Bed and breakfast in Cleveland

Which Are The Different Bed and Breakfast Options In Cleveland?

There are several bed and breakfast options available in Cleveland. There are both delightful as well as romantic bed and breakfast options available in the Greater Cleveland region:

Some of these options include the following:

  1. The Baricelli Inn: It used to be a mansion in the year 1896 and it later turned into a restaurant and a bed and breakfast option. This inn is located in the center of Little Italy in Cleveland area.
  2. The Rider's Inn: This inn offers to its visitors very well decorated suites. There are a total of seven suites in the inn and there is also a beautiful dining room.
  3. Fitzgerald's Irish Bed and Breakfast: This bed and breakfast location is located at a distance of 30 minutes from east of Cleveland Downtown. It is close to the various attractions including wineries and beaches. There are 3 guest rooms in this bed and breakfast facility. There are several other facilities that are available as a part of this bed and breakfast facility is air conditioning, satellite TV and private bath.

Can You tell Me About Any Bed and Breakfast Facility Located In Cleveland Downtown Area?

Yes, Brownstone Inn is located in the Cleveland Downtown area:

This inn was first built in the year 1874 and it has a brick house look. The inn is also registered on the National register of Historic Places. The ceilings of the inn are 12-feet high. The inn also has a sweeping staircase on the front side. Another attraction of the inn is its French wallpaper. There are four guest rooms in the inn and various facilities that are a part of the inn include a high-speed internet access, cable TV, air conditioning and a private bath.

American Bed and Breakfast Association

One of the organizations that is committed and dedicated towards the promotion of the various bed and breakfast inns across the nation is the American Bed and Breakfast Association:

The concept of bed and breakfast facilities that is being propagated by this association is that these places can be described as the ideal getaways from the routine stresses of the city life and one can easily spend a relaxing weekend at these facilities. These bed and breakfast provide a very peaceful as well as intimate ambience for its visitors and it can also be described as one of the most suitable alternative for big costly hotels.

Which bed And Breakfast Locations From Cleveland Are The Members of American Bed and Breakfast Association?

There are different bed and breakfast locations from Cleveland which are the members of the American Bed and Breakfast Association. These are as follows:

  1. Bourbon House: This facility is located very close to Cleveland downtown:
  2. Clifford Bed and Breakfast: It can be described as a formal yet an attractive and a charming facility:
  3. Crest Bed and Breakfast: There are two antique filled rooms in this facility and a living room is also a part of the facility which is also provided with a piano:
  4. Glendennis Bed & Breakfast
  5. Sunset Shores Bed & Breakfast
  6. CM Spitzer House
  7. Fitzgerald's Irish Bed & Breakfast

Which Is The Bed & Breakfast Facility In Cleveland Having Some Good Restaurants In Close Vicinity?

The bed and breakfast facility in Cleveland which has some of the very good restaurants in close vicinity is Crest Bed and Breakfast:

This facility is located in one of the residential streets which have a number of trees and it is located close to several good restaurants, museums, shopping places, etc. One can also have access to some of the great cultural activities when staying at this bed and breakfast facility. The facility is provided with two antique rooms and a sunny living room. This living room is generally used for socializing by those people who are staying at this restaurant.

The various facilities that are available at this bed and breakfast are air-conditioning, fireplace, ironing board, hair dryer, coffee/tea facilities, internet service, microwave and alarm clock, etc.

In the room rate, a continental plus breakfast is included at this facility. Some of the additional food services that are provided at this facility include wine, afternoon tea and fruit, etc.

Which Is The Bed & Breakfast In Cleveland That Is Known For Good Customer Service?

One of the bed and breakfast places in Cleveland that provides for good customer service in Cleveland is Stone Gables bed and Breakfast:

The facility is known for its personalized as well as friendly services to its guests. Facilities such as private bathrooms and satellite TV are provided in all the rooms of this bed and breakfast facility. The place also provides for a private parking lot, thus you are assured of a secure parking for your vehicles. The facility is very close to the West side market and thus the various restaurants of the market are also easily accessible. Other attractions which are very close to this facility are the three sports teams of Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not only this, yet other attractions are extremely close to this place such as the OmniMax Theatre, Playhouse Square, Tower City and the Warehouse District, etc.

Which Is The European Style Bed and Breakfast Facility In Cleveland?

Glidden House Is The European Style Bed and Breakfast facility in Cleveland:

This facility is located in the campus of the Western Reserve University. There are many museums that are very close to the facility and also there are several cultural institutions that are very close to this facility. The place is also very close to Cleveland downtown:

This bed and breakfast is also considered to be located at a very convenient location as it is very close to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as well. The facility has beautifully decorated guest rooms and also the décor of these guest rooms is extremely inviting and pleasing in nature. There are several amenities that are available to the guests staying at this place such as wireless internet, 42 inches plasma screen television, etc. Thus, this facility is well-known for the great luxury and convenience that it offers to its visitors.

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