The schizophrenia

"Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it difficult for people to tell the difference between unreal and real experiences. " (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). This mental disorder has many ways to treat it.(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Symptoms that help diagnose the illness and what causes this mind tormenting illness. This disorder makes it hard for them to have normal emotion response, and behaving normal in social situations. It has many types of medication patients can take to control their symptoms. It also has many ways patients can cope with the illness. "Experts in the field are not sure what may cause or what does cause schizophrenia".(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Many medications are said to work but as soon as the person taking the medication stops all the symptoms that the patient had before the antipsychotic will resume the way they were like voices in their head speaking saying to harm themselves. Also the side effects might be hard to cope with, you get sleepy most of the time you might tend to gain weight. Doctors say schizophrenia can't be curable but it can be controlled.

Schizophrenia may develop over many months or even years. Schizophrenia has a variety of symptoms. The patient or the parent have to be very careful because some of the symptoms are not noticeable you might have schizophrenia and not even know it because symptoms don't show until the disorder is severe. But what I do know is many of the symptoms. For example you may have trouble sleeping or even concentrating in regular daily routines. You can also become isolated not want to be around others. And even interacting with your friends and family can be hard for the patient. "It also causes trouble making and keeping friends. " (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). As the illness become bigger the patient starts developing psychotic symptoms. They start showing no emotion at all, talk less. They start having delusions for example false beliefs or thoughts that they have nothing to do with reality or what is around them.(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) There are several of ways doctors can diagnose you with schizophrenia for example, "a complete history of past symptoms, medical history and lifestyle obtained from patients and family members".(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) Then the doctor look at the symptoms like the patient start hearing, seeing, or feeling things that aren't there this are called hallucinating. Disordered thinking also develops they might be talking to you and some random topic jumps into their head and they completely stop talking about what you and the patient were talking about.(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) They become much disorganized for example dressing improperly, crying more often, becoming bi-polar (mood changes rapidly), become more depressed example not wanting to do anything sad at all time. Negative symptoms develop as the illness proceeds involving "affective flattening (lack or decline in emotional response), alogia (lack or decline in speech), or avolition (lack or decline in motivation). " (Bellack AS, 2009). Most schizophrenia patients also "lack drive or initiative a loss of enthusiasm or interest in things" (Bellack AS, 2009). One of the most popular symptoms is the fact that their personality change they become irrational, angry or fearful to the ones they love. Also education comes into plate they start lacking academic performance.(Janssen, 2006) "Because other diseases can cause symptoms of psychosis, psychiatrists should make the final diagnosis".(A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) "The diagnosis is made based on a thorough interview of the person and family members. " (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) There isn't any medical test for schizophrenia. Although doctors may send their patient for a CT scan of the head and other imaging machines (Bellack AS, 2009).Those are the symptoms schizophrenic patients have shown so far.

When a patient is taking in to the hospital because of a schizophrenia episode the doctor may need the patient to stay for a day or two for safety measures. The doctor then makes sure the patient is given the basic needs such as food, rest, hygiene (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Antipsychotic medication is the first measure of medication for a schizophrenia patient. That medication changes the balance of chemicals in the brain which helps control many of the symptoms which schizophrenia may cause (Bellack AS, 2009). The medication is effective but antipsychotic have many side effect which include feeling restless, it may cause the patient to gain weight and feeling sleepy. "Long term risks include a movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia which cause people to move without meaning to" (Bellack AS, 2009). There have been newer drugs like atypical antipsychotics which have fewer side effects (Bellack AS, 2009). They also try to help a patient whose older medication was not helpful (Bellack AS, 2009). Examples of the medications are chlorpromazine, clozapine, risperidone, quetiapine. Although most antipsychotics take around 7-14 days to have their main effect, these medications reduce the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia and most of the time allows the patient to function more effectively and appropriately (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009).Therapy can be very helpful also for many patients (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). During therapy behavioral techniques are used such as social skills training so that the patient can become more social at home, school, and even work (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). One of the most common used treatments these days is the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale it is used for measuring symptoms severity of the patient (Bellack AS, 2009). The PANSS is a brief interview with the patient it requires a period of 45 to 50 minutes to administer (Bellack AS, 2009). The doctor interviewing the patient must be trained to a standardized level of reliability. Antipsychotic drugs are the best treatment now available, but they do not cure the patient from schizophrenia they just reduce the symptoms (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). The antipsychotics have various side effects which may cause the patient to have muscle contractions. The patient can be put through individual psychotherapy which involves weekly sessions between just the therapist and the patient to focus on past or current problems, thoughts, feelings, or relationships (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). These therapy sessions help the patient cope and to understand more about the illness, and learn about themselves, to better handle the problems of their daily lives (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). They become better able to differentiate between what is real and what is not (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). Having family around helps a lot too patients with family encouragement do much better than patients who try to battle the illness by themselves (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). Some patients and their family worry about their antipsychotic medication being addictive but studies have shown that they do not produce a "high" or addictive behavior in people who take them (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009).

"Schizophrenia is a complex illness" (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). "Even experts in the field are not sure what causes the disorder" (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). "But many think Schizophrenia is thought to be caused by a chemical imbalance serotonin and dopamine in the brain" (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). Also some doctors think that the brain cannot process information correctly (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). "The condition is characterized by positive and negative symptoms" (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Some the positive symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, speaking, and behavior (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). And the negative symptoms include lack of emotion, lack of energy, and lack of motivation (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). The main cause of Schizophrenia is not yet known, although studies suggest there is a genetic or hereditary factor (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Patients who have family members with schizophrenia are more likely to get the illness themselves (Janssen, 2006). For example researchers believe that the way you live and events that happen at home may trigger the illness (Janssen, 2006). Even while being in the whom or at birth if the mother encounter any problems that may increase the risk for schizophrenia to develop later on in life (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Psychological and social factors can also affect the development (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). For example if the family is supportive and always caring it might not develop as severe as a person who is neglected and not taken care of (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009) Schizophrenia usually develops before the age of 45, symptoms last for about 6 month and then the patient stops socializing with friends and even family members and they also stop wanting to work (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). Schizophrenia develops in 1% of people worldwide and it develops equally between woman and men. Although most of the time it appears earlier in men the common ages of the illness to start are 20-28 years for males and 26-32 years for females (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). Childhood schizophrenia is rare and may be difficult to tell apart from other developmental disorders of childhood, such as autism (Bellack AS, 2009). Most studies show that patients with schizophrenia commonly have abnormal images in the frontal lobe (Bellack AS, 2009). "Developmental neurobiologists funded by the NIMH have found that schizophrenia may be a developing disorder resulting when neurons form inappropriate connections during fetal development. " (Janssen, 2006).

"Schizophrenia is a mental illness that usually strikes in late adolescence or early adulthood, but can strike at any time in life. " (WebMD, LLC. , 2005-2009). The illness makes it difficult for people to tell the difference between unreal and real experiences (A.D.A.M, 1997-2009). This mental disorder has many ways to treat it (Bellack AS, 2009). This disorder makes it hard for them to have normal emotion response, and behaving normal in social situations. It has many types of medication patients can take to control their symptoms for example chlorpromazine, clozapine, risperidone, quetiapine. It helps relieve the symptoms but they do have different side effects like feeling sleepy, gaining weight. Doctors still don't know what cause Schizophrenia they believe it a chemical imbalance in the brain cause by dopamine and serotonin. The symptoms of the illness are hallucinations for examples you start hearing voices telling you to harm yourself or others. You start lacking hygiene not wanting to shower fix yourself. This illness you need a lot of therapy with a psychiatrist he will help you cope with your problems and with the way you are feeling. That is the most effective way of dealing with schizophrenia and taking medication is also a very important factor in the illness. Schizophrenia is a hurtful illness but if you have your family and friends support everything will be just fine.

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