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Personal development And Study methods


Personal development

Everybody has negative characteristics and there is no one such as perfect person in the world. Personal development tries to reduce and minimize the negative qualities by concentrating on the positive aspects of life. It also controls our thoughts to development and brings our good qualities to the foreground. The goal of personal development is to improve our emotional, mind, heart and our spirit. It helps us to achieve our goals much easier and to be a conscious human being. Also, personal development will change our life in a better way. In this assignment, I will be writing about some topics regarding personal development which will improve my relationship, self esteem and to be an early riser.

  • Self esteem

Self esteem is how we feel, estimate and value ourselves. Self esteem affects how we act, think and behave. In addition, how maintain your relationship with the other people. I believe that building self confidence is the key to a student's success. Some people think that success in school university and life depends on intelligence. However, this is not the problem. According to Hardy .S "It has been found in some studies that student self esteem is more highly correlated with student success than is IQ. This is the good news, as there is little that teachers can do to change IQ. However, there is much that teachers can do to raise student self esteem, significantly increasing the probability that the student will be successful in school ( .

Students who have high self-esteem are realistic about their strengths and weaknesses and they can reach their goals and work toward them with optimism. On the other hand, students who have low self-esteem have an unrealistic and hard time honestly evaluating their strengths and weaknesses .They have negative feel and value about themselves. they take them more seriously than they should. Also, People with low self-esteem always are pessimistic. In addition, low self esteem affect the person to feel depressed and hopeless .However, there are many help and techniques available to build self esteem.

Personal development helps me to avoid low self esteem. It show to me how to solve it and help my friends if they have low self esteem .Also, it helps me to be strong and give me more determined to achieve my goals with improving my self esteem. With high self esteem, I will be able to learn from my mistakes with more confidents. Also, enjoy in every moment in my life . No one can stop me from standing my ground and no one can shake my powerful and what I believe. Also, if some tell me negative opinion, I won't take it too seriously .Moreover, having high Self esteem useful to me in confrontational situations and leading in social challenge. People will look up to me as someone to follow as leader. Also, I will respect myself and this cause me to respect the other and trust them. Furthermore, with core self esteem I will be able to make my dream and goal to become true with unstoppable confidence .In addition, having high self esteem will improve my relationships to become a successful. Due to the fact of having a positive outlook of life and this will reflect my relationships. With high self esteem my communication with the other people is effectively. I will have the ability to love myself and spread the love to other .I believe that if a person doesn't love himself he will not expect the love from the other. When I have the power of love , I will be able to heal my pain and the other pain, is it that beautiful?.

"We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless.The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty(Mother Teresa, 1987)

  • Early riser

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise( Benjamin Franklin). People who wake up early, they achieve their goals and become successful much faster than late risers simply. Most of people have problem even me with wake up early .In the morning the sky is beautiful, the sounds of the birds, the fresh air and the shine of the sun. No noisy and no one disturb you. One of the benefits of early riser is having enough time to have breakfast. Everybody know how having breakfast good for our health. In the morning, we have more energy and more power. So, it is the best time to start to do something new. When we wake up early, our mind is fresh and no stress. Therefore, it is the perfect time for doing sport such as jogging, yoga , meditation and work out in the gym . Also, we have enough free time for practicing our hobbies such as reading, playing, drawing and enjoying with our friends and your family. I will feel good about myself .Also, one of the benefits of getting early riser is healthier. Due to the fact of getting enough time to sleep, body takes enough rest and the fresh air is rich in oxygen lead to increases the blood circulation. I will be able to do a large amount of work without being disturbed. On the other hand, getting up late will make me rush through everything and put me in a lot of stress. In early riser there is no such thing. I don't have to worry about the traffic jams and the noise of the day.

"It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom. (Aristotle) Study methods

  • Mind map

There are many ways to process and manage our information. However, These methods can be successful or unsuccessful . The good news is that the best way to solve all these problems by using Mind Maps. According to Lewis .C " Mind map is a note-taking system that uses images, color, words, and numbers arranged in a connected, radiant, and hierarchical structure (Mind map for business advantage, 2008). Mind map helps me to feel good about study and also have confidence in my learning abilities .the good thing that A perfect Mind Map is almost impossible to forget! .With mind map, I can see the whole picture, the global view, at once . My memory and remembering the information becomes much easier .These central ingredients of Mind Maps Colors, pictures and key words are more interesting to the brain than sentences. Moreover , it will help me to generate more ideas in less time and increase my chances of generating new ideas. Also, it helps me to connect things that seem to be completely separate .With mind map my imagination will be developed because my working on ideas floating in the mind. The process of Mind Map develops the way of thinking, managing tasks ,creative skills and presentation step by step. I will have the ability to manage my time and organize myself effectively. In addition, I will solve my problems with better and best attitude and settable utilize to appear my skills side on my personality. Also, it will help me making decisions.

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