Jacob creek

Jacob's Creek in Australia


Jacob creek formerly called Jacob's creek is a little creek which runs via the wine-producing section of the Barossa Valley about 80km north of Adelaide in Australia. The creek is a few kilometers ling and runs westwards from the beginning of Barossa Ranges, and finally meets the North Para River. The creek was initially exposed and reviewed by William Jacob (1814-1902), the helper surveyor in the Colonel William Light, in 1839 as part of great survey of Barossa region. Jacob's creek is the Australia's foremost export brand trading more than 7 million of cases every year. Cook, Guy (2001 2nd edition) said the company is owned by Pernod Ricard and takes advantage of Jacob's creek potency name to rebrand its wines which were previously sold under Orlando label. This resulted into many branches of its name for instance Jacob's creek Centenary Hill Shiraz in Barossa, Jacob's creek St Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon in Coonawarra, and Jacob's creek Steingarten in Eden Valley.

Jacob's creek is the Australia's most known creek and it is mainly in the United Kingdom and other many countries where Jacob's creek wine brand is sold. Some of international drinkers imagine Jacob's creek is an entire region though it's the biggest selling label and almost one million of wine glasses are drunk each day. It is only some kilometers long via the Barosa Range near its peak, Kaiser Stuhl and gurgling down the “river red gum lined” bed into North Para River. The creek is extremely dry during vintage time in autumn though the Jacob's creek name conjures with Amazonian of Australian the “sunshine in bottle”.

Jacob's Creek Advertising Strategies

Jacob's Creek has advertising Strategies which mainly involve unique selling proposition, brand image, resonance, emotional, generic and pre-emptive. The unique selling proposition is a strategy which ensures your offering are unique and more valuable from your competitors' offerings and putting your idea in the minds of target groups to reach customers. Positioning attracts customers by forming unique and positive identity in the company and its offerings. Jacob's creek thus utilizes positioning to distinguish its products from others. The world consist of products similar to that of Jacob's creek but the company makes its products get into advertising overload all through to gain the customer's attention. This ensures the customer have something to trust in until a new message breaks through to persuade them to certain changes depending on companies selling brands.

Jacob's Creek also uses Brand Image as an advertisement method. Brand is the product image in market. Some people differentiate the psychological aspect brand from experiential aspect. Experiential aspect contains total of all points of contact with brand and is called the brand experience while the psychological aspect is sometimes called the brand image (Cook, Guy 2001 2nd edition). Jacob's creek also portrays its product via resonance advertisement method. It deals with print ads which exhibit the resonance which combine wordplay with relevant pictures to come up with ambiguity and incongruity. Manipulation of resonance brings positive effects of product in three ways; brand attitude, liking for ad, and unaided recalling of ad headlines.

Another advertisement strategies utilized by Jacob's Creek are emotional, generic and pre-emptive methods. Emotions can be arguably referred to as bodily and mental changes to influence someone's' decisions often not of normal pattern for individuals and utilized mostly to trading behavior, Cook, Guy (2001 2nd edition). Emotions has used by Jacob's Creek have got general appeals which comprise of motives, drives and instincts, the featuring product, roles, emotions, values, personality traits, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge. Emotion is the best appeal in advertisement. Emotional appeal refers to product advertisement towards emotional desires instead of utility, economy or logic.

The company also uses generic advertisement which is the approach of preparing advertising messages which concentrates on customers benefits and also applying to all brands in product categories rather than benefits which are special to particular brands. Other method is preemptive pricing which is the practice of selling products at temporarily below the normal prices to keep away new competitors form coming in the market.

Strength and Limitation of Jacob's Creek

Jacob's creek visitor centre is located on banks of Jacob's creek the centre of Barossa valley and hence easy accessibility (Procedure", Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, 1966). Visitors can enjoy memorable taste experiences with tempting combination of wine and food and panoramic views of the Barossa hills and vineyards. You have the chance of discovering the history of the famous creek and story for most known international wine brands. The cellar door offers casual wine tasting, guided tours of interpretive gallery, structured hosted tasting, and display vineyard.

The Jacob's creek centre is has been built on sustainable development principles environment to incorporate most of the natural, recycled materials, energy saving systems, and alternatives. It is an evocative for viticulture industry with enormous trellis system running in the building. It has got materials and colors which are traditional and origin upon blend sensitive with the landscape. However advertising messages are only effective when placed in the media and sometimes vehicles which can reach the targeted group.

Another challenge in the Jacob's Creek advertisement is determining how to allocate fixed advertising budget for specific planning period, normally a financial year within the advertising media within the media or overtime.

Improvement of Advertising Strategies

Effective advertisement strategy commence with the target audience in a certain brand. Failure to correctly define the market outcome results into wasted exposure; that is some of non-purchase candidates get exposed to advertisements as the target consumers get missed. The four main kinds of information utilized in segmenting target consumers involve: buyer behavior, demographic, geographic, values and lifestyle. The buyer attitude generally portrays the excellent meaningful base of determining the targeted audiences who are targeted to be reached by advertisement message. Demographic, geographic, values and lifestyles are usually combines to define the target brand and group.

To improve the effectiveness of its current advertising campaign

In addition to traditional measures of reaching their audience, the Jacob's Creek company should improve on the new online service which aim at providing information that enables advertisers to decide on return-on investment for their ads spending (Richard; Simmons, Mark, Punk Marketing).The new measures involve: reader actions taken, brand disposition, advertising the effect on product nature, advertising persuades on purchases or purchase curiosity; product recommendation, word of mouth opportunity (WOMO), noting and reading most / engagement to determine the readers who show high levels of agreement (Cook, Guy 2001 2nd edition).

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