Which site are harmful for teengers and child?

Which site are harmful for teengers and child?


Pornographic websites can be filtered out by parents with young children and teenagers enabling parents to allow what sites a child or teenager can surf. Most pirated files and software are being tracked by the government, and many websites when caught are shut down. Virus protectors and anti-spyware are products that can help slow down or eliminate a lot of hackers. Microsoft generally informs the consumer of different downloads to use if a worm (virus) is being sent through Also, it can be noticed that the criteria towards hackers is negative, and hackers are being recognized within the populations. It is up to each person to know and learn about the internet. However, instead of criticizing the internet for its disadvantages, humans should be using it as a very useful source of knowledge, research, e-commerce, entertainment and communication, long distance education.

Clearly many people do not support this free online source because of the descended quality of information, not edited on regular websites. Some websites have not been updated in years thus making the source somewhat unreliable as new information may have arisen and that new data has not been updated. The internet can be used to help students and professors gain easier access to research and knowledge by using reliable sources. The majority of customers are satisfied by the information they have gathered or read on the internet. For example, the sales of Digitized Books (E-Books) have risen tremendously. According to the Association of American publisher's statistics, surveys show that electronic Book sales have risen to $31,900.000 in January, 2010 ("Industry Statistics").

Peer viewed articles (scholarly Journals) have shown that 70% of the information is taken from electronic journals in the U.S.A. only. More than $500 million dollars are spent on electronic journals in the U.S.A. and 20% of libraries' profits are from electronic journals in the U.S.A. It has also been shown that electronic documents are usually less expensive than hard copy documents (Luther,1-2). Publishers tend to increase the price of their products to compensate losses on product searches. For example, the book “Our choice” by Al gore found in chapters store is sold at $35.00 as a hard copy comparing it to $23.10 in electronic stores ("Al Gore"). Electronic documents can be kept safe from being banned or permanently terminated, for example, Analects by Confucius and Lysistrata by Aristophanes, those two books were banned from the market but available as an electronic copy ("30 Benefits").

Many opponents take a stand against using the internet in e-marketing and e-shopping because a person's private information might be exposed to others, such as, hackers. Most sites that ask for personal information also have a section asking a person if they want this information saved. This way, once it is denied, the information is deleted after sale. However, there are many anti-virus programs a person could buy like McAfee, Norton or other spyware programs that help against identity theft. Moreover, it is also beneficial to use the internet for shopping because it requires less consumption of resources, and benefits both the buyers and sellers. Searching for products online can produce large savings. It reaches out more people with less cost than what a regular advertisement costs. Point to point search on a geographic scale will cost time, funds on fuel consumption, and telephone calls. Companies are wasting money on searching for markets, advertisement locations, and product promotion by calling customers for sales (Bakos, 35 - 42).

Moreover, a good approach to help the online sales of a product is by offering more in depth description of the product and letting the customer make the decision at their leisure time without the pressure of a sales person. Consumers can read the description and decide if they want to buy to the products or not, and if the product is suitable for them or for their friends and families. Most Companies offer a survey about their products, and try to find what the consumers want. They can determine the price of their products based on the needs of the consumers. E-Commerce allows customers to compare between products, and discover products that are not available on the local market. Therefore, reaches more people and allowing them different online payment methods (Bakos, 35 - 42).

In addition, the main issue that many people argue is that internet might isolate friends and relatives and cause anti-socialism. IM software such as, FaceBook can create communication in the absence of people. Facebook can create communication even in the absence of people. More and more people use this application and remain connected to friends and families more often than the use of telephone. It is estimated that 90% of messages are sent to friends and 41.6% of messages are sent to friends internationally by Facebook users. Therefore, people can share their interests with others and also maintain friendships through their family and friends. People also have the option of privacy settings which gives the opportunity to choose whether to allow people to access your profile or not. Statistics shows that 1.2% of users prefer privacy settings whereas, 50% changed their settings to "Visibility." Research suggests that with more time spent on Face Book, users gain extra friends (Joinson,1027-1036).

However, the Internet can affect education negatively because students will use the internet for entertainment during classes and never pay attention to their instructor. The ability to open more than one application on the computer and internet will enable the student to have the applications open to what the professor wants but also to have MSN Messenger and Face Book open at the same time.

By using the Internet, pupils will not be forced to attend classes since the Internet will grant them time management and freedom of education by using long distances education. Long distance learning Colleges and Universities can endorse extra students that do not have to be there physically and still fill the class room of students physically attending. A Survey done by the US Department of Education showed that by 2013, students attending colleges will increase by 16% starting from 2003 (Cavanaugh et al, 1-32).

Also, students can perform multiple tasks by handling their chores and learn at the same time. Now, people working full time have the opportunity of taking courses online in their own pace and time and still work at the same time. They can expand their knowledge in their current job or study for a better job. With the use of the internet, there is also an increase in the academic performance. Long distance students have a 200% chance of getting an A than traditional students have. It has been concluded that the adult learners have increased by 170% and 42% at this form of learning known as the long distance adult learner. Students now have a greater capability of controlling their courses by adding and dropping, or managing their time much more efficiently (Cavanaugh et al, 1-32).

In a benchmark survey, a four-year Institutions distance education programs have found that 66% of the distance-learning institutions have an 80% or better completion rate for their long distance education courses. Now, information is growing exponentially 2 times each 4 years, it used to be every 10 years. This shows that the use of the Internet brings more knowledge to a many people. Previously, education was only based on lecture style teaching but now people can learn by using recorded lectures and written text (Cavanaugh et al, 1-32).

In conclusion, internet is a stupendous and a modern technology that helps the world to develop quickly, even young children can easily learn this technology. The more exposure of the Internet technology will be in the long run will help having a better education and produce more productive people. However, one must realize that children will still need supervision in accessing the Internet to avoid the exploration of our future generation.

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