The book title love story

What is the title of the book you have read?

The title of the book I have read is 'Love story'.

Explain, in detail, the title.

The book tells a story about Oliver Barrett IV, who falls in love with Jennifer Cavilleri. They decide to marry against the wishes of Oliver's father. Oliver's father doesn't want to support Oliver financial anymore. Because of this it is a very hard time for Oliver and Jennifer, but they get through it and still love each other very much. They also support each other when they hear that Jennifer is very sick and is going to die.

That's why I think the book is called 'Love story'. Despite everything what happens to them, they still love each other.

Who wrote the book?

The author of the book is Erich Segal.

Give information about the author.

Erich Segal was an American author, screenwriter and educator. Erich Segal was born in Brooklyn, 16 June 1937. He died in London, 17 January 2010. He studied Classics at Harvard and wrote film scripts. He wrote 'Love story', which actually was a script, when he was 32. 'Love story' was a success all over the world and was sold in 33 languages. The book is also filmed in 1971.

When was it written?

It was written in 1969. Erich Segal was at the time 32.

When was it published?

The book was published in 1970.

What is the name of the publishers?

The name of the publishers is 'Hodder Paperbacks'.

How many pages did the book consist of?

The book consist of 127 pages.

Was it written in I-form? Explain.

Yes, the book was written in I-form. The author tells the story trough Oliver's eyes. In the book you read everything what happens to Oliver, also what he is thinking. It's like Oliver tells the story himself. It's never 'Oliver walked across the street' but 'I walked across the street'.

Are there any pictures/photos in the book? Explain.

No, in the book aren't any pictures or photos. In the most novels aren't any pictures or photos.

When is the story set (past, present, future, other, etc.)? Explain. Dates. Times.

The story is set in the time the book is written. When people read the book in that time, it is present. But when you read de book now, the story is set in the past. In the book aren't any dates or times, but when you read the book you see that the book is written around 1970. The book isn't set very long ago and also not in the future. That's why I think the story is set in the time the book is written.

Where is the story set?

The story is set in America. Oliver studies at Harvard en Jennifer at Radcliffe. Later on, when they are married, they move to New York.

Who is/are the main character(s) and why do you say so?

The main character is Oliver Barrett IV. The story is written in I-form. The I-form is Oliver Barrett IV so you can read everything what happens to him. That's why I think Oliver Barrett IV is the main character of the book. Oliver, also called Ollie, is a student at Harvard University and he is a good ice-hockey player. He has very rich parents who have a lot of influence at Harvard.

Who is/are the minor character(s) and why do you say so?

Jennifer Cavilleri, also called Jenny, is a poor music student at Radcliffe University. She's from an Italian descent. Her mother died in a car accident when she was very young.

Oliver Barrett III, also called 'Old Stoneyface' by Oliver Barret IV, is the father of the main character. He is very rich and is a very good athlete. He has won a lot of athletic trophies. Alison Forbes Barrett, also called Tipsy, is Oliver's mother.

Phil Cavilleri is Jenny's father and is a baker. He cares very much about his daughter, because he has only 1 daughter and she has gone through a difficult time when her mother died.

Ray Stratton is Oliver's roommate and friend.

Who is you favourite character and why do you say so?

My favourite character is Jennifer Cavilleri. She is a very nice person. She is a good student and plays very good music. She has a great father, who she loves very much. Even when she knows she's going to die, she stays calm and friendly.

Who is your least favourite character and why do you say so?

My last favourite character is Oliver Barrett III, Oliver's father. When Oliver and Jennifer marry, he doesn't want to support them financially because Oliver has married a poor girl. I think this is very bad of him and that's why he is my least favourite character.

Does the story have a happy ending?

No, the story doesn't have a happy ending. It appears that Jennifer has a deadly illness; leukemia. After this result she has only a few weeks before she's going to die. At the end of the story she dies in the arms of Oliver.

Would you read (or have you read) other books by the same author? Explain your answer.

Yes, I would read other books by the same author. 'Love Story' is a very beautiful, but pitiful, book, which is very good written. He uses very good sentences, for example 'love means not ever having to say you're sorry', which stays in your mind.

Would you recommend this book/this author to you fellow students? Explain your answer.

Yes, I would recommend this book to my fellow students because it's a very good, well written book. It's only a pity that the book doesn't have a good ending, but that makes the book very good because you can't stop thinking about it. You can read the book many times without feel bored. When I read the book I couldn't stop. That's why I think my fellow students would like the book.

Make an other ending to the story in your own (English) words.

My own ending of the story would be that Jennifer didn't die. In my own ending there wouldn't be a bad result of the test from the doctor. So they could have children and live fortunately. Also the quarrel would stop between Oliver and his father. So Oliver and Jennifer would be very good friends with Oliver's father and mother. And also Jennifer's father Phil would be very good friends with them.

Maak een goede samenvatting van het boek. Waarin het belangrijkste van het verhaal staat. Maak er zo'n verhaaltje van dat iemand die het boek niet kent er toch een touw aan vast kan knopen (het snapt).

The story starts when Oliver goes to the Radcliffe library where he wants to borrow a book. There he meets Jennifer because she works there and helps him to find the book. Later they drink together coffee and Oliver invites her to come to an ice-hockey game when he is playing. After the game they see each other again. When Oliver has another ice-hockey match, his father has driven a long way to see Oliver playing. After the match they dinner together, but like always he found it difficult to talk with his father. After the dinner he goes to Jennifer, who is calling with her father. This is difficult for him, because his relation with his father is very bad.

One afternoon, when Jennifer tells Oliver that she got a chance to study music in Paris, he asks her to stay and to marry him. Jennifer says yes and so they go to see Oliver's parent to tell them the good news. Jennifer is very impressed by their big house and the athletic career of Oliver Barrett III, Oliver's father. When later Oliver and his father lunch together, Oliver's father tells Oliver that he thinks Oliver also wants to marry Jennifer to rebel against the family traditions. This is only because Jennifer is a poor girl. He says that if Oliver marries her before he has finished law school, he doesn't want to support him financially anymore. Later they go to Jennifer's father. Oliver is afraid that her father won't like him because he's now a poor man too, but Phil likes him. So they marry a few days later, despite Oliver's father's wish. The first three years of their marriage they have a little bit of money and Jennifer starts to teach music. When they receive an invitation for Oliver's father's birthday Oliver doesn't want to go. Jennifer calls Oliver's father to tell him they won't come and she also tells him that Oliver loves him very much. Oliver is very mad about it and asks Jennifer to leave. At the same moment that Jennifer had disappeared he feels stupid and goes to look for her. He can't find her and when he returns home after a few hours he sees Jennifer sitting on the steps. When he wants to apologize, Jennifer says: 'Love means not ever having to say you're sorry'. A few weeks later they decide they want children. Because Jennifer doesn't get pregnant, they go to the doctor. Jennifer appears to be infertile. But the reason why she's infertile is leukemia, a deadly illness. She will die in a few weeks. Oliver and Jennifer spend much time together. One evening, when Jennifer is playing the piano, she suddenly stops and asked Oliver to bring her to the hospital. Oliver asks the doctors to give her a private room but he hasn't enough money, so he goes to his father and asks him if he could borrow five thousand dollars for a very good reason. Oliver doesn't tell him the reason, but his father gives him the money. After that Oliver has to tell Phil the bad news. Phil reacts calmly and goes to live with Oliver in Oliver's apartment. Their days exists of visiting Jennifer. A few weeks later, when they're in the hospital again, Jennifer asks Oliver to do her a favor and hold her very tight. When Oliver hold her very tight, she dies in his arms. When he want to be alone and walks downstairs he hears his father. Oliver's father told him that when he had found out Jennifer's illness, he came to the hospital. He says he wants to help, but Oliver tells him it's too late. Oliver's father says he's sorry, but Oliver repeats the words he had learned a long time ago from Jennifer: 'Love means not ever having to say you're sorry'. Then he cries in his father's arms.

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