Different types of guests

Describe the different types of guests that may visit a hotel and the typical needs of each of these guests.

  • Business guests : this type of guests require internet and possibly fax access they also require easy and/or fast access the town center since they stay at our establishment for work related purposes. Business guests also like a access to some leisure or relaxation facilities they can use in their free time like a gym, spa or swimming pool.
  • Leisure guests and families: these guests seek to pass some time either alone or with their families during their holidays, they seek entertainment, interesting activities for them and their families, possibly a day-care for the children so parents can also enjoy some free time. Some leisure guests on the other hand seek a peaceful environment where they can relax and forget about their day to day routine.
  • Convention guests: these guests combine in a way business with leisure, convention guests require space to host their meetings or seminars without any disturbances along with internet access while they work, once the convention is over they wish to relax and have fun seeking activities and services similar to those leisure guests do (e.g. a drink at the bar, a relaxing afternoon at the beach or a fun event-evening organized in the hotel).

Describe the importance of welcoming a guest and the techniques that should be used.

The process of initial welcoming the guest at our establishment is performed by the front office, and it is very important because the good behavior, friendly attitude and willingness to assist of the front office staff will give the visitor a first impression and a general idea of the hotel and what to expect. That is why while greeting guests the front desk agents should always be smiling friendly, use a respectful polite tone and tries and use the guest's surname while they talk to show care and that guests are treated as individuals rather than a mass.

Describe the guest registration process and explain its importance.

The process of guest registration can be divided into 5 steps.

  • pre-registration: activity taking effect when the guest makes his reservation request before he actually arrives at the establishment when some basic information about the guest's in question data if offered such as name, surname, address, possible method of payment etc.
  • creating of registration record: once the guest arrives at the establishment he is offered the registration slip where which he fills in with his personal data for the hotel's record.
  • room assignment: once registration slip is filled in and confirmed by the data the hotel has the guest is assigned a room based on his reservation and an appropriate room rate is established.
  • Establishing method of pay: in this step the guest arranges how he will pay for his accommodation at the establishment either by cash, credit card, note payable, ahead of time or at his departure etc.
  • Issue of room key: the final step is when the guest receives his key and is lead by a bell attendant to his room.

The registration process is important because in this way the hotel is aware who lives at the hotel at every given time, this is mostly important for guest and property security. For example in the event of a fire once the guests are evacuated and checked by the staff according to occupancy report they will know if someone is missing , who he is in which room he was allocated, where did he come from and a way to contact the person's family should something happen.

Explain what guest history files are and why hotels keep them.

Guest history files are records kept by the hotel, composed of guest information from previous years of establishment's individual guests. Who these people were and other information like names, addresses, nationalities, money they spent in the hotel, length of stay, previous visit of the establishment if any, any complains they had or problems they caused and so on. Such records are usually kept by the establishment for 10 years after which period they are destroyed. The reason the hotel keeps such records is to study them and know how to deal with the guest should he visit again, other hotels offer special privileges to repeating guests. Guest history files are also a good way to deal with VIPS because the management will know what the person expects, wants to have and services he mighty will use during his stay also any complain or situation that displeased them and can now be avoided. Such files are also used for security for example a guest could sue the hotel claiming something was stolen from him during his stay at the hotel, using guest history the establishment may check if indeed the guest stayed at the property and if he had reported something stolen or not.

Explain up-selling and the techniques that can be used.

Up selling is a process when we try to sell to the guest something more that what he asked for by using words or phrases that will compel that person to buy something he might not have taken in the first place and in this way increasing revenue. For example if the guest makes a reservation for a simple room and the reservation agent convinces the guest to book a room with a fantastic view of the sea, or a luxurious room with a Jacuzzi.

Techniques used for up-selling differ from hotel to hotel the principal remains the same try and increase revenue by convincing the guest to take something extra. To Do that we have to have our eyes open and read behavior and the guest's body language, is he uncertain of what he wants? Is he looking for something more? Would he be interested in a specific service?

We should listen carefully to what the guest has to say and try and identify possible needs before offering our product.

Be pleasant and patient while talking to a potential guest smile even if the conversation is on the phone, out tone is more pleasant when we smile. Speak and sound sure and convincing, describe and advertise the product use attractive or tempting words and phrases.

Show you care for the guest and his satisfaction, try and suggest something better it does not have to be much just the little extra something that will show your interest in his needs.

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