CFC in Refrigerators

Conduction, Convection, Evaporation, and Radiation all have an effect on the things of this world. Conduction is : heat transfer by direct molecular interactions without mass movement of matter. For instance, you have a cup and you have a pot of hot coco and you pour the coco in and in a few seconds the cup warms up, this is Conduction.

Convection is heat transfer by mass movement. The most used example of this is “hot air rises” and as that hot air elevates it creates a current of air flow, which transfers heat. Evaporation is another method if the transfer of heat.

“When molecules of a liquid vaporize, they escape from the liquid into the atmosp ere”. This extraordinary transition requires a tremendous amount of energy, and because of this when molecules evaporate they take away energy from the liquid, which cools it. Radiation is another factor that transfers heat. The refrigerator and freezer both have cold that remove the heat from the soda which cools it down. There is many different types of refrigerators, first I will explain how the older refrigerators work. If you turn the clunker around you will see a long stringy tube that goes back and forth. This Tube connects to a pump that is powered by an electric motor. Freon, which is a type of gas, is located inside this tube. Freon isn't its real name however, its only its brand name.

The real name of this gas is “Chloro flu oro” carbon or CFC. Sadly this gas was found to contaminate the environment if it somehow leaked out of the refrigerator. This is how CFC works in the refrigerator. It starts out as a liquid, then the pump pushes it through the coils in the freezer area of the Fridge. At this point the chemical turns to vapor (poof). When this happens it soaks up some of the heat that is in the freezer compartment. Yes.. your right, this does cause the freezer to get colder. Since there is less coils in the normal part of the refrigerator it is notably warmer then the freezer. The pump in the back of the fridge then sucks the CFC as a vapor and shoves it into thin pipes that are outside the refrigerator. Then these pipes compress the gas back into a liquid, as this happens heat is given off and gets absorbed by the air around it. That is why its is warm where this happens on your refrigerator. Yet again you guessed right, the process goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on… and well you get the point. Since CFC is harmful to the environment, they stopped making these types of refrigerators.

Now this is how our modern refrigerators work. .As you know our modern refrigerators don't use CFC because it is so harmful to our atmosphere if released. Instead of using the harmful CFC, they now use a different type of gas called HFC-134a, which is Called “Tetra flu oroe thane” . HFC turns into a liquid at negative 15.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which is negative 26.6 degrees Celsius. Instead of just a motor, the modern refrigerators use a motor and compressor squeezes the HFC, and when they compress it heats up as the pressure becomes greater. As the compressed gas passes through the coils on the refrigerators outside section either on the bottom, or back of it, the gas can lose some of its heat.

You know this because of what the 2nd law of Thermodynamics says (which states the laws of heat power). And yes your right, as it cools the infamous HFC can change into a liquid because of the intense pressure that it is under. It flows through a valve called the expansion valve, which is a tiny hole that the liquid HFC has to flow into. In between the compressor and the expansion valve, there is an area of low pressure. And when HFC goes into this low pressure place, it boils which is amazing. And this extraordinary action is called vaporizing. And then the coils go through the freezer compartment and regular compartment, and then the colder liquid in the coils pull the heat out of the freezer and refrigerator.

And yes your right…, because of this the refrigerator is cold. This process is repeated over, and over, and over, and over, and well you get the point…. Here is a brain drainer.

“How does the temperature stay the same inside?” And here is the answer. There is a device called a thermocouple and yes it is basically a thermometer. It can sense the temperature in the whole refrigerator. You can set this device to as cold as you want the fridge, and it will carry out that set temperature and once it reaches that temperature it shuts off until the temperature is changed. which is why you sometimes hear the refrigerator turn off and on because of the temperature change. Today the refrigerators are really energy efficient. The refrigerators sold today use about 1/10th of the amount of electricity of the ones of old. So if you have a old clunker you should sell it and buy a new one to save electricity and mula which is Dollars $$$$…, which is good for your wallet.

Now you know the complexity of a refrigerator don't you appreciate how it works? I know I do, and when I put some food or something into the fridge I will think in my head “ what a work of art”. if you don't think that this invention is a work of art then just remember a long time ago they had to dry and salt there meat. but even though they did that it still went bad soon. But for us we can leave it there for a long time and it would still be good. So you must remember these things if you are to be thankful for our refrigerators. Because without them we couldn't store ice cream, fudge, cookies, or popsicles in the freezer, how sad would that be? My answer is…very, very sad. And if you didn't have a freezer then you would have to eat all the food that you made in one single day. While some wouldn't mind that, most Wouldn't like to eat all their food in one day. Refrigerators also help people make food, like jello. If we didn't have refrigerators then jello couldn't be made, and who doesn't like jello? I know I do.

Pudding is another favored treat that wouldn't be possible, and what life without pudding? You got it, a very watery life. And who wants a watery life? I know I don't. refrigerators have many purposes as you can see. So it is important to take care of your Fridge, and keep it running well. Because if you don't, then you will have to buy a new one, and there not exactly cheap. So it is important to change your filters when it says, and clean it regularly. Conduction, radiation, convection, and evaporation all have an important role to play in a refrigerator, and without the knowledge about these factors, then the refrigerator would not exist.

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