Breathtaking natural beauty

When we say Hawaii, the first things that come to our mind are nice weather, sandy beaches and relaxation. For my assignment I chose the capital and largest city of Hawaii, Honolulu. The reason of choosing this 'heaven on the earth' as the convention destination is not only because of its personality as the city for pleasure. Furthermore, Honolulu represents an economic centre and principal port of the Hawaiian Islands where business can be provided. Due to the fact that Hawaii ranks among the top 3 destinations for leisure travel in the US, Honolulu is a location that attracts groups of event attendants.

From the pleasure side, Honolulu has advanced year-round climate, so the period of time of visit doesn't represent the dilemma. Due to the fact that Honolulu has the lowest rate of violent crime of any US city, visitors can feel safe and secure.

Besides enjoying the superior climate and swimming on the magnificent beaches, great attractions are the magnificent views of active volcanoes. The most popular appeal is the sight of lava that flows from the rocks, flows into the ocean and there are getting cold, which is certainly a unique experience.

The wealth of natural beauties combined with the ubiquitous volcanoes offers a truly great choice for tourists. However, regardless of all the beauty of the volcano, tourists primary are coming because of sun, sea and beaches. Several beaches are covered with black and green sand, which leaves no one indifferent. Their banks are covered with finest black and green stones, which are incurred by volcanic activity, which makes this beach unique in the world. The colour of the beach combined with the beautiful blue ocean is unforgettable.

Honolulu is a popular tourist destination and Surfers Paradise. The most famous and popular local beach is Waikiki Beach. Waikiki Beach has numerous hotels. Above the town rises the volcanic crater Diamond Head. From the top of the volcano is a beautiful view of the city. Crater Diamond Head Crater is a protected place. Western direction near Honolulu is known military base Pearl Harbor. Honolulu is located in the Hawaiian University -University of Hawaii. Additionally, in the surrounding area are bamboo forests.

Additional places of interest are:

  • Aloha Tower, is described as the beautiful 10-story Aloha Tower, one of Hawaii's best-known landmarks. It is built in 1926 when all travels were done by boat. The tower was created in order to make a impression for tourists during entering and leaving the harbour.
  • Kapiolani is the largest Honolulu's park which contains a zoo, an aquarium, and Waikiki Shell
  • The Honolulu Botanical Gardens which contains four gardens in and around the city.
  • The Arizona Memorial, for the 1,100 who died during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  • The University of Hawaii
  • the Bishop Museum, well-known for its studies of Polynesia;
  • the Honolulu Academy of Arts, known for its Asian and Hawaiian collections;
  • and Kawaiahao Church (1841), where funerals for Hawaiian monarchs and nobility were held.
  • Iolani Palace, the previous home of Hawaii's kings, which represents the only royal palace in the United States.

The factors that affected in the city's growth in a business centre of Hawaii are:

  • Geo-political position of Honolulu,
  • tourism development,
  • diversification of industry,
  • development of harbour facilities,
  • the achievement of an international airport
  • construction of luxury hotels
  • natural habitats of endemic species,
  • ores,
  • forests
  • volcanoes

Because of all this, Honolulu attracts enormous number of tourists. Annual, Hawaiians collected several hundred billion dollars "selling" sea, sun, palm trees and its favourable climate.

From the business side, Honolulu has the remarkable 1.1 million-square-foot Hawaii Convention Centre. Moreover my investigation pointed towards that Honolulu has hosted conferences and events for many well-known corporations, including:

  • The National Psychological Association
  • National Medical Association
  • Hawaii State Department of Health and
  • National Pest Management Association.

As a result of developed tourism the population is based on tourism and hospitality. The island during the past 100 years, due to its numerous advantages, forced investors from the United States to invest huge sums of money in its development.

Honolulu's current industry foundations include as I mention tourism, followed by: Federal defence expenditures, Agricultural exports (chiefly pineapples), Telecommunications and Mining.

Moreover, worthwhile mentioning industries of Honolulu are as well:

  • jewelry,
  • printing and publishing,
  • clothing,
  • food and beverages,
  • Rubber products,
  • Construction materials,
  • and electronics and computer equipment.

Additionally, Honolulu represents the regional headquarters for many well-known companies such as :

  • Hawaiian Airlines,
  • Bank of Hawaii,
  • Oahu Transit Services, Inc., and
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

In addition, this city has several colleges and universities, including the University of Hawaii-Manoa, Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

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According to Hawaii Visitors And Convention Bureau description, Hawaii is world widely known as a destination of 'breathtaking natural beauty'. Despite the fact of 'dream destination', Hanolulu is a centre of international commerce and business meetings.

The Hawaii Imin International Conference Center is designed for an international audience, offering outstanding resources to produce successful events of all kinds.

The Hawaii Convention Center is easily located closest to the hotel-plentiful Waikiki Beach, which offers more than 30,000 hotel rooms. The centre is located 7.5 miles of The Honolulu International Airport .The Hawaii Convention Centar gives to the guests opportunity to take pleasure in Hawaii from inside. As it described more than 60 percent of the center is landscaped with palm trees and green tropical plants.The Centre includes tropical garden and waterfall. Worthwhile mentioning is the fact that the center was voted the most beautiful convention center in the world by the International Association of Exhibition Management and is the winner of nine consecutive Prime Site Awards. The convention center has nearly 150,000 square feet of meeting space, cutting-edge technology and delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa according to the description represents an ideal place for planning an event by reason of premier meeting rooms set in the heart of a tropical island getaway. The hotel as it is described features 19,500 square feet of function space, 2,050 square feet of pre function space, and 9,800 square feet of exhibit space.

Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort Waikiki Beach is located in the heart of Waikiki, with short walking distance from shopping, dining, and attractions. It includes more than 12,000 square feet of gathering space provides the perfect setting for parties, weddings, or business functions.As it described,there are eight meeting rooms ranging from the intimate 780-square-foot Board Room to our 4,340-square-foot Ballroom, which can host a reception for up to 300 guests.Outdoor spaces include the simply outstanding Diamond Head Lawn & Terrace with breathtaking views of Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful Roof Garden and Roof Garden Lanais are ideal for small to mid-size meetings and receptions for up to 50, and our private beach - perfect for a sunset wedding for up to 150 guests.

Best Western The Plaza Hotel is located just half mile from Honolulu International Airport and Honolulu Military Bases.The hotel is nestled between downtown Honolulu, Waikiki and the military bases, close to some of Honolulu's major business districts. The hotel has four different size banquet facilities, enabling to accommodate from 10 to 200 guests.

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki Hawaii offers excellent facilities and services as well as the perfect location for events.

The Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio hotel is located in the heart of Waikiki, closed to the famous Waikiki Beach. Apart the good location, the hotel has flexible meeting facilities of 17,000 sq ft.

The Doubletree Alana Hotel Waikiki is located at the entrance to Waikiki in Hawaii. As it decrbibed hotet is Four miles from downtown Honolulu, and short walk from Hawaii Convention Center.

Turtle Bay Resort represents 'a breathtaking background' for meetings and events. Featuring 31,000 square feet of function and pre-function space it represents an ideal destination for events.

The biggest problem for the local population is constant volcanic activity, which often forced population to change residence and move the entire settlement in permanent retirement from active volcanoes and earthquakes which are results of their activities. Furthermore, 'double-edged sword' is the high waves that sometimes reach the height of 8 meters.Waves know to destroy the coast, particularly associated with frequent hurricanes.

One of the disadvantages of Honolulu is the expensive cost of living. Moreover, according to information given by tourist's experiences, Honolulu has more cars than the Roads and Highways can handle resulting in massive traffic.

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