Starting with the new testament

Have you every asked yourself this question I want to find out more about the New Testament but where do I begin? I read this book, Starting with the New Testament. This book is the perfect initial way to starts. It is intended for everyone who would like to have a straightforward beginning to the key proceedings and themes of the New Testament. It tells about the remarkable account of Jesus of Nazareth his existence, teaching and his message for today.

In this book it tells what the New Testament is about which claims such interest. The New Testament revolves around the agreement God made available to all people through the death of Jesus Christ. Travis Stephen seeks to expound upon these facts, how can a small book that was written so long ago still maintained such influence in the world and in people's lives. And why this is so important he asked. Well to answer these questions he suggested that we must go back to Jerusalem in about AD30. Jesus, came from the town of Nazareth in the north of Palestine, there he gained the status as a prophet and miracle worker. The Jewish people have cherished the expectation that he would deliver them from the occupying armies of Rome.

Next Travis, took the common teachings in the Gospels that tell the story of Jesus and build them up into the story that has to be told. The story of Jesus life that was so dramatic, and so changing, that his followers made sure that it was recorded. Not just to give interesting facts about a historical person. But to tell it so that anyone can learn the good news about Jesus, and how he can change all our lives.

I was struck by the simplicity of the layout of the book how he gave headline events from Luke's Gospel. Titled King born in a cattle shed, he showed that Jesus was born into a particular place in the world, at a particular time in history. His birth in Bethlehem and his life in Galilee that demonstrate that God is not isolated from human life; but he is very much involved with us.

Next come drama in Nazareth, and four key stages on the journey through the New Testament. One: Jesus is born; the events are well known, no room in the inn. The significance here, if this did not happen there would be no New Testament, or Christian faith without the life, which began in Bethlehem.

Two: Jesus begins his work when he was about thirty years old; the center of his activity was in Capernaum. The events were that Jesus healed sick people, he teaches people, he gather a band of twelve followers. The importance here that in only three years Jesus turns the world up side down, and his life and word changed people's lives. Although he did not traveled from his hometown, yet the message that he preached has since travel the entire globe and is still changing people's lives today.

Three: Jesus was put to death and raised to life at a place called Golgotha. The events the Sanhedrin convicted Jesus of blasphemy, the Roman governor carried out the sentence. Jesus was hung on a cross between two thieves. But after six hours he was dead, and then placed into a tomb. And three days later they found the tomb empty. What is the importance here that our Christian life hangs or falls on the resurrection of Jesus. It is the climax of God's rescue plan for humankind, which opening up the way for us through death into eternal life with God.

Four: The early church grows after the Jesus died and rose again, the message quickly spreads out of Jerusalem through those who witnessed these incredible actions. Because, Jesus followers such as Paul, who tirelessly and fearlessly declare their beliefs in Jesus. The significance here is the unbelievable way in which the early supporters of Jesus went out and extended the good news about his life and teaching. It is hard to believe that they would have widened the word if they had any doubts about Jesus.

In the book there is a message for all, to understand the New Testament is one thing. But to act on it is another, the New Testament speaks in three ways. First it speaks about our relationship with God, how we can come to him and find forgiveness, healing and a new life. Second about our relationship to God's people, and the church, because the bible were written to a community. Third our relationship to society and to the world, it shows how God cares about the world he had made.

Additional points worth mentioning are the inclusion of pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance. Because God inspired the Bible, God's Spirit will help us to understand and apply it to our lives. Expect to learn from the experiences of other Christians as you study the Bible with them. Because of who they are and what they've been through, they will notice things in a passage, which haven't occurred to you. And you will have insights to share with them. Ask God to show you what action your study should lead to. Then he will gradually change you, and will change the world through you and others like you. But Bible study is of no value unless it leads to action.

If we want to serve God totally, and to receive his support from reading the bible, it is very imperative to draw next to it with a strong mind-set. Travis suggested the following guidelines. Have an attitude of listening to God. Expect him to speak to you to teach, challenge and encourage you through the words of the bible Luke 6:47-49.

A well structured book, simple and easy to understand, he did an excellent job of describing the main themes of the New Testament and the life death and resurrection of Jesus. Because it is a book about Jesus Christ.

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