Technology and society

Technology and society

Technology and Society

Technology has found its way into every aspect of our life; it is in the education system, science and medicine, art, and social work. Now as it is in everywhere around us, we cannot imagine life without it. Being without technology nowadays is like living in backwardness and absurdity. With the prominence of technology people have been benefiting from it to the fullest; however, it may have some disadvantages that its users should definitely be aware of lest it affects their lives negatively.

One of the contributions of technology is its role in the education system. Teachers at schools and professors at universities have been using technology in their teaching methods. Not only it helped them in teaching by illustration using different kinds of devices and tools, but also it helped them facilitate the data system of students and in every learning institution. By handling this matter from a different angle we can observe the vital components to the success of a child's education. Thus, by facilitating the teaching process by using technology by teachers we can guarantee the complete grasping of the information and knowledge explained using them. In an article in a web-site (1) it was written that: "Technology has been proven to help students achieve in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each year teachers are instructed and challenged to meet AYP's (Adequate Yearly Progress) under the No Child left Behind Act of 2001. Technology gives educators one more tool to help them reach those goals. Students become engaged and can often times facilitate parent involvement at home." Moreover, technology is making it possible for teachers to reach more students, allowing students the time they need to succeed, and providing our future workforce with competent, knowledgeable employees. In addition to that, using technology in class like electronic flash cards, projecting transparencies, screens, computers, and more would absolutely attract the students' attention. It will also make them grasp the information presented through these many means easily. The teachers that use such methods in their classes make it easier and more exciting to their students to learn. Not only normal students, but also the students with special needs can benefit from experiencing receiving information via technology in their classes. Thus, technology meets the needs of such students and cares for them to make it easier to comprehend fully. In the same article on the same web-site it was mentioned that: "Technology, more specifically with assistive technology special needs students, and student with disabilities have been able to achieve in areas and ways that would not have been possible. Technology creates individualized learning environments for students and really can play a major role in special needs ones." And last, but certainly not least, technology is one crucial part of every teacher's method of teaching.

Another contribution of technology is in the field of science and medicine. Modern technology and medicine seem inseparable. Technology has added enormous successes in this field starting from the huge beneficial equipment used to the small tiny pills that have been invented. As an example, the discovery of X-rays, an article online(2) conveys that: " The discovery of X-rays by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1923) in 1895 made it possible to look at internal organs of the body. This made it easier to diagnose broken bones, cancer, and other diseases." Moreover, it says that: "Not long after, Willem Einthoven (1860-1927), a Dutch physiologist, invented the first electrocardiograph. This device records the electrical activity of the heart muscles, making it possible to monitor for heartproblems. In the mid-century catheters—thin hollow tubes that can be used to drain fluids or put in medicine—were inserted into the heart and liver. Many of the advances have come in imaging, enabling physicians to see the organs without opening the body. Technologies include ultrasound imaging, computerized tomography (CT-scans), positron-emission tomography (PET scans), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs). Diagnostics, while still an art, has become a science too." Precisely, in the field of medicine, we can realize that the affect of technology upon surgeries is magnificent. Medical sonography and equipments enabled doctors to be more productive and successful in operating different kinds of surgeries. It had been written in the same article on the web-site that: "Perhaps no field has been affected so much by technology as surgery. The various scanning technologies have guided the surgeon into the depths of the body, allowing radical invasive surgeries. On the other hand, flexible endoscopes, based on fiber-optic technology, came along in the 1970s. These have permitted what is called keyhole surgery, in which the scope, fitted with a laser that can cut like a knife, is inserted through a tiny incision. Such surgery became common for hernias, gall bladders and kidneys, and knees." Besides, the invention of laser has facilitated operations and surgeries in different angles. Using the laser technology that can cut like a knife commonly used for bladders kidneys, and knees, has contributed in assisting to the medical field. With that, hope can be once more created in both the patients and the doctors toward reaching fruitful results.

What is more is the role of technology in art and social work. Designers, artists and engineers use the help of technology in processing their numerous artistic works. Engineers can never abandon using computers in operating their works. It is crucial to have detailed precise measures and sketches in terms of architecture, interior design, chemical, or petroleum engineering. With the help of technology buildings now are properly built and designed due to the software and the tools used by artistic figures. Technology's influence has resulted in the phenomenal buildings and towers that have distributed everywhere nowadays. In addition to art and designs is the social work and communication. Now and with the presence of mobile phones, telephones, the World Wide Web, GPS, networks and much more have made it extremely easy for people to communicate throughout the globe. Not only it is available everywhere for people to communicate with each other, but it is also fast enough to deliver and receive information at the same moment, something that has never crossed anyone's mind about a hundred years back.

Nonetheless, there always has to be some disadvantages of almost everything around. As for technology, it is true that it facilitates learning and teaching processes as mentioned above, but it can also almost remove the real role of the teacher in class. There are some aspects of teaching that need a human being to discuss with students which will be absolutely clear enough for the students to understand. The differences between students are normal and a humane instructor should be present to make it clear for those that would have some confusion receiving information. Impeding the role of rather a teacher, an artist, or a scientist can affect their roles negatively. In addition, some people rely on technology not only for their work, but also their fun and leisure time which will eventually lead them to become addicts and trapped in their own isolation keeping themselves away from the real life and interacting with others. This would also lead to having some disorders resulted in the many hours spent surrendering to the technologized world. Surely, those people may experience psychological or physical disorders.

To conclude, despite all the advances of technology there are still some aspects of technology, which are yet to be discovered. It is certain that technology should be improved even more to reach the summit of human discoveries. Nowadays, one can never survive without technology indoors and outdoors. Using technology should never be abandoned, yet it should be moderately used.

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