Advantages and disadvantages of the internet

A computer is a small machine with large memory and genius mind , can memories thing tenfold than human mind ,now days almost every one in the whole world , has had a contact with a computer. A great part of people are using international computers net known as internet webs


In my opinion, I think using internet has more advantages than disadvantages. First of all internet provides access to a lot of information. Some of them are very useful in our jobs and in our studies; also it's useful in our hobbies. We can find any thing we want to know or we can collect information's about whatever we want. Just enter the websites and make your research. One of the biggest sites that you can use is Google. You can every thing you want, you can also do shopping on internet, but of course we cannot buy every thing we see, and also we cannot trust all the shopping websites. We need only to select what we want, fill in some forms and just click ok in a few days we will get what we ordered directly to your home. With just a simple click we can pay with your credit card. And that will transfer money from your bank account. Now days all most every bigger bank offers transferring money with internet because its faster than going to the bank .transferring money in traditional way may take a lot of days . Using internet you can do this in a few seconds. But most of the people fear the hackers. A hacker means some one that breaks into systems to damage it. And he enjoys exploring the details of program able systems and how to stretch their capabilities. So some people think that their money can be easily stolen by hackers it isn't true because the easiest way to steal your money from internet bank is breaking your house and just stealing your card of codes. Internet has every good protection which makes them practically un break able.

Next advantages of internet is email, internet mail get on few second to its destination, for example when you want to inform your family that lives far away from you, you can just send them emails .of course you can send not only texts , you can also email what ever you want, movies , photos.

Besides the advantages of the internet it has also a lot of disadvantages. Most of our children can't leave the computer screen more than 2 hours, they are addicted to internet. So they spend to a much time sitting on the chair in front of the screen and that can be very harmful to eyes and body. It can be harmful to the human also . I want to begin with several of disadvantages of computer games. For example, the report is showing that computer games cause aberrations in childhood behavior, increase violent behavior and cause anti-social behavior that make children keep away from others. Anther disadvantage is that many children be fond of computer games that include sport, fantasy and human violence that avoid them from education, but on the other hand, fewer of them keen on games mixed up with education. Other point is that computer games are halting the process of brain development and the children do things they should not. However some children have hurt their thumbs, as they play the computer games for hour pushing the button. Moreover some children and teenagers are setting in front of the computer game that cause for them visual impairment and can suffer of agony from bad posture. The last disadvantage is that computer games keep away children and young people from reading that make them weak in this skill.

There also some little bit of advantages. For instance, young children and adolescents are becoming particularly computer learned. Another point is that, in the future children will be using the computers all their lives safety and avoid problems. Another advantage is that computer games can be part of the school education because the teachers and the parents thought their children's mathematics and spelling skills improved. However it encourages the part of the brain to action for linking with vision and movement. Moreover it makes the teenagers help each other and improve their social skills. It urges boys and girls to make competition between them if they play games that make them excited.

In conclusion, computer games have two side the good side and bad side. It depends on the person which side to choose and how to use it in safety way. Finally, in my opinion computer games is recent technology of educate children who does not like studying and to attract them to anew way of learning.

Internet has some opponents but more and more people treats internet like telephones or radios. They use it for fun and work and think at present living without internet it is be quite difficult. Even they made a computer license, called international computer driving license (ICDL).

I advise to take care and watch their children, also to put some rules for them about using computers. A lot of children care about the computers game than their homework's and studies. So don't forget to put rules to protect them from the danger to using internet

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