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Before we get into our lesson, please make note of the quote on the board. "Salt prevents putrefaction, something that honey does not." Remember this as we go through these upcoming sessions. As a Christian talking to Christians, I love you. And in that love, I'm obliged to tell you the truth. I'm not going to condemn but I can't sugar coat anything either. When you take inventory of the church in America, it's ripe with presumption, assumption, indifference, flippancy, ignorance, and apathy. It's not what it should be because it's become opinion based. Too many times people offer opinions when they should be pointing to scripture. And when someone does point to scripture to show the error of opinion, they say, well that's just your opinion. I have a right to my opinion too. Everyone does.

Whenever I hear that I wonder if they know the rest of the quote. It's from Ben Franklin. And it states that everyone has a right to an opinion as long as it can be logically defended. Ironic the same portion that's missing from that quote is the same thing that's absent from their thought process, logic. It also indirectly shows their laziness. People don't want to look stupid. They want to be respected by their peers as much as anyone. But they don't want to put in the work to attain it the right way. So what do they do? They grab what sounds good and repeat it. It's just false authority. It's only topical. You crack that top layer and there's not much of anything below.

One of man's greatest fears is to be shown to be a shadow of his own presumption of self. It's been said a pound of illustration is worth a ton of explanation. So here's an illustration. Can you appreciate a glass of water? I mean really appreciate a glass of pure water? Most don't. We have gotten so used to cokes and kool-aids with all the sugar and artificial sweetness you can't appreciate reality, what God has given. More than that, our senses are so filled up with fantasies; we can't know the reality of God. We don't know scripture as well as we think we do. You take a survey and less than 5% of those who say they do can actually back it up. For the rest, it's primarily known only by what someone else has told us about it. However, that position isn't knowing scripture. That's believing and trusting what someone said. Tell me what's more important to God, knowing what He wants you to do or just knowing Him? Now if you were listening to the question, you'd realize the latter takes care of the former.

Right now you are probably thinking 'what in the world are you talking about?' We have to read scripture not only to inform us of our duty but primarily inform us of who He is, and not only inform us but inflame us with a holy discontent. We should be taking hold of Christianity with violence. You should want so much of it you fight tooth and nail for it. If you were in the middle of the ocean treading water with eight other people, how would you react if a single life jacket was tossed into the middle of the group? You would do whatever it took to get it. Why? It is a precious thing to you. How much more then for your God and His Kingdom?

Men hold to the thought of heaven as being relatively easy to obtain, that just enough God and religion in their lives will sustain them; that they can simply jump from the line going to hell into the one going to heaven. And that's how they live because that's what they know. God is cool breeze and a flowing stream of comfort. It's easy. It's almost as if they'd rather go to Hell in a feather bed than to be carried to Heaven in a 'fiery chariot' of zeal and violence. And men who want and follow the easy way will never get there because God has become common to them. He's become docile. He's become the man upstairs. His word is just a bunch of principles to live by, and His gospel is just a creed. You make God common and you've blasphemed Him. A god like that can do nothing for you. But you want that because he also can do nothing to you.

Ours is the only Lord that can't make you do anything without your approval. The fire is missing because there can be no fire from a god under your authority. We don't desire to know Him because we made Him out to be just like us, just like we want Him to be.

"These things you have done and I kept silence; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes."[1]

Truly we don't know God. Discipline is needed in the worst way, not to condemn but raise the standard of expectation. The bar has been set so low it's hitting your ankles. Yesterday's 7 year old is todays 17 year old. Yesterday's 13 year old is todays 25 year old. It's true.

"All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness."[2]

How bad do you want it? How many times have you pressed God to reveal His face to you? How much are you willing to spend in pursuit of the holy? How far do you really want to go? You have to ask these kinds of questions if you're a Christian. You have to because we are so anorexic in the body of the believer we are wasting away into nothingness. You will never hear anyone in heaven say I spent too much time trying to be Christ like and it wasn't worth it. We are so woefully undone in having a knowledge of God.

Now, we are going to get into who God is, what is He like. In doing so, there are three questions you have to ask. What comes to mind when you think about God? How do you know? How are you sure? There are a few things Tozer said that are really good about the idea of God.

"No religion has been or will ever be greater than its idea of God. Your idea of God should correspond to the true being of God. The lofty thoughts and ideas you keep in knowing God sums up all temporal issues into one thing: obligation to God. This is the Phil 4:8 factor. Low ideas of God destroy the gospel; make Him out to be a liar, and reveals that you're lost."[3]

A low view of God is idolatry and sin of the greatest magnitude. Men imagine things about God and act as if they were true. Those thoughts pollute the fountain of Christianity for others. It's as if one was a sewage swimmer measuring his situation by his peers in the same sewage.

But worse, having views other than the highest attainable by man in a corruptible body, you are guilty of sin for believing a lie. Ever thought about that? When you believe something about God that's not true, it's sin. When you surrender a high opinion of God in any thought or action, you've sinned and made God into something detestable. Some of you may think that's harsh but that's because you don't know how corruptible you are to God, which we'll get into in a bit. Your heaviest obligation is to raise and purify your concept of God to a worthy place. That's done through His word. If you answer wrongly to "Who is God, what is He like?", everything else falls apart, it crumbles, the foundation has been destroyed

What's even more detestable, those thoughts and notions get passed down to the next generation and the next, until behold, the majority of Youth Departments in churches today. They look, dress, and act like the world, with no knowledge of the holy, but bless God; they're saved. So, what is God like, who is He? You'd have an easier time counting every star in the sky or every grain of sand on the earth. But that's our pursuit, our "pressing on" to know the Ancient of Days, guided on by His word revealed by his Spirit. For many, it'd be better to just start over. Take everything that's been told and taught and just trash it.

God, who is He, what is He? When you ask such a thing you open yourself up to every imaginable definition that can be formulated by man. He is this, He is that, I think this, I think that, He is this for me but that for you. Let me tell you something. First anyone who doesn't point to Scripture to begin in defining who God is doesn't know God. Worse yet, anyone who picks and chooses things from Scripture doesn't know God. And anyone who defines God by an experience they seemed to have had doesn't know God either. We pick and choose what we want Him to be like. We have certain ideas about God we hold to, and take the parts that are comfortable. If you are a Christian that's not what you are supposed to do.

You don't take the part of God that's the most comfortable. Just like the Holy Spirit is not received in part, He is whole like a person. God is not received in parts. You don't take some attributes and reject others. You will never know Him in the fullness of knowing Him. But that is our pursuit today and forever into eternity. This is what propels man, a God that has made himself known yet cannot be known anymore than the finite can engulf the infinite. We have entered into an eternal life to know Him and Jesus Christ. Eternity in the most splendid utopia that can be had will eventually drive a man insane. At some point, enough will be enough and men will be bored out of their brains. To know Him in all His infinite wonders and glory. Your greatest need is to know the Lord. You do not boast in wisdom, strength or riches. Boast in knowing God.

How is one to do this? Conferences? Retreats? Speakers? Concerts, to get you psyched up only to burn off within days of being a part of it, only leaving smoke in its wake? How is one to do this? How many are married in here? Do you love your wife more now than when you first were married? Why? You love her more because you know more of her, even with the imperfections. Apply the same principle to God. Only to the degree that you know Him can you love Him more and want to honor Him and do more, from the abundance that comes from knowing him more deeply than you do know. But we don't want to know more of him as reflected in the book titles in a Christian bookstore. Have you ever sat down over a period of days, months or years and cried out to know God, to search Psalms and discover insight into his attributes, to understand something of His person and His works and be propelled by that power instead of your own? Once the beauty and glory of God is set a right in your heart, everything else will into place.

Tell me about your studies. Are you in the Word? How many hours a day? In all the bible studies and books read, going to and fro and cds and MP3s and dvds and internet sites, how much time do you sit and spend knowing God, the greatest of all pursuits? If you are to honor God as a father, you must know Him. If you were to investigate just His beauty all by itself, the small truths you'd begin to find alone would propel your heart to serve and honor Him in a greater way than what anything or anyone else can motivate. To be a people who honor God you have to be a people who know Him. I am not here to ask anything but this: How much do you know God? Perhaps a better way of saying this is: How is your lack of knowledge of God glorifying to Him?

How much of your Christian life has been given to the pursuit in knowing the attributes of God and the glories of God in the face of Jesus Christ? Therein lies your problem. So many ways and methods on doing this or reasons and appeals on why we should go do that, but if you've left off the greater thing you can never have anything but strange fire if there's any fire at all. You must seek to know Him. Does anyone find you at 2am crying out to God, tarrying with Him? Does anyone find you at 4am beside yourself because you must know Him? Too many times men stand before other men in a preaching or teaching capacity without such a thing as this being a reality in their lives. Most of us already have enough truth than we will be able to live out. Do you seek Him? If I give my wife everything but a relationship, she is going to feel despised. There is no communion. In fact if that one important thing is lacking, they'll come to hate everything else you provide. How much more so with God? How do I have a relationship? I get to know Him.

We are not fulfilled in obeying God's will for us. Our fulfillment comes from knowing Him and conforming our lives to the image of His Son. Is there a restlessness in your heart, a sleeplessness night? Contentment in anything but Him is idolatry. Augustine was right, we were made for Him, and we will be restless until we rest in Him. Study your own life. Isn't it easier to discuss issues of the day, even biblical issues with family and friends until dawn than tarry with God in prayer all night? Isn't it easier reading a good book by a great author like John Owens or Thomas Watson all night than staying up all night with Him? That in itself is evidence we are not fully and completely redeemed. In all our doing, the greatest thing is a passion for God, and it is not something that can be simply read and digested. It is birthed in a person seeking after Him. You know there's a reality in the one whom there is a reality of Him in them. You can see it. We do not see who God truly is.

The god most people know is one of romanticism. And that's the one we end up sharing with people and we ruin them, ruin them. Their hearts are hardened even more than before when they realize nothing has really changed. That irreparable damage will send more to hell than we will ever know. Isn't it amazing in what's often overlooked, that through that hardness of heart, they come to realize such an idol yet we don't. We don't know scripture. Our idea of God is what we've made up in our minds. The doctrinal ignorance of the church is shocking because in our supposed state of being God-centered, we assume falsely that He's man-centered. You say God is infinitely understanding, sympathetic, patient, and sentimental. God is nice, like some kind of genial grandpa, always ready to greet you with a warm smile and a pleasant word. You say that and you've blasphemed God by humanizing and robbing Him of His entire character. That may be your god but that's not the God of Scripture.

The God of Scripture, while loving, is also a jealous, avenging, wrathful God. He takes vengeance on His adversaries, and reserves wrath for His enemies. He will not leave the guilty unpunished. You say God is love. Yes, BUT HE'S ALSO HOLY AND JUST. There are two sides to this and you'd do well to know that. I could take you through so much Scripture showing you verse after verse after verse about His wrath and holy justice that it would completely destroy your image of Him. And that might be a good thing because that image you worship is not who God is. Yes, God is love, but He must also hate. He has to. You say how? Do you love children? Then you must hate abortion. We don't want to talk about how God still has a hatred for all things sinful, how He's going to throw souls into hell for eternal punishment. Study to show yourselves approved people. Hold to the truth of the Word.

The glory and beauty of God starts with His holiness. What makes God a wonder is that He is totally other than us; totally different, unsearchable, holy. And that's what you have to learn because you have grown up in a church, in a generation of Christianity that knows not holiness. Because of it many of you walk in sin and don't even know it. Holiness is THE attribute of God. Though God has many attributes, holiness is the thread throughout them all. He is holy. But what does that mean? The Hebrew word means to cut and separate (carrot), put apart and make distinct. He is morally pure, without stain, spot, or blemish. He's not just good but morally perfect. As such He's separated from all things that aren't. God can't tolerate sin or even A sin. How many sins did it take to curse the earth? One. He has no tolerance for what opposes or contradicts His nature. And not just morally pure, He's also not common, ordinary, or casual. He's distinct, not like us. He's God. He's holy.

"1In the year of King Uzziah's death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. 2Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3And one called out to another and said, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory."[4]

You will not find in any place of Scripture that says God is nice, nice, nice. You will not find it saying God is mercy, mercy, mercy. And you will not find God is love, love, love. He is Holy, the declaration. He is Holy, the repetition. And He is Holy, the absolution.

But not only that, He is also awesome. Holy and awesome is his name! Know what awesome means? Abject terror. The kind of thing that makes your knees knock and your teeth chatter. That's what His name is. But that's not our reaction to it, is it? When's the last time you had such a response to God and His name? Christians haven't because the god most know or have been taught is not the God of the bible. Look at what we have done. We know not God and we stand in danger because of it.

What you hear today from most Christians and churches isn't the same thing you would have heard in the first 1800 years of Christianity. To compare our knowledge of God now to that of an 18th century Christian is like comparing a kiddy pool to the Pacific Ocean. Both contain water. Both will get you wet. But it's the scope, the breadth, and the depth that sets them apart. And so it is with us.

For example, if I were to ask what comes to mind when you think of the holiness of God, most would answer that He's morally pure or perfect, that he's sinless. Ok. What comes to mind when you think of the righteousness of God, most would say that He's morally pure or perfect, that He's sinless, that He's righteous. So, what's the difference between the two then? The holiness of God doesn't speak primarily to His moral perfection or purity, but to His separateness or uniqueness. When the Bible says God is holy, it's saying there's no one like God. He's not like us only bigger or better. He's not like us at all, in any way, shape, or form. We really don't know God and we stand in danger because of it. We're in danger because we hold to an idea of who and what God is that isn't found anywhere in Scripture. And if we don't know God according to His word, we don't know Him at all. Our image of Him is only a fabrication made up in our minds. We're in a sad state of affairs. Why? That question will be answered in the next session.


To pick up where we left off, why are we in such a terrible state? Man is wickedly evil. Do you not realize man's greatest problem today is he's all about himself? It's all about self; men are full of self. Men don't need more self esteem. Men must know who God is. But to do that, they have to understand how wicked they are. If you look outside at noon, can you see the stars? Why? Did they get taken? No, the sun outshines them. But as the night sky grows darker and darker, can you see them then? So it is with the wickedness of man and the glory of God.

The darker man is painted in his true unregenerate character, the more glorious God truly becomes, and the more easily seen how much we need Christ as presented in the gospel. The malady of man is proven in the ease of lying, prideful esteem, and thought life. No man suddenly becomes base. [5] Hitler was the minor manifestation of what all men are capable of being. If you disagree then you don't know Scripture. All men are born hating God.

Take a look at Romans. It's as close to a systematic theology that's found in scripture. How does Paul begin the first 3 chapters? He begins by bringing all men into condemnation. Why? A man can't be brought to salvation without being brought to knowledge of self. A man must see the wickedness of himself before being brought to the glory of salvation. No views of human corruption are so affecting, or so awful, as those, which are presented to us in The Word of God.[6]

Look specifically in Romans 3:9-18:

"What then? Are we Jews any better off? No, not at all. For we have already charged that all, both Jews and Greeks, are under sin, 10 as it is written: "None is righteous, no, notb one; 11 no one understands; no one seeks for God. 12 All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one." 13 "Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive." "The venom of asps is under their lips." 14 "Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness." 15 "Their feet are swift to shed blood; 16 in their paths are ruin and misery, 17 an ?[7] d the way of peace they have not known." 18 "There is no fear of God before their eyes."

The radical depravity of humanity in this passage is needed to bring the readers face to face with the reality of our common depravity. When you see that the Bible offers a free and eternal salvation, tell me why the people of the world are not falling all over themselves to accept this free offering of salvation? All men and women are totally depraved.

Verse 9 Paul says, "What shall we conclude then." In other words, what is the summary of the many words I have spoken, the reason why the warning is not being headed, why men and women are not rushing to embrace the cross? It is because all human beings are deprived and depraved. The message of this text is that there is no difference between those who live today in America and those who lived in Paul's time; we are all in the same boat.

What about those who have been brought up in a Christian home and have been taught the Bible from an early age. You would think they simply need a little push to enter into the kingdom, but many have perished in their sin with this type of background. There isn't anyone that is looking for the true God of the Bible in order to embrace him. The Bible tells us that there is no one who has an advantage. Why is that? What is meant by "all are under sin? Paul is referring to one of the major items of Christian theology; back to Genesis 3 for the original sin of Adam and Eve where they died spiritually. When this took place they literally ran away from God. They wanted nothing to do with him, because their hearts had become sinful.

"For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God."[8]

In this passage is the whole of the human race being divided into two sides, those who live according to the Holy Spirit and those who are hostile to God as his enemy. They may be religious people and church goers, but all you need to do is open the God of the Bible before their eyes and before long they will become angry and run you out of the church. They are worshipping a God of their own design. They are worshipping a god who doesn't mind their sin and pleasure seeking; a God who tickles them in the midst of the sinfulness. They have no knowledge of the one true God. They do not want a holy and righteous God who is jealous for his own honor and who says you are to live for me and sacrifice to me. This is the God that they are hostile toward. They will not submit, they cannot submit, because they are totally unable to do so.

This brings us to the heart found between the mind and will. The heart is wicked and is beyond cure. The power of sin is enslavement and therein lies the depravity. We are corrupted by a despicable power that stares you in the face in the news, in your homes, and within your community. It is not in our power to simply decide to want God. However moral, or religious, or educated; powerless is the state we are all in, without the Grace of God. Unless the power of God visits us we are in this enslavement. This depravity has robbed us of the ability to see the glory of the only true God, and not knowing him, and seeing him we demand our own way. We want to negotiate with God, offering our own terms for peace. We speak like pharaoh saying, "Who is the Lord that I should obey him." Today people put a thin veneer on the surface, but if the heart is not regenerate, they will eventually show their true, ugly colors like we see here in Romans 3:9-18.

But there's even more. What we have discussed is only one side of the issue. It is from the perspective of the creation. What about the perspective of the Creator? Man has sinned; he is at odds with God; but that's only half the truth. Here's what you don't hear in church anymore. God is at odds with man. Man hates God and God hates man. And he doesn't stop hating man just because of a simple profession of faith by man. I mean, to put it in an illustration, you got an armed criminal surrounded by police with weapons drawn, if he drops his weapon and professes he's given up, do the cops drop their guns, too? No. You have a gun pointing to God; He's got one pointing back at you. Just because you laid yours down doesn't mean He will also. That action taken was for self preservation because man is all about self.

Now that we have discerned the difference between God and man, we are at a crossroads. On one side we have the Ancient of Days and on the other we have man. Both are at odds against another, the degree to which will be discussed next week. How can such a dilemma be explained unto a resolution? How can it be solved? Let's pray.


What is the Gospel? How can God be just and the justifier of men? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did Christ have to pay for sin? What happened to Christ that paid for our sin? Are those questions truly answered today? No, because we have reduced the gospel of Jesus Christ down to 4 Spiritual laws or some things God wants you to know. It's become a creed robbed of power. What is the Gospel message? To best define it, you have to look to Romans 3:23-26. It's the essential element of the gospel. Apart from it, you can't teach correctly the gospel of Christ. We live in a day when the gospel is not very clear. A great sin of our age is reducing the gospel to an intellectual ascent. We've taken the glorious gospel and reduced it to 4 spiritual laws or 5 things God wants you to know. If someone says yes to all the right questions, they are popishly declared saved after a prayer. Many a preacher count 1000s saved but they can't be found on Sunday. It's an age of superficiality; an age of making lots of noise but what's being accomplished?

Our greatest need is to rediscover the gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim it. We need men and women who believe that this task is so great that not one strategy in the world can make one soul converted. The power of salvation is only the gospel of Jesus Christ. But this just isn't for the lost. The greatest motivation, the only true motivation is what God has done for us in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It's a strong medicine to keep people when all they can do for themselves is walk away during those times we all have throughout life. It's His revelation and glory of the face of Jesus Christ to keep us. It's our only motivation; He who shed His blood for my soul. The Christian lives between two days; the day when Christ hung on that cross before men and the day when all men will kneel before Christ. That's our motivation. Now let's look at this little gospel of ours and see if we understand it as much as we do. Romans 3:23 is one of the first parts of Scripture we come to know. When you hear something over and over it becomes common, and when it becomes common, it loses its power. This is not the fault of the text, it's the fault of our own, but it happens nonetheless.


One of the greatest problems with gospel teaching today is that we are not wounding men. Why do men not seek a savior? Because in much teaching men are pretty much ok; they just need to be tweaked here and there. They got everything they need but that last area which is filled with Jesus. They don't understand all men are born in sin, wretched and defiled and God-hating with a dark and dead heart. No man seeks Him. We must tell men, convince men, and use the scripture with all our might to scream this out. So much of the gospel taught today has so little power. The problem toady isn't to get men saved; it's to get them lost. Look at the first 3 chapters of Romans where Paul does his best to shut men off from every fleshly hope, to lock them up in a closet, to offer no relief in the flesh. Why? So they will cry out to God for mercy. Think about that. Do you know why people no longer tremble about sin? The heinous nature of sin, the revelation of it is the work of the Holy Spirit. When we teach we are to be kind, gentle, and loving, but we are to make much of sin. How much sin work is done witnessing? How much Scriptures is laid out before men? How much convincing is done?

I know the popular thing to do is ask the person, 'Do you know you are a sinner?' If they say yes we go onto the next question. If a person says, 'Yes, I know I am a sinner', it means absolutely nothing. The question is not do you know that you're a sinner; the devil knows he's a sinner, and a mighty fine one at that. It's not do you recognize you're a sinner, the question is, 'Upon hearing the gospel, has God so moved in your heart that the sin you once loved you now hate, that the sin you once boasted of, you are now ashamed, that the sin you once clinged to, you now desire with all your heart to be separated from it? ALL HAVE SINNED..." and fall short of the glory of God. Modern day interpretations go something like this, 'It's all about man.' 'God has a wonderful plan for your life, but you didn't meet that purpose.' That's really not the emphasis in the text here. You have to look at this in its proper context, and that's chapter 1.

When it says all have fallen short of the glory of God, it means although they knew God they did not honor him as God nor give thanks. Man's greatest problem today is he's all about himself. There's an infinite hole in his heart and it cannot be filled up with all of his own self or all the world it requires, infinite, and that's God. As an example look no further than our Christian bookstores today. We are the most protected, most safe, most wealthy Christians who ever walked upon the face of the earth. Yet you walk into any Christian bookstore today and you find 75% of the books deal with how empty we are. Why are we so empty? For the same reason Jesus Christ never was; He said 'I have food to eat you know not of and my food is to do the will of the Him who sent Me.'[9] It's all about self; men are full of self. Men don't need more self esteem.

They need to realize that is their greatest problem and what they need is to esteem the only One who is worthy of esteem and that is God. But in order to teach this way and have a gospel this way, men must know who God is. Do you know Sunday morning is one of the greatest hours of idolatry in America? The people worship what they do not know. If I were to pass out a piece of paper and tell the people to write on it classical historical Christianity, a description of the attributes of God, along with a few texts, you realize many people today worship a god who's not a god at all? They worship a god they have made up with their own mind. One of the greatest needs in evangelism is to teach people who God is. The Gospel doesn't start with man but who God is. Because therein lies the problem, if God is not who God is, then sin would not be the problem that it is. But sin is the problem it is, because God is not only love, He is also holy and just. Again, man has sinned; he is at odds with God and God is at odds with man. If you don't believe that you don't believe historical Christianity.

But He goes on in verse 24, BEING JUSTIFIED. Being justified does not mean just-as-if-I-had-never-sinned. It does not mean once a person has a saving faith in Christ, they are made righteous before Him. If true, then they'd be absolutely perfect, never to sin again. Being justified before God is a legal or forensic declaration that God declares that person to be right with Him. How does that happen? As a gift by His grace and nothing but a gift. Look at some important things. Studying the religions today shows there's only 2 religions, that of grace and of works. If you claim of works, you don't understand two basic things; how holy and just God is and how sinfully wicked you are. Look at what it says; justified as a gift. This same word is used when it says they hated Him without a cause. Did anyone have a cause for hating the Messiah? Could anyone point to Jesus and say He did this and this and therefore I have just cause for hating you? No. Christ never sinned against God or man. Yet it says they hated Him without a cause. In the same way He justified them without a cause. They did not give Him a cause to justify them. Here is an example

In Deuteronomy when it was basically asked by Israel to God, 'Why do you love us?' He returns with, 'I've loved you because I've loved you.' It's saying He chose to love Israel; that it had nothing to do with their virtues or worth. If you are justified, it has absolutely nothing to do with you or any virtue or merit in your life. It's all to do with who God is and His saving power of the gospel. These religions we see of works point to themselves as a reason to get to heaven. A true Christian points to another for their standing. The world doesn't understand that because it doesn't make sense to them. That other is Jesus Christ. It's all about Jesus Christ. We are justified because of Him. We have been redeemed, a price paid to liberate a captive or slave. You were redeemed by the blood of God's own Son. Nothing else is needed. As an old preacher used to say:


You need something more than acquire the fire, something more than Christian music, and even something more than a call. You need to know and grow all the days of your life in this. He shed his own blood for my soul. That is what propels the Christian. My value is not measured by success. It's measured by faithfulness. We are in terrible trouble when our accomplishments become the grounds of our confidence. Everything that has ever been done by God has been done in and for the Son. Everything is about the Son, and that's the way we should be. A man once said Christ is all we need. No, Christ is all that we have. There's nothing outside of Him

And it goes on in the verse, 'whom God displayed publically'. Speaking about the cross, Martyn Lloyd-Jones said "GOD PLAQUEREDED HIM." He put Jesus up like a sign on the road. He wanted it to be in the most visible place. God could have put sin away somewhere but He put it in the central city of the universe, outside of that city He plaquereded His Son. Why? The cross is more than just the salvation of men.

The cross is for the revelation of God; that in the cross we might know who He is. It says, 'God displayed Him publically as a propitiation...' Other than the names of God, this is the most important word in the whole Bible, propitiation. This answers a question, the greatest question, a question in which if you've been sensitive to this text, you've realized...that you've dropped open your jaw; a divine dilemma, a problem that cannot be solved. It is THE Gospel; and you have to understand this; and WHAT do you have to understand? It's this problem. It says in verse 23, 'All men have fallen short of the glory of God." And it says in verse 24, 'some of them were justified'. That is WRONG. You say, 'what's wrong?' There's a problem. Go to Proverbs 17:15 to understand this problem. Someone read this. "HE WHO JUSTIFIES THE WICKED....IS AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD." What is abomination? The strongest word one can use. It is the most heinous, loathsome; beyond words and definition; absolute disgust. And it says, 'He who justifies the an abomination to the LORD'. Go back to Romans and see it. God justifies the wicked. Ever thought about that? If God is just He cannot forgive you. If God is holy, He cannot fellowship with you. And it's not because there is some law above Him that forbids Him but His own nature. If God is just He cannot forgive the wicked and the judge of all the earth must do right. The greatest problem in all of Scripture is this: If God is just He cannot forgive the wicked. It's possible you say, 'Well I don't understand the problem' - of course not.

Look at our culture. It's not exactly a culture of justice, is it? We're not reading ancient books on law. I doubt too many are reading Rutherford's LEXREX, if any even know what that is (Law of the King). We are a people of unclean lips. We drink down iniquity like it was water. We know not our left hand from our right. But here's the problem in modern vernacular.


You would scream injustice has been done. You would contact every news organization, every media outlet, every representative and senator to tell them there is a judge on the bench that is even more vile than the criminals brought before him. It is the work of a judge to do justice. We as a society cannot live under such a morally twisted strain. You demand such justice from your judges; what about your God? The greatest question in all of theology is this. How can a God be just and at the same time be justifier of the wicked? It's the greatest problem in all of Scripture.

Have you ever heard anything like that before in your life? It's the very central part of the gospel and we have lost it. And we wonder why our gospel has so little power and we've got to do so much church growth tricks to draw a new generation of people in. We are not teaching the gospel anymore. It's a truncated, creedal form that isn't the gospel. The gospel is powerful, life-giving, dangerous, and scandalous; a propitiation. It means be merciful to me; give me what I don't deserve, mercy, mercy; turn a blind eye to justice and let my sin go; asking the master to break the law so that the servant might live. Society cannot bear that strain, and neither can the kingdom of heaven. Before God can forgive wicked men and declare them right, His justice must be satisfied.

Have you ever heard a preacher say, 'God could have been just with you, but He was loving.' Do you know what he's saying? God's love was unjust. No, God is love and God is just. And in love, God satisfies His justice with a sacrifice, a propitiation; a sacrifice powerful enough to satisfy God's justice to appease God's wrath against man and make it possible for a just God to receive wicked men and declare them right with Him. What kind of sacrifice do we need? The blood of bulls and goats cannot do this. A son of Adam has sinned and a son of Adam must die. Man has sinned, man has fallen, and man deserves death in hell, under the wrath of God for all eternity. There is only one way to save a man, to satisfy justice and put away that wrath. It requires a man, but then again, it requires more than a man. The one that dies in the place of men must be a son of Adam but also a Son of God, the fullness of deity, and you say why.

Let's look at some reasons. Jonah in the belly of a fish said a very wise thing we have forgotten, 'Salvation is of the Lord.'[10] Salvation is of the Lord. He shares that title with no one thing or creature. The One who dies on that cross must be God because 'Salvation is of the Lord.' Who else but God could withstand the wrath of God? Don't you know mountains crumble and rivers dry up in the presence of God? Who can withstand the wrath of God and rise again? Who can be dealt with so harshly and retake his life? A life had to be given; just who though has a life to give? You? Me? A man who lived perfectly? Who has a life to give that was given by another? It was borrowed from God. But Jesus said I have authority to lay down my life and take it up again. It was His alone, not giving a borrowed commodity. He was laying down his own life for the sake of His people.

Now, how can a man suffer on the cross for a few hours and save an eternal multitude of people from hell? That one man could suffer a few hours to save a multitude from hell because that one man was worth more than all of them put together. Take all that is and put it on the scale and put Christ on the other side and He outweighs them all. It is not a quantitative difference. It's a qualitative difference. That is why He had to be God and how He died for us. When theologians talk about the perfect sacrifice of Christ, it's NOT about His sinless perfection; it's about His infinite worth. He did an infinitely great thing for us.

To continue, when you see or read or hear explanations on the cross of Christ, inevitably, what's discussed? What the Jews did to Him; His physical suffering by the Romans; the items used for torture and the torture itself. If you are saved, you are not saved because of what the Romans and Jews did to Jesus, not nearly. If you are saved, you are saved because of what God did to His own Son on that cross. There is today a fascination of the physical sufferings of Christ. It's a Romantic Gospel, a catholic one to turn Him into a martyr to be pitied but not once mention the bearing of sin and the wrath of God falling down on the head of his Son. All those tracts of ours; God on one side and we on the other with a pit between us due to sin; how do you expect the breach to close? Because the Romans laid a whip on His back? He is on that tree and He becomes sin; the holy holy holy one of God becomes sin.

"Cursed is every man who does not abide by all the things written in the book of the law to perform them."[11]

Cursed? It means being so vile before a holy God, so loathsome before the inhabitants of glory, that the last thing that wicked man will hear taking his first step into hell is the all of creation standing to its feet applauding God because God rid the earth of him. Men don't believe that because men don't know how wicked they are. And that's the problem with their Gospel and that's why it has so little power and has to be juiced up with so many other things. All men are under a curse because all men have violated the law of God. But as Paul says in Gal 3:13, 'Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law.' And how did He do it? He became a curse for us. John Gill said, 'He stood in our law place and took upon himself our guilt.' We drink down iniquity like it was water. Does a fish know that it's wet? Not unless you take him out of the water.

Christ, sinless, takes upon himself our sin, and then cries out from that tree, 'My God My God why have You forsaken me?' God did not turn his face away because he could not bear to look at his Son due to the suffering inflicted by man. That's romantic puke and is not true. God turned away from his Son completely because he could not look upon sin. His Son had become sin and a holy God will not even look upon such a thing. Someone had to die outside of His favorable presence to close that breach. Christ the Messiah comes and goes to that tree. He takes your filth upon himself and he dies outside of the favorable presence of God. Outside of the city as a scapegoat, the one who takes the transferred sin and is slaughtered alone on that cross, away from the people's presence, away from God's presence; the literal occurrence from the symbolism of the animal sacrifice.

Psalm 22 is what he gives. With verse 1, He asks why is he forsaken, why is not His groaning heard? In verse 2, He gives a complaint, I cry by day and by night and you do not answer. In verse 4, He gives an argument, There's never been a time in the history of Your people that You have not turned away from a cry of a righteous man, but I, Your own Son, hang upon this tree, and cry out to You and You do not answer, Why? In verse 3 and 6, He gives an answer, 'You are holy and I am but a worm.'

He died under the wrath of God and separated, but let's understand what those terms mean. He's in a garden and cries out, 'Let this cup pass from me.'[12] WHAT WAS IN THE CUP? Men say he didn't want to go to that Roman cross, didn't want those nails. He's sweating drops of blood because he didn't want that Roman whip falling across His back.

Let me ask you a question. Is the captain of our salvation of less courage and less boldness than those who followed Him? Isn't it true we have a history of possibly 50 million martyrs? Is it not true that not long after His ascension men went to the cross to be nailed, whipped, pitched with tar and set aflame singing hymns with the chest out, head up, glad to do it? Are you telling me that the captain of our salvation cowers in a garden because he's afraid of a Roman cross that millions of his followers died on joyfully? What kind of savior do men know?

WHAT WAS IN THE CUP? The wrath of almighty God was in that cup. 8 out of 10 preachers could not tell you that, let alone Christians. It was the wrath of God in that cup; anything else is heresy. I do not want to take away anything from our savior's physical punishment. He was man, and he did suffer. But that alone was not our cause for redemption and salvation. It's what God did to him that saves us. Have you never heard, 'It pleased the LORD to crush Him,'?[13] When He was on that tree, God's perfect holy white hot justice was focused upon one target on a hill, and came crashing down with full force of the holy hatred of God against the wickedness of men. Someone had to die under the wrath of God.

Again, here's something to think about. Men not only have a problem with God, God has a problem with men. If you don't understand that you don't understand the gospel. People will say, 'I've been saved!' From what? Sin. Sin wasn't after you; sin was the cause of your problem. From what? You have been saved from God. He has saved you for Himself, by Himself, from Himself. Because a day will come when He will execute justice upon the whole of creation and there will be no place for any man to hide if he's not covered by Christ's blood. They will forever be punished by the holy perfect wrath of God in hell without end and with just cause.

You read that story of Abraham and Isaac, and he takes his son atop that mountain and ties him up, lays his hand upon the brow of Isaac's head, and with the other a knife; gives his will over to God to come down crashing upon his boy's chest, to slaughter him, his only son. And right when his will submits to God, his hand is stayed. You say yes that's a wonderful ending to the story we all know. Ending? That wasn't the ending. That was the intermission. Hundreds of years later, God lays his hand on the brow of His only begotten Son, and takes that knife out of Abraham's hand, and throw's it down upon the chest of His Son and slaughter's Him on that tree. I say it this way so you will understand the transaction on that tree. God is just. He cannot justify the wicked. Justice must be satisfied; the wrath of God appeased; the death of His only Son. Do you wonder why, maybe now, there's so little power in the teaching that's done? How can you get passionate about four spiritual laws or five things God wants you to know? Look at what we do. This reductionist gospel is given and a person walks the aisle. We counsel with them for five minutes and declare them saved by our own word.

We then take them on to discipleship to go on to greater things and we never touch the gospel with them. That's a reason why a great majority of people in church today are unconverted. I know these are hard things, but they're true. Reality bears witness to this. Christ died, crushed under the wrath of God. Let me explain it another way. Imagine yourself standing a mile away from a dam 1000 miles high and 1000 miles wide, filled with water, and all of the sudden, the dam disappears and all that water in its destructive force comes down upon your head, but right before it gets to you, a hole opens up and swallows it entirely, so has Christ saved you from the wrath of God. He did and rose for our, because of, our justification. God's resurrection of His Son is God's public declaration that our sins have been atoned for. It is paid.

When Christ died upon the cross He vindicated God, and when God resurrected His Son, He vindicated Him. You say, 'What do you mean vindicated God?' That's the whole argument of Paul. He was to demonstrate His righteousness. Who's? God. Why does God have to prove His righteousness? Because of this; in the forbearance of God He passed over sins previously committed. This is what it means. Imagine an accuser before God, THE Accuser before God. When he fell from heaven with the other angels, something happened there; perfect justice was distributed, it was measured out to him. There's no explanation needed. Imagine the Accuser in dealing with God on how He's dealt with men:


God points to that tree and He says:


Let me put it this way. Sinner, do you want to know what God will do to you one day if you reject Christ? When His own Son bore sin and God crushed Him, what do you think He's going to do to you? This is not the God of contemporary Christianity. This is the God of scripture. Our God is not a tame lion. We need a ladder to reach the top, but just as importantly, we need a ladder to reach the bottom as well. Although, in our defense of Christ as deity, we have sometimes forgotten that He was a man. Yes we needed a God to stand for us but we also needed a man to stand for us too. And that man came, lived perfectly, died a perfect sacrifice under a vicious death, and He rose again. Forty days later, He ascended up. What was it like? The old guys used to say this using Psalm 24.


And for the first time in all of time, the gates of heaven were opened to a man, a man for us; what was it like? All hail the power of Jesus' name. Let angels' prostrate fall. Bring forth the royal diadem and crown Him Lord of all!

Can you imagine the man, in flesh, walking up to the throne of God, and without one hesitation or doubt, taking each step with a greater measure of glory and sitting down at the right hand of His Father. And His Father with an affirmation look at Him and say, 'Son, it is finished.' 'Father, it is finished, indeed!' Christ alone is Lord and Savior by God's decree. Man can't make Him Lord. Man can't make anything but an idol. God has made this Jesus Lord and Christ. This same Jesus that ascended up will come back down in glory and power to redeem a bride for Himself and to judge the nations with a rod of iron. Do you see it now?

A message like this requires more than a simple creedal question, now would you like to ask Jesus into your heart. That is NOT the gospel call. The Gospel is stolen from men when humanistic methodology supplants it. The gospel is the fragrance of life to some and the smell of death to others.

"The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel."[14]

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