My video games

My first video game console was the Nintendo. I got it when I was 5 years old. When I was a child, I always loved playing Nintendo. The first game I got for it was Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. was one of my all time 2-D side scrolling favorite games.

Running through all the types of levels just excited me. Mario had all types of abilities. He could jump, use items, go through pipes, and all other kinds of things. My favorite ability he could use was the ability to spit fire at enemies. The main enemy in Super Mario was Bowser. I always disliked Bowser, because he kidnapped the Princess, Peach.

Every time I would fight Bowser I would end up losing. He would also spit fire and throw axes at me. I would also just run into him and lose a life. I kept on and on, trying to figure out how to beat him, until I just gave up at one point.

The next game I got was called The Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda was confusing to me. It had plenty of puzzles and mysteries I had to solve. My favorite person in the game was Link. He is the main hero of the game. Link could wield a sword and use all different sorts of weapons. My favorite weapon on the game was called the hookshot. It could hook to wood and transport Link wherever he needed to go in an instant. The boss on The Legend of Zelda was called Ganon. To me, Ganon seemed like he was easier to pummel than Bowser. Finally when I finished Legend of Zelda, I started back to complete Super Mario Bros. After a long time, I finally beat Bowser. I was so happy; I almost threw the Nintendo controller out of my hands. Then I decided it was time to get a brand new console.

The next console I got was the Playstation. I got a Playstation when I was 12 years old. By that time, I had a better understanding of how to play games. At first I didn't like the Playstation, because it looked entirely different from the Nintendo. The buttons on the controller were different and the graphics were changed. Another thing I disliked was that memory cards were needed to save game data. One thing I liked about the Playstation is that it used disc, instead of cartridges. Nintendo used cartridges to save their game data. Another thing I liked about the Playstation is that the games didn't freeze like Nintendo's did.

The first game I got for the Playstation was called Final Fantasy VIII. It differed a lot from the games I played on the Nintendo since it was on Playstation. Final Fantasy VIII had a large huge world environment, unlike the side scrolling Nintendo games. The world on it was actually 3-D which was more special than any other game I played before, back then. Final Fantasy VIII was also the first ever role playing game, I had ever played. So running around and fighting was a bit complicated, but I got use to it over time. The game had a variety of different characters that you could choose to play as. I always used to play as a character name Squall Leonhart. He was my favorite character on the game, because he was the strongest of all the characters. Final Fantasy VIII was a long game to finish, but I enjoyed playing it.

Some other games I got for the Playstation was Dragon Ball Z, Crash Bandicoot Racing, and a few others. Dragon Ball Z was the first ever fighting game I had ever played. It had plenty of characters on it that could do all kinds of things. The main thing I liked about it was that everyone could fly. The thing I didn't like about it was that, it was in 2-D, but most fighting games still today are made in 2-D. So I had to adjust to it, but when I did, it seemed like a fun game to play. Crash Bandicoot was the first racing game I had ever played. I caught on to the game quick. The main object in this game is to finish 3 laps while racing other players.

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