Waterlander hotel


Waterlander hotel is one of the international hotel chain,the competitive pricing is the advantage of waterlander hotel. Global Marketing, Plastix International Plc hired Waterlander Hotel to host their annual banqueting. Global Marketing gave clear and specific details of their requirements to the hotel. However, Waterlander is failure to effectively plan and co-ordinate the activities resulted in the banqueting event been a total disaster and a embarrassment to the client.

As total quality management is defined as a management philosophy that seeks to integrate all organizational functions (marketing, finance, design, engineering, and production, customer service, etc.) to focus on meeting customer needs and organizational objectives.The simple objective of TQM is "Do the right thing first time.This report will be identifing the problems of waterlander hotel and using techniques to analysis them,the most important thing is to find the solution to sovle the problems.There are so many techniques for analysing the problems ,but the time line ,expectations and gap analysis are extremely useful for waterlander hotel.

Three techniques for assessing the situation
  1. Timelines
  2. An organization can improve its effectiveness if it can forecast its environment, anticipate problems and develop the time management.

    The timelines is a very important tool for implement the planning,it can:

    • Balance the realities of capacity limiting factors,and predicting time to be taken.
    • Knock-on factors for activities downline
    • Forward scheduling doing them as soon as job arrives (good for flexibility of time)
    • Backward scheduling allocating the last possible time to finish on time (good for flexibility production)

    What caused the banquet for Plastix Internationalbecoming disaster is the lack of time arrangement.

  3. Customer Expectations
  4. The customer Expectations is basically an expansion of the customer gap. This is widened with some additional issues that affect the customers' expectations towards services. Some of the issues are services as processes, service provision as drama, service role and scripts, the compatibility of service customers, customer co-production and also the customers' emotion and mood. As the expansion of customer gap, it can be seen as the zone of tolerance. The top of the gap is the desired service and the bottom is the adequate service, as shown in graph. The graph show two types of the most extreme expectations of services, and later is expanded to a possible level of the customer expectation, where specifically describe the level of satisfaction. The levels from high to low are separate by five parts, from most satisfying to the least. As the zone of tolerance can be influenced by different factors, thus the gaps of the three parts vary differently. After combining all of the factors together, we get a graph, which describes the factors influencing services. Depending on the background culture and also the personalities of different people, they will have different expectations towards services. In my opinion, the zone of tolerance is narrow. Both of the service providers are large firms and there are not many replacements for them. So the desired service and the adequate service are close.Waterlander hotel is a four star hotel, also from the words of other people. It is expected to be a good hotel, thus the service should be good. A well-known service usually has a high standard of service. Although services cannot be measured regularly, a good service will be widely accepted by its customers.

  5. gap analysis
  6. Gap analysis is a tool that helps a company to compare its actual performance with its potential performance. At its core are two questions: "Where are we?" and "Where do we want to be?". If a company or organization is not making the best use of its current resources or is forgoing investment in capital or technology, then it may be producing or performing at a level below its potential. This concept is similar to the base case of being below one's production possibilities frontier.

    Due to its importance, this part of the content is commonly used through all of the services. Customer gap is one and the very first part of the Gaps model of service. This gap briefly shows the distance between the expectation level of customers towards the service and the actual service they received. There are also other gaps, which show the service quality, the expectation of the companies towards the customers. Those gaps belong to the providers, Gap 1: the listening Gap, Gap2: The Service Design and Standards Gap, Gap 3: The Service Performance Gap, and the last Gap, the Communication Gap. In general, the gaps model represents a relation and perceptions between the organizations and the customers. there are several mistakes that waterlander hotel made, which directly lead to the quality of the service. This is a negative example since the hotel did not manage well in communicating with the customers, in the Gap4 (Communication Gap) they did not match the performance to promises. It is not sure that what the company's expectations on customers are, but in this case both the gaps of communication and customer-driven service are not matched. The members of staff work in waterlander hotel actually started from a place of helping the customers also thinks from the customer's point of view. the hotel understands the expectation of the customer and thus helped it to provide a better service to meet the customer's need.

the identification of the problems

Waterlander Hotel failed to deliver to the customer expectation. They have:

  • no planning and co-ordination
  • no quality culture
  • poor understanding customer
  • no believing in customer's satisfation
  • low service standard
  • don't intend to do the right thing first time
  • lack customer skills
  • lack manager commitment

solution to the problems

  1. Meeting with managers to discuss document
  2. Different employees in an organization have different definition and aspects.Employees play important roles in the service market, as they are having direct contact with the customers, the recipient of the service. Thus when a company is hiring employees, it is necessary that they choose the right people, so a complementary way of selecting employees might be used to find the best members. As the word says "the customer is always righteven when he is wrong. (P.357) from this phrase, it is known that companies would always treat customers well, so that employees have to have the sense in their minds.If an employee has a low perception of quality then the product or service offered would be unsatisfactory to the consumer,thus invoking a complaint,as what happened with Plastix International.

    According to the problems of waterlander hotel ,they should follow categories of approaching quality.

    • transcendent approach, this approach is refer to offering the highest quality available.
    • manufacturing based approach,is concerned with making products and services free of errors and do the exactly what the organization asked for.
    • value based approach,this approach defines quality in terms of cost and price.The advantage of waterlander hotel is the competitve pricing,however,they aslo need to provide a high lever of service.
  3. training the staff on the costs of quality
  4. It is very important to create a training plan for the staff members in the waterlander hotel to undertake and focus on the costs of quality.there are 6 steps for operate the the training.

    1. Bring all the staff together to introduce themselvies to the group,to communicate and make sure every department involved in the interaction.
    2. This step is concern the quality problems solving,do the roleplaying ,each department have a chance to play another department to identify the problems and solutions
    3. This step is for staff one-on one appraisals with the line manager.
    4. This step focus on the internal failure costs to the waterlander hotel and how they can correct and eliminate them.
    5. The purpose for this step is to train the staff to provide high level quality to meet customer's expecation.
    6. This step is concern on increasing staff moral,which a major influence of the level of quality that an organization offers.


In conclusion,total quality management refers to a quality emphasis that encompasses the entire organizating from the supplier to the customer.(Heizer,Jay,Operations Management 1999,Fifth Edition pg882)It ensures that the business as a whole from managers to the cleaners have a continuing drive towards execllence in all aspects of products and services,that are important to the customer.

Task 2


Fast food sometimes known as a quick service .Food is offered from a limited menu; is cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot; is finished and packaged to order; and is usually available ready to take away.KFC is one of the most famous fast food chain.This report will discuss about the quality of the food and services in KFC.Imagine as a mananger of KFC,to find out the problem and the solution.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)- one of the most known fast food chains in the world started in the early 1930's by Kernel Sanders in the Southern USA as a small franchise operation. Colonel Sanders has become a well known personality throughout thousands of KFC restaurants World wide. Quality, service and cleanliness (QSC)represents the most critical success factors to KFC's global success.

Throughout its 35-year history, the company has gone through several stages and has answered to a legion of corporate parents from Heublein to R.J. Reynolds. The most significant stage was when the enterprise was sold to the American giant, Hubelin International in 1974. Rapid growth throughout the use of franchising together with increased competition from primarily MacDonald's reduced the consistency of the standard of both food and service on the individual franchise level leading to massive decreases in profitability. Together with low Research and Development funding from Hubelin, the division found it difficult to match the expansion plans of its main competitors. KFC responded to these problems by improving staff training, employ a new manager- Michael Miles capable of managing an effective turnaround strategy. The QSC motto was emphasized on a global level together with slogans such as "We do Chicken Right". In 1982, Hubelin International was acquired by R.J. Reynolds and Richard Mayer succeeded Miles.

By the year 2000, KFC was the world's largest chicken restaurant chain and third largest fast-food chain. There have more than 10,800 KFC stores in more then 80 countries.

KFC fast food chains are currently under the restaurant division of PepsiCo Incorporated. The fast-food industry is highly competitive and includes external threats that are social-cultural, political, economic, operational, competitive, and substitutional,So,the quality of the food and the service is the extremly important factors for KFC to compete with the other fast food chain.

Analysis the quality of the food and service

If it is compared to McDonalds, the attractiveness and layout of KFC restaurants does not match McDonalds, which is very clean and attractive, however the same could be said of other rivals. For example, Burger King isn't as nice as McDonalds in terms of the restaurant layout either, and KFC is hardly dirty or ugly, so that is not too much of a factor. Overall I would say the service at KFC is usually fine although occasionally you may have to wait for a while. However, the staff always seem to be good mannered, pleasant, and well informed unless they are too busy.

  1. Identify the problems
  2. In order to produce a meaningful report for KFC,I visited one of the store in Belsize park,which is a rich area.That is a quite small store,there were 5 staff working during the peak time.I went there around 1pm,it was the most busy time.The long queue as I thought,I did not expect quick service ,but it was too slow. I was waiting for over ten minutes for some spice hot chicken wings and fries.apart from that the staff was too busy to smile to me,the food tray was dirty and the food was not hot enough.

  3. the solution to the problem
  4. Set up the food standard

    The food must be clean, fresh and healthy .KFC will increase their product line to include new menu items in various locations to test acceptability and possible sales in relation to demographics. While expansion of their menu is necessary, they need to continue their focus on the "healthy foods" the domestic population is demanding. They can do this by adding additional items such as oriental chicken dishes and grilled chicken sandwiches and dinners.

    Set up the service standard

    • greet customers
    • take orders and enter them in a till
    • take payment and provide change
    • respond to any other specific customer requests
    • pack and wrap food and prepare drinks
    • provide salt, napkins and other additional items
    • monitor the supply of food items
    • clear trays, wipe tables and empty bins.

    Use technological Environment

    As the technology continues to improve, it creates unlimited opportunities for innovation. Online information seeking by customers is easy due to Internet. In addition, the use of computers to advertise via the Internet, targeting on the yuppies. Computer ordering via Internet can be made possible since they are an increasing population that is Internet savvy. Internet enabled KFC to develop global brands and worldwide consumer base.

    Computers can be used to improve labor, scheduling, payroll, accounting, inventory control and communications with other franchisees. This will give KFC a greater control over its employees and even to the franchisees.

    Hi tech equipment that will be able to determine of the cleanliness of oil content be used since majority of the products offered in KFC are deep-fried. Other technological methods can be implemented, like new cooking method whereby there will be a reduction of oil content in the fried food.

    In the recent years, the market is growing as single-person households are on the rise. This is due to factors like rising incomes, higher divorce rates and people getting married later. There are also more women in the workforce than ever before. As a result of this, individuals are spending more disposable income on eating out. Moreover, there is a perceived value for money for the fast food products offered. They tend to be cheaper as compared to other cooked food.

    Meet customers expectation

    • Fast-food consumers are price sensitive.
    • Fast-food consumers want convenience and are location sensitive.
    • Fast-food consumers are quality sensitive.
    • Fast-food consumer switching costs are low.
    • Fast-food consumer prefer varieties
    • Fast-food consumer search for ambience in restaurants
    • Fast-food consumer prefer healthier food menus

    Set up reasonable price

    This will be a determining factor for the customer making their first purchase. The price should be set reasonably and competitively with other local restaurant offer chicken in their menu. The price for the initial launch must be low.


In conclusion, Companies are always looking for a way to increase profits and the welfare of the business.Setting food and service standard,meet customers expectation is very important for KFC to get more market share.


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