School of conservation sciences

School of conservation sciences

School of Conservation Sciences

Assignment Brief

Programme(s): BSc AB, AG, EF, FCSS, FCSI, FACSI, EPM, EWC, MCM

Unit Detail: CS Academic Practice

Unit Leader: Brian James

Assignment set by: Brian James/Paul Kneller/Anita Diaz/David Schofield

Date Due: Tuesday 3/11/2009

Timetable Week 16

Date Assignment set: 05/10/09

Length: Maximum 1500 words + table

Title of Assignment: A Biography of a Scientist

This assignment is a referencing exercise based upon producing a biography. You are required to research, compile and produce a short biography of a scientist who interests you. There are two distinct parts to this assignment:

Part 1: Research Table - 50%

Having chosen your scientist you need to find as many references as possible from a range of different sources. List these in a table using an appropriate text citation, linked to a full references listing below; see the example. In the column next to each reference score its reliability on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) and then justify this with a brief comment in a further column, explaining/justifying your score + indicating whether you have used the source within your written bibliography.



Text Citation - Reference

Reliability Score 1 to 5



Bennett & Kneller (2006)


Excellent source from peer reviewed journal - used widely


Bloggs (2004)


Newspaper article containing unsubstantiated gossip - not used

Bennett, M.R. & Kneller, P. 2006. The life and times of Alfred Wegner. Scientist's Weekly, 45, 90-96.

Bloggs, N. 2004. Alfred Wegner in sex scandal. The Sun, 2 April 2004, 3.

Part 2: Biography - 50%

This should be a written account of the biography of your chosen scientist written in an appropriate style, using correct references. You should follow the BU referencing guide which can be obtained from the library web pages. The accuracy of your referencing will form an important part of this assignment (citation within the text + list of references at the end of the text). Do not over-emphasise one experiment or one section of the scientist's life but provide a balanced overview, showing the critical events within that life. There should be evidence that more than one source of information was used. Do try to be novel in your choice of scientist. You should not exceed the maximum length of the biography and you must include a word count.

This assignment is worth 30% of the marks for the Academic Practice Unit.

Please note that as per the amended Standard Assessment Regulations (2007) any coursework submitted after the 12.30 deadline will be capped at 0%.

Capped assignments will be considered by the Board of Examiners and cannot be retrospectively uncapped by Academic Staff.

If you are unable to submit on time due to medical or other circumstances you MUST obtain an approved extension from your Programme Leader PRIOR to the submission deadline. Extension Request Forms are available from C132.

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