The homosexual condition


Discuss 'Family Centered'health strategies to assist with this health issue.

Homosexuality has become a major topic in today's society among common people. It is also a major issue with movie makers and politicians who make laws that affect the individuals who practice this in any country (Somy, 2006). Homosexuality is a practice that is condemned in any society because it goes against the customs and the norms of the society. The family needs to be on the fore front in dealing with this vice in the society. This is because parents can greatly influence the behavior of their children if they are gay or lesbians.

Children normally emulate their parents in different aspects of life and hence the parents need to be example to their children. Studies show that developing gay and lesbians adolescents can handle sexual orientation well (Kort, 2008). A family needs to offer advice to the people experiencing attraction towards the people of the same sex. The family needs to face the condition boldly, understand the situation and change it or else control it. Efforts to change homosexual behaviors in teenagers should be made since the chances of success are very high.

To curb this vice in the society, a family needs to realize that criticism on homosexual behavior needs to be offered with humility considering the fact that even heterosexuality is out of control these days. Homosexuality involves mutual masturbation, oral sex and intercourse. A family must condemn these practices because they encourage the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. From the biblical point of view, to marry or to have someone of the same sex for sexual activities is against the creator's sexual design and his goals. Since homosexuality is not meant for recreation, it goes against the aim of the creator and it is against Christian life. Therefore, homosexuals demonstrate their inhuman nature and disordered sexual inclination. A family and its members need to take precautionary measures on how they handle their members because one can acquire homosexual behaviors from child molestation by male counterparts or strangers. Families need to monitor clearly what their members engage in. they should know that homosexual fantasy and masturbation normally leads to homosexual orientation. Other factors that may contribute to homosexuality are:

  • A father treating his son as a boy
  • A mother who favors a daughter or a father who favors son
  • A mother who tries to get her son's love.
  • Alcoholism in both parents which may lead emotional neglect to the children.
  • Parents who are constantly fighting and therefore their children fear the heterosexualmarriages.

Parents need to study the above issues and do the opposite to ensure their children do not become homosexuals. Parents need to monitor how each child relates to each parent. They also need to give equal love to every child without favors. The father should spend time with the male children and the mother with the daughters. Parents should teach their children about modest dressing and nobody should touch them anyhow (Meehan, n.d.).

Future vision/recommendations

Homosexuality is not going to end in the near future because of the support it enjoys from various countries across the world. Although is discrimination against the homosexuals, it is predicted that by the year 2070, the activity will be tagged as offensive throughout the world (, n.d.). Many views about homosexuality and the future have been put forward suggesting that as religion continues to distant itself from this vice, homosexuality will become wholly accepted in many of the societies.


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