Evaluation of a forensic website

Evaluation of a forensic website

Evaluation of a Forensic Website


All-about-forensic-science.com (http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/index.html) is a website designed to provide help for anyone who is looking for simple or detailed information on many of the different fields in forensic science. The forensic website went online on the 10th of January 2007, developed by David Webb who has a first class honours degree in psychology and a Masters in Occupational psychology. It was the result of his research activity that he began to pursue an interest in forensic science. Since 2000, he has been involved in a number research with teams of forensic odontologists in the UK, US and Canada.

General Assessment


The website provides much information on almost every aspects and fields in forensic science ranging from forensic pathology to forensic entomology. The site has also covered in detail the definitions, theory and practice, history, debates, careers, CSI, degree and study of every different field.

Even though currently the site is only up-dated by David Webb, it will soon be up-dated by the work of a number of forensic science experts that have agreed to provide a clear and concise description of their forensic speciality, along with links to quality information resources and essential reading texts. The website contains a large amount of information on every field in forensic science. Each field contains their history, their role in solving crimes and also provides many lists of books to further enhance your knowledge in a particular field. It also provides information that highlights many historical key individuals that have greatly contributed to the world of forensic science and many famous forensic cases. It has also provided many general forensic science links such as The American Academy of Forensic Science and American Institute of Forensic Education. For those people who are not keen on reading so much information, the site has provided page called Forensic Media Watch. This page provides up to date forensic science related internet videos radio, broadcasts and TV programs.

The website allows anybody to share their thoughts and information. Anyone accessing the website can act as a guest author and write anything as long as it relates to the world of forensic science. One of the links in the website is a knowledge sharing resource that can allow other user to post or answer questions by other users. The website also contains information that may help people jump start their career in many of the different fields of forensic science. It includes information on forensic science degree programs or forensic science schools such as universities and institutions that may further advance their knowledge in forensic science. The site has provided a page call Cafe Scientifique which takes place in book shops, bars and cafes. This event begins with a person who has a scientific background that starts a discussion and allows audience talk about many different scientific issues in a very relaxed and informal environment.

If however the people are having trouble in finding information or if the site does not cover the forensic information that they are looking for, the website has provided a forensic science search engine for the users to use. The users just simply type a word or phrase that relates to their forensic topic and the search engine will quickly give a list of the results. If the information can be found on the site itself, it will automatically be listed on the top then followed by other sites that also have information relating to the search. The site provides much information for anyone. It provides information, games, quizzes, books and even gift ideas for all ages which relates to forensic science. It also has a section which provides access to journals and peer review articles.


From the first look of the website, the appearance produced a very good visual impression. The appearance looked professional and was clearly constantly up-dated which is very good and very important so that the people who access the site would feel that it was legitimate and that the information that they are gathering was correct and up to date. The site proved to be very useful when it came to accessing much different information whether just simple or very detailed information. All these information are not just subjected to one particular field but basically in almost every field in forensic science.

The developer of the site had a strong back ground in forensic science, which is great and very important due to the fact that he knows what he is adding to his website relates to forensic science. Also due to the fact anyone can develop a website and put any science related topic on it, with or without any previous any significant knowledge of their background in science.

The website was very user friendly, accessible and the link to the various fields was easy to find. It made the site possible for almost anybody to access it; from kids, students to forensic science experts. It also made the site more interesting and fun with the addition of forensic games, quizzes and solving mystery cases.

Posting or answering questions as a guest author was a great addition to the site as well. Not only will the user be able to ask questions relating to forensic science but also answer them. With their addition of the Cafe Scientifique, it allows many people with or without any background in science to discuss freely about their thoughts on many scientific issues. Providing a search engine of their own was a great. It made finding a certain topic a lot easier rather than going through every page and link.


The only issues' regarding this website for now is due to the fact that it is only maintained by one man. Fixing any problems or up-dating the website may take longer because only one person is maintaining it. The other issue is that the person maintaining the site only has a background in Forensic Odontology.


All-in-all the website was found to be very useful for anyone looking for any topic relating to forensic science. Even though there are a few issues in the site, those issues can easily be fixed. The website would definitely be of use to anyone with or without a background in any field of forensic science and are just looking for information, asking questions or meeting new people online who share the same passion for forensic science.

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