Personal reflection what have learned


Initially I come from a Christian background family; the reason I enrolled with the College was the desire to know more about God and His word, which I was never really told about as a child. Furthermore, it was never explained to me who God was, neither the Bible been explained to me and what it meant in life. Most importantly, after discovering what I missed as a child, I decide to allow God to use me and reveal Himself to me. Finally, He led me to South London Christian College; where currently getting full knowledge of whom He is and what He mean to my life. Enrolling with the College, have learned already so much from first academic year and reflecting into the things that I have learned; plans for my studies until completion of the course. I have written outlines of how I started and how I will finish:

  1. What I have learned
  2. Personal learning style
  3. Weakness and Strength
  4. Work plan for the whole course



My people perish because of lack of knowledge. Undisputed truth, people fall into so many things they could have avoided, only because they lacked important link about something. Furthermore, people in the church: or Christian believers they tend to be most affected culprits of this circumstances, because they didn't consult, or ignores their counsellor who is God. Reflecting back from my childhood, I have realised that, I have missed a lot to enter another level of my spiritual life; if I was equipped with relevant biblical knowledge. Enrolling with the College has opened my mind so much that, I no longer walk in that darkness which I used delight myself in; thinking I knew everything about God. Most importantly, I have learned that; God gave His only son to come and die on earth so that I can live freely, as long as I confess with my mouth that He is my saviour and that I will serve Him according to His commands. To some extent understanding concept of God's love in my life, left me with a mission to accomplish while still in this earth. Personally I have discovered that, not only I was saved to enjoy myself with all His blessings; but to take into account the reason why He died for me, it's because He had a divine purpose and plan for me to do His will in this earth.


Misconceptions and Myths, has always surrounded the study of Theology. I remember even my brother's comment when I broke the news to him that: I will be studying Theology, he said it is full of politics and it's not good, also my other Christian friends were having questions about my enrolment. Nevertheless I decided to do the course. Furthermore after starting the course: learning the real truth about Theology, I went back to them, explained what I have learned and how this course has improved my understanding about the Bible


Discovering what I have involved myself into, the course and what is expected out of me, I had to adjust and change other things around me. Initially I started looking into time, therefore preparing a timetable and allocating the right amount of time for College and other things. Furthermore, knowing time I will be spending on school work and my personal life; allowed me to manage what is urgent and important so that I can deal with at required time, and which is not to look into it when necessary. Meeting new people in life especially in College environment is always full of surprises and you never know what to expect; but never stopped me from engaging with other fellow Christian students, to discuss with them what I might have failed to understand during lecture. To some extent group discussion has being effective style to keep up with my studies, catching up where it seems I was left behind in class. Presumably during lecture, writing notes about specific topic being discussed at that time; has turned to be the major part of following up what was taught in class, with the information I will find during my research on a later stage. Moreover, meeting my lecturer's during their spare time to ask and get more clarification concerning particular topic, played an important role for me to have kept the pace. Research and gathering information: from library, internet and other sources, has made my learning process much easier since I had somewhere to refer to when, I am not at school, group discussion or to ask my lecturer. Studying has never being an easy task and therefore they will always be shortfalls and realise mistake then you come back strong again to progress, and that takes me to next heading.


My weak side of studying the course to some extent managed to slow me in doing my work accordingly and things that contribute are as follows:

  • Knowledge and experience due to time, I have not managed to be at the top of understanding fully other things we study in some topics.
  • Lack of training about the Bible: how to interpret verses, matching verses, about the context, etc; to some extent has slowed my study progress.
  • Skill which is the ability to do or perform something with competence; detailed breaking down of verses to give unquestionable account to those who don't know what is in the Bible.
  • Question asking ability occasionally, becomes a barrier for me to get understanding of what I wanted to get revelation of or make sense out of that.
  • Personal experience and background, sometimes battle starts within my thoughts and that hinders my level of understanding in class.


The challenges which I come across everyday as learning this course has been, mind and physically consuming; but the fact that I can still be able to go on deliver the best out of me, explains the strength I possess and some of this qualities to keep me in this course are as follows:

  • Thorough preparation before starting a module and everyday study of a topic, has given me the edge to cope with the level of material being given and understanding of it.
  • Organisational skills which has enabled me, to work out and divide my time accordingly to suite my studies with personal spiritual life.
  • Knowledge base has to some extent, improved the level of information I can gather and use to maximise my understanding of course material.
  • Note taking during class is another corner pillar of my strength in coping with my studies. Referring to notes taken during lecture with other researched materials, has improved my knowledge about so many topics covered in the course.


My work plan, for the duration to complete this course, which is not a final because of possibilities to change for the best results, is to:

  • Adjust timetable to give time to more demanding subjects.
  • To limit my weakness and improve more of my strength.
  • Work essay's on time and submit on a required dates.
  • Evaluate every topic we complete how much I have understood and to add more.
  • Reflect into my relationship with God, basing on what I have learned.
  • No matter whatever challenges may come my way, the course must be finished.


Most importantly, is the amount of knowledge I have acquired since I enrolled with the College. Furthermore my level of understanding; of the Bible would have not improved if couldn't have taken the chance to allow God to lead me His way. I strongly believe that, through this College I will find God's way; for me to fulfil the purpose He brought me to this universe.

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