competitions and his boss believes he will reach the much-talked 30 goals.

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