About Costa Rica

Central America, Southeast of Nicaragua, Northwest of Panama. Costa Rica is a very narrow piece of land between two oceans: Pacific and Atlantic, or Caribbean Sea. It is crossed from Northwest to Southeast by mountains. The oceans are of a great influence in our weather, specially the Atlantic


The condition of biological bridge between two continents, it's twelve ecological zones, which vary from dry forests to dripping rain forests, from white sand beaches to Caribbean wet lands, with mountains and volcanoes in between, contains 5 percent of all the plant and animal species known to humankind.


The trade winds are almost constantly blowing from Atlantic Ocean, carrying enormous amounts of clouds, once they reach the country they literally engulf the forests in the highlands producing a constant rain, this is why the Caribbean slope doesn't have a well defined dry season. Once the winds have crossed the mountain ranges, they become dry, producing in the pacific slope, the opposite condition, a well-defined dry season, 6 months in the north pacific, and more or less 4 months in the south pacific.


n this country you can eat breakfast watching the sunrise at the Caribbean coast, eat lunch at the continental divide observing both oceans, and cheers watching the sunset in the pacific coast, the same day without stressing at all through out a delightful driving trip.

Beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, highlands, lagoons, rivers, volcanoes, caves, hot springs, canopy tours, aerial tram, butterfly gardens, canopy walkways, white water rafting, natural history tours, kayaking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, sport fishing, scuba diving, turtle tour, crocodile tour and much more can be done in Costa Rica.

Social Facts

With over one hundred years of democratic tradition, the costarricans are well known for their peaceful way of living and willingness to help and share with visitors such beautiful country.

Important indicators like: Standard of living, illiteracy rate, health care, expectations of life and more, are high, considering the condition of developing country that it has. This and the fact of army abolishment since 1948, provides the ideal scenario for ticos to solve their normal problems in a politically mature and peaceful way.

Intel, Abbott, Inter American Court of Human Rights, Earth's Council, U.N.'s University for Peace and other important regional and international organizations are hosted in this country, easily describing the long tradition of democracy and political maturity.

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