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11 Scenes in WoW: The Burning Crusades Video Trailer

Illidan the Betrayer is night elf who practiced Highborne magic. He is the twin brother and rival of Malfurion in his love for Tyrande. But this pain and his mastery of arcane magic led him to commit infamous acts against his own people. Discover his vendetta by watching related videos about The Burning Crusades.

The Burning Crusades videos are available in the World of Warcraft website under the expansion's webpage. Similar videos are also available in YouTube when you search its title. In the Burning Crusades video trailer, you will hear Illidan narrating his unfortunate fate of being imprisoned for 10,000 years, banished from his own homeland and with intruders daring to enter his realm.

You will next see a male Draenei opening a book of spells, casting one and leaving with his battle hammer afterwards. The following scene shows you a female Blood Elf playing with a flying eel-like creature until she magically drains its life energy. The next clip reveals to you an Orc slaughtering dragons with a sword. A Character riding a speeding mount is briefly seen.

Then you see another Draenei hammering its enemies. An Orc is shown hit by many arrows and you'll see that it falls to the ground and a female Blood Elf raises her staff and covers the Orc in light. A Mage magically transforms his opponent into a harmless sheep. While a Shaman incinerates all the attacking creeps as he walks away.

You'll notice another female Night Elf hitting the ground with her staff and then rock debris fly away. Lastly, you will see Illidan examining a human skull which he drops as he fly high above the cloud and yelled "You are not prepared!" after uncovering his weapons.

Illidan Stormrage is the self-proclaimed Lord of Outland, who ruled from the Black Temple. He was born as a Night Elf and the twin brother of Malfurion. He was in love with Tyrande Whisperwind. Illidan is an unusually gifted sorcerer because the extent of his powers were difficult to classify and kept increasing in large bursts as a demon hunter, sorcerer and having absorbed the energy of the Skull of Gul'dan.

Illidan's quest for power and mastery of the arcane brought him to inflict horrific deeds against his fellow Night Elves and other Races in Azeroth. You will also learn that he defected to Sargeras at some point in the War of the Ancients. History despises his creation of a second Well of Eternity. Because of these, he was released for 10 millennia and was released during the Third War. He was branded as the Betrayer for his atrocities to his people.

This expansion is set many years went by after the Burning Legion was defeated in the mountain of Hyjal. The different Races in Azeroth are busily rebuilding their war-torn lives after the countless conflicts that destroyed their kingdoms. After recovering some courage, the different heroes of the Horde and the Alliance begun to explore new horizons. They passed through the Dark Portal to discover the uncharted lands unknown to them.

In this voyage, you will encounter potential allies and enemies alike. Perils and treasures will await you behind the Dark Portal. You will discover the demons that you thought were already conquered. You uncover their wicked plans to renew the Burning Crusade. Before playing The Burning Crusade expansion set, you should first watch the videos to quickly understand the story behind.

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