Demographic health surveys

Currently the staff number stands at 70 in total with 25 UAPs, 20 LPNs and 25 RNs. This is a sufficiently good number handling a population that is steadily increasing but which at present is approximated at 700 people.

The population consists of a mixed category spanning diverse age groups, cultures and race.

This diversity in time continues to project varying but specific cases that are unique in their own ways. This calls for initiation of training and research especially for the staff to be able to handle these emerging cases.

A number of ways are available to determine the needs of this population. Generally demographic health surveys utilizing tools such as biomarkers and GIS for data collection can be used in this case. Because the population is diverse in its content a STAT Compiler can be used to generate particulate details such as health issues comparisons according to countries which can be used for research and training purposes on prevalence issues. The STAT Compiler table consists of a number of indicators, age categories, residence breakdown all of which are directly linked to an identified indicator. Periodical demographic health surveys will enable us to know the various needs of the population under our care (Demographic Health Survey: STAT compiler, 2010).

The latest in demographic health survey (DHS) tools which combine the data collection and evaluation tools are not being effectively utilized by the staff due to the fact that training on the effective use of these tools has not been forth coming for a long time. The staff's biggest challenge is that they are not trained and well equipped to make use of the various tools in the health care provision services such as those described here. There is little evidence of any skill in using these tools and a lack of knowledge in using the same to effectively attend to the needs of the population.

For the staff to be able to acquire the skill and knowledge necessary to use these tools, they are required to undergo mandatory annual training keeping abreast with the latest tools on the market currently. However the biggest impediment here is insufficient funds allocation in the budget to meet this immediate need. It must be noted that the overall health care institution budget should focus on strategy, mission and financial plan of the entire institution. The staff (nursing team) should be adequately involved especially with concern to volumes and revenue.

The ability for each department to draw out a budget that fits into the master budget is good practice that ensures that each department remains accountable financially and other issues such as research, training and staffing are adequately catered for (Clark, 2005). A cost benefit analysis is one way of drawing out a flex budget for a department such as the staff in question here. The obvious benefit of allocating more funds for the team to training is that it will ensure efficiency in terms of performance and improved productivity for the staff. Improved staff performance will mean increased volumes and therefore an increase in revenue. It's likely that due to inadequate training the staff is not performing at optimal and as such the population is not well catered for presently. This could be due to the fact that the methods and tool such as those used in demographic health surveys cannot be effectively used by the staff. However it's envisaged that as more funds are pledged for mandatory annual training staff expertise will improve and their performance will become more efficient covering larger volumes and leading to high revenue projections.


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