a solution to global warming

a solution to global warming

A Solution to Global Warming

According to Inconvenient Truth, written by Al Gore, it is time to rise again to “procure our future.” We need to take responsibility for the cause of global warming and put some solutions into action to solve this problem. According to Marc Morano, the minority chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, many scientists believe that there is no solution to global warming. Others believe that advancements in producing cleaner cars is the key solution to global warming, but I believe that the most effective solution would be for electric companies to adopt renewable energy to power our nations, instead of harmful fossil fuels like coal.

Most people have come to the conclusion that we have helped generate global warming and need to take some steps in fixing the damage we've caused, but many scientists still believe it is not possible to stop climate change. They believe it is a “natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages” (Morano). They also stated that human contribution is not significant and that observed increases in the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases make only a slight contribution to climate warming (Morano). According to National Geographic, “yes” the earth will still warm by another degree Fahrenheit or so if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, but what we decide to do today makes a big difference. If we keep producing the things that help strengthen global warming we'll just make matters worse than they should be. For example, many believe that the most damaging impacts of climate change can be avoided if we stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations between four hundred fifty and five hundred fifty parts per million (Global). Our current concentrations are about three hundred eighty parts per million, meaning we don't have any time to lose (Global). We would have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by fifty to eighty percent of what they're on track to be in the next century to reach this level (Global). So I think it's time to stop talking and put some action into work before we create more damage then we can repair.

Before we try to solve global warming we must figure out the best solution to help reduce global warming. Some would say the best solution to global warming is creating cleaner cars. Yes, automobiles need to become more fuel efficient, but even though the amounts of co2 emitted by motor gasoline are high, the amount of co2 released from burning coal to provide electricity is higher. According to the Energy Information Administration Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government, transportation only emitted 2,036 million metric tons in 2007, while producing electricity emitted 2,433.4 million metric tons in 2007. Even though the amount of cars on the road are increasing rapidly, cars still don't compare to the amount of technology being developed that requires electric power (Environment). For example it is common for households to have electronics such as televisions, computers, cell phones, mp3 players, and video game consoles (Environment). All this things usually run or charge for long periods of time causing even more coal to burn. In short, Vehicles are a major contributor in global warming but electricity is primary supplier; therefore, it should be the first thing we start working on.

As opposed to cleaner cars, I believe adopting renewable electricity will give us a jump start on improving global warming. Some examples of renewable energy are wind, solar, geothermal or internal heat of the earth, and bioenergy, which is biofuel derived from plant materials. These renewable energies can replace fossil fuels which cause CO2 release and other unhealthy air emissions. Today, coal is the primary fossil fuel that we burn to provide power. Coal emits 227 pounds of CO2 per million British thermal units (Btu) of energy, while gasoline only emits 156 pounds of CO2 per million Btu of energy (Environment). This is why we need to switch our energy from coal to renewable energy, because coal releases extremely too much co2. According to the Union of Concerned Scientist, some ask, aren't renewable energy power plants more expensive? The answer is “yes”, but since their fuel and operating costs are so low that they will help stabilize electric prices (Energy). Also renewable energy sources do not impose the large cost to environment and human health that fossil fuels do (Energy).
In order to start improving our power plants we must establish a renewable electricity standard (Energy), which requires electricity providers to supply a minimum percentage of their power from clean energy sources. So far, renewable electricity standards have been adopted in 23 states (Energy). The U.S. Senate has tried to passed a 10% by 2020 national renewable electricity standard three times since 2002, but they were rejected by the House conferees every time (Energy). Then in 2007 a 20% by 2020 was presented to the house and is still under consideration (Energy). In conjunction with this, the UCS examined the long-term effects that a national 20 percent by 2020 standard would have on the nation and the environment. They estimated that consumers would save $10.5 billion, in total, on electricity and natural gas bills by 2020, increasing to $31.8 billion by 2030 (Energy). Also reductions in global warming pollution would equal to taking 36.4 million cars off the streets (Energy). In addition, 185,000 new jobs would be created from renewable energy development (Energy). With this being said the house of conferees need to recognize how effective and beneficial this process would be to our country, and pass the laws for renewable energy.

Apparently, getting global warming under control is going to be a very complex job. But it can be done if we all come together and approve policies for adopting renewable electricity, which will help reduce global warming. At the same time, it will help create a better economy for the United States. The United States has gotten through tougher situations than making and approving policies, so all we have to do is help put them into effect by supporting new developments in renewable energy.

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