Experience economy in Croatian resorts


The experience economy when defined by Pine and Gilmore is said to be one in which the customer is an active participant. It creates a great focus on the customers and fulfills their every need. Las Vegas is the pioneer of the experience economy. The top five trends of nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy, has been brought from Las Vegas and applied to resorts all over the world, and consequently Croatian resorts have followed as well. Through secondary research and interviews with managers it is proven that Solaris Hotels and Resorts and Sveti Martin Spa and Golf Resort have showed that they have integrated these trends to create an experience in their resorts. Experience economy is the future and every company should recognize this to be successful and stay profitable in the future.


The Experience Economy

The experience economy is present in top Croatian resorts and the top five trends from the pioneer of the experience economy, Las Vegas; nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy, have been incorporated to create the experience in these resorts.

The experience economy as a term was mentioned for the first time by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore in a book titled "The Experience Economy" (1999). That which was known until now as just a product or service is now becoming the experience. James Gilmore describes the experience economy, as the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial and the most recent service economy. It is not something tangible, rather something like a memory that the customer enjoys for some time. The experience that a customer gets includes most of the five senses and is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else. It is something really memorable in which the client is an active participant. The experience economy is present in many top companies in the world but what this paper will focus on is its presence in the hospitality industry. Since this is a rather new idea, there are not many examples in today's world but ones that stand out the most are the economies of tourist giants like Las Vegas and Dubai.

Pioneers of the Experience Economy

Five hospitality trends that both Las Vegas and Dubai posses are nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy offers. They are experts in these five trends and their guests get the best services in the world when it comes to these trends. Combining these trends, and other more subtle ones, leads to having a world-class experience economy. As Pine and Gilmore have stated in their book, there are four realms of an experience, esthetic, entertainment, education, and escapist (see Appendix A). These realms involve passive and active customer participation and absorption or immersion in the environmental relationship. Hospitality resorts may have all four realms or maybe just one. Also, according to Pine and Gilmore, an experience must be themed, which means Theme the Experience, Harmonize Impressions with Positive Cues, Eliminate Negative Cues, Mix in Memorabilia, and Engage all five senses. When all of these elements are present, the experience is there. Las Vegas and Dubai have both proven that they have succeeded in combing these elements.

Las Vegas nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy are the best in the world. The most popular nightclubs such as Tao, Jet, LAX, Pure, and ghost bar, offer spectacular nights for their guests. There are nightclubs in which the roof moves, there are appearances by movie stars and famous singers, there is a three hour wait in line to get inside, and the dress code of "dress to impress" is strictly enforced. Entertainment is one of the strongest trends that Las Vegas capitalizes on. Each hotel has special exhibitions, shows, plays, showgirls, and entertainers. In most hotels, people can watch shows every hour and this is what really attracts people. Las Vegas is the home of themed hotels. Most often, hotels are based on famous cities of the world, such as the Venetian, New York New York, Paris, Planet Hollywood, and Luxor. Everything in these hotels has something to do with the theme. The casinos are decorated as such, the walls, floors, restaurants, rooms, exhibitions, and shows are all based on the theme and are decorated so. This makes the guest feel as if they were actually in the real city not Las Vegas. It is also very important to mention that a great majority of the hotels in Las Vegas have four or five star rating (http://www.lasvegastourism.com/hotel_ratings.htm). Relaxation offers are present in every hotel in Las Vegas. They offer spectacular spas, pools with real waves, Jacuzzis, hair salons, special body and face wraps, and much more. Gastronomical offers are also strong in Las Vegas due to the fact that many world famous chefs have restaurants there. Guests can find restaurant of chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and Joel Robuchon Also, there are many themed restaurants such as Nascar caf, House of Blues, and Rainforest Caf, which is key in an experience economy. (www.lasvegas.com)

Dubai, a lot like Las Vegas but also with differences, is known for skyscrapes, hotels that are also themed but sometimes unimaginable such as the Palm Tree shaped villa resort, islands build out of sand that make up the World, and the tallest building in the world Burj Dubai (Stern,2009). The only seven star hotel in the world, the Burj al Arab ia also located in Dubai. Nightlife is also very popular in Dubai with some of the famous clubs such as Trilogy, Mix, and Chi. Some very famous people come here to enjoy these clubs, party, and receive the best service available. The beaches and middle-eastern relaxation techniques are very popular there and people come enjoy this, relax, and look and some of the most famous modern architecture in the world. (www.dubai.com)

It has been proven that these two have affected each other in many other ways. In 2008, Zabeel Investments from Dubai bought a 50% stake in the Light Group, a Las Vegas based hospitality company (Irish, 2008). Another group, Dubai World, has invested 5 billion pounds in Vdara, a hotel in Las Vegas in which smoking, drinking, annd gambling is banned (Ayers, 2009). The owner of this hotel, the MGM Mirage group will now open an office in Dubai (Benston, 2008) and can market its condos to a much larger worldwide audience. This shows ways in which these two experience economies are working together,but also competing. Dubai is growing at a very fast rate. A report by Lodging Econometrics in 2009 stated that it had 113 projects, or 47,142 rooms, representing 32 per cent of all guest room development in the Middle East (Bundhun, 2009). This is remarkable seeing that just twenty years ago Dubai was a small town in the middle of the desert. Today, Dubai is being called "the middle east meets Las Vegas" (Albers, 2006) and "Las Vegas on Steroids" (Benfield, 2009).

Experience in top Croatian resorts

A few examples of top resorts in Croatia include Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Novi Spa Hotels and Resorts, Solaris Hotels, Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, and Spa and Golf Resort Sveti Martin. These resorts are located in different parts of Croatia but they have a few things in common. They are top-quality and some of the best tourism offers in Croatia. They are not just hotels, but offer all kinds of packages and activities for their clients from which they can get the best experience during their stay. Of course these resorts have not received the level of recognition for "the experience" that Las Vegas or Dubai have but they have incorporated some of the same elements into their offer. This is relevant because the motif of this paper is to find the effects that the Las Vegas and Dubai experience economies have on places like these and how their success has been a model for many other hospitality services. We will explore the five top trends nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy offers, and see if truly they have been incorporated in the offers of these resorts. These resorts have not consciously copied these two cities but they have unconsciously recognized the trends in the hospitality of today and what it takes to make a customer satisfied and happy. Also, these resorts are nowhere near the size of these big cities which as a whole make up the experience; rather they create the experience on a smaller scale all within the resorts themselves.

Croatia has been named one of the world's top tourist destinations a few years in a row by top travel guides such as Lonely Planet (Emling, 2006). With this reputation, Croatian tourism is challenged each year to bring the best it has to offer and it certainly does this with the following top resorts.

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic is located in Savudrija, Croatia Even though the name suggests it is just a hotel, actually it is much more than that. It is rated as a five start resort. Kempinski is a world brand from Germany and it has brought this great reputation to Croatia. A few special services that they offer include three restaurants Slice, Dijana, and Kanova which present local Istrian food and Mediterranean. Also, there are four different bars each with their own theme, beach, Adriatic, golf, and pool bar. The spa and wellness program is excellent and includes outdoor and indoor pools, treatment rooms, flotation tank, steam baths, saunas, ice cabin, roman bath, and other features. Also, special body treatments including Carolea, Rasul, and flotation therapy are offered. There is even a nail salon in the resort. They also offer a gym and personal trainers for the guests. Free internet connections, personal concierge who is more like a personal day planner, transfers from the airport to the hotel, a golf course, wedding chapel, and kids club are all services that are available at Kempinski. For meetings and conferences they offer a conference centre for up to 230 attendees. Special packages that can save guests significant amounts of money and include special offer include Valentines Day, Easter holidays, get 4 pay 3, early booker, and online booking bonus guest packages. Kempinski is famous for making and tailoring their hotels to be themed according to their location and they have done an excellent job with this resort in Istria.

The Solaris Resort is located just outside of Sibenik. It has received the award Family Star Hotel Resort for the best family destination. In the complex there are five hotels, camping, villas, and a yacht marina. The hotels are of four star and three star ratings. There are twelve congress halls offered, many business services, and team building possibilities. There are numerous sports activities offered including tennis, handball, football, basketball, etc. They offer trips to islands and national parks which are in close proximity to the resort. Many activities are available for children including a train ride, trampoline, animation, video games, rodeo bull, etc. For relaxation there is a world-class spa which offers numerous packages for guest demands such as sauna, couples massage, fitness center, hairdresser, etc. Also, it offers great gastronomy with Dalmatian style restaurants. The hotel rooms are comfortable and beautiful. These are just the main offers of the hotel, there are many more. (www.solaris.hr)

The Radisson Blu Resort and Spa is located in Orasac, about ten kilometers away from Dubrovnik. Radisson is a brand which comes from the United States. This resort is rated at a five star level. The rooms in this resort are all decorated in a Mediterranean and calming style, blue and green. It offers top quality amenities and room service. The dining is great, offering restaurants, bars, lounges offering international and local food. It even offers a marketplace for a traditional Dalmatian feeling. Some special services include three hour express laundry, express checkout, and grab and run breakfast. The spa offers an inner spa garden, a lagoon pool with waterfall, hamman, salt sauna, etc. Sport activities include football, biking, jogging trails, rock climbing wall, etc. There is a stunning outdoor pool and pebble beach, also offering water sports. They also offer a kids club, teen zone, and babysitting. Some of the activies offered here are water sports, team games, movie night, baking cookies, and face painting. Also offered are seven meeting rooms with a large range of international business services. The most special offers are specific packages designed for special services such as the spa ocean getaway, spa ocean retreat, and experience easter in Dubrovnik.

Novi Spa Hotels and Resorts is located in Novi Vinodolski. It is a five star resort. It is owned by the Falkensteiner group from Austria. There is a 1000m sandy and pebble beach. There is an upper and lower pool. The lower pool has water massages, in-pool jacuzzis and in-pool cocktail bar. There are also two pools for children offer numerous activities and even a children's restaurant. They emphasize the fact that they are pet-friendly and will take any pets, which is quite rare in most hotels. For children there is also babysitting available. They offer apartments that are beautifully decorated, and include services such as satellite television, internet access, floor heating, luxury equipped kitchen, and balconies with amazing views. The rooms and suites are also equipped top-class. (http://www.novi.hr/en)

Spa and Golf Resort Sveti Martin (is located in Medimurje, the northern most part of Croatia. It is a four star resort. It can be perfect for relaxation and leisure, sports and activities, and business meetings. It is mostly known for the indoor heated pools with thermal water, a summer water park, and wonderful wellness center. They have a nine hole golf course which is heated, eco friendly, and where guests can play golf at any time of the year. There are over 120 apartments and a hotel which offers top quality individual based services. They have a sports center offering a locker and changing room, gym, rooms for coaches, and a gym for martial arts and fitness. With this, many sports team come here to get ready for a new season. Some special packages offered include beauty, wellness, biotherapy, winter holidays, and romantic weekend packages. There is a pub, bikini bar, and nightclub which organize special nights for guests. They organize special trips to nature parks, historical places, wine tasting roads, and castles. (http://www.toplicesvetimartin.hr/HR)

Now that it is know what services and offers these resorts have, it is possible to see if connections can be made and see if the top five trends seen in Las Vegas of nightlife, entertainment, themed hotels, relaxation offers (spa/wellness), and gastronomy offers can be found here. How is the experience economy identified in each of these resorts? This is to be discovered in following sections of the paper.


After defining the resorts of Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Novi Spa Hotels and Resorts, Solaris Hotels, Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, and Spa and Golf Resort Sveti Martin, it is clear what they offer, but the experience is quite blurry still. To make connections, information must be collected from people who know most about this subject, the managers, or if not available, other employees in these resorts. They are the ones who create this experience and the customers are the ones who participate in it.

A simple, straightforward interview which gets to the point quickly and tries to discover the experience in each of these resorts was created (see Appendix C). All of the questions are open-ended, in that they allow the interviewee to elaborate on the subject of the question. This data is qualitative in that it does not involve numbers, but can later be measured quantitatively (Trochim, 2006). There are questions which are direct and indirect in nature. This interview was sent to the resorts contact email. After a few days, a phone call was made to each resort which did not respond.

The following were the questions posed:

Is there a specific theme that your hotel tries to achieve and how?

This question goes back to Pine and Gilmore's idea that an experience should be themed. Las Vegas and Dubai hotels are known to have very specific themes and the hotel invests greatly to achieve this. I want to find out what theme these resorts have and in what ways it has been achieved.

Do you believe that entertainment and nightlife is strong in your hotel? If not,

how can if be improved?

Entertainment and nightlife has been one the strongest points of Las Vegas ever since it's beginning. Without this element, the experience would be hard to achieve. With this question, I want to see how strong entertainment and nightlife are in these resorts and if not, how this can be changed. The worst experience a guest can have is to be bored during their stay.

How do the relaxation, spa, and wellness offers contribute to the experience?

Wellness is one the top trends right now in the world. People are busier than ever and everyone is looking for relaxation. This is the main reason many people go on vacation, to get away from the everyday stresses that life has imposed on them. Every hotel is Las Vegas has some sort of wellness program, and most of them are top class wellness centers. Wellness is not only for being spoiled and relaxing, it is also very good for health. All of my chosen resorts have great wellness programs, and with this question, I want to see how it is incorporated into the experience for the guests.

Do you have a strong gastronomical offer, are the restaurants top quality and do you receive high guest satisfaction?

Most people will say that what they eat is very important to them. People enjoy food, especially top-quality food. There are some great restaurants in these resorts, but I would really need to have a taste test to see how delicious the food is. Since this is impossible, it is always possible to get this information from hotel employees. Also, Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world and I want to see if these restaurants may be some of the best in this region.

How would you describe the experience economy in your resort?

This is a general question, combining all the services, products, offers, and memories of guests that are present in the resorts. With this, I want to find out how they would describe the experience they are trying to achieve and if they believe they have actually succeeded in this.

What are some special strategies and approaches you take to make this experience real for your guests?

This question gets more into the specifics of the experience offered. It tried to define manners in which the experience is achieved. The strategies and approaches a hotel uses are very important and should be reviewed often to see if they need revising, if they are putting out the wanted results, and if guest satisfaction is at the highest level.

Since the first four questions test if the top five trends from Las Vegas (nightlife, entertainment, wellness, gastronomy, and themed hotels) have been recognized in these resorts, the Likert scale is the simplest method to use to determine at what level these trends have been achieved. We are to assume that Las Vegas and Dubai offer all of these trends on an excellent level, the highest on the Likert scale, which in this case is a score of 25. With this we can later compare the Croatian resorts to the Las Vegas experience model. The following are the descriptions of each level in the Likert scale:

Excellent meaning that there is great presence of this trend in the resort, making a wonderful impression on the guests, and offers being at a high-class level.

Very good meaning that there are a few offers of this trend, guests are engaged but not fully, and offers are at a four star level.

Good meaning offers are present but guests are not completely engaged, offers are at a three star level, and offers can be found in other places, thus they are not unique.

Fair meaning services related to this trend are offered but are of low quality, not interesting enough to attract many guests, and only one offer of the kind is presented

Poor is the lowest level meaning no offer of this kind is present; guests are very unsatisfied and totally not engaged in any sort of activity of this kind.

The following section will provide the results achieved and problems and limitations encountered during this interview process.


After conducting interviews these are the results;

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic was unable to answer the interview questions, and the reason that Ms. Svilicic, Public Relations Manager, from the hotel stated was that they have just opened the resort, in August 2009, and for objective reasons she believes they cannot answer these types of questions yet (see Appendix D).

Radisson Blue Spa and Resort and Novi Spa Hotels and Resorts never responded to the interview for unknown reasons. Maybe they will return the email later on but the deadline for this paper will be overdue. Phone calls were made to these resorts kindly asking for the feedback but no outcome was achieved. In essence, only two out of the five expected interviews, from Solaris and Sveti Martin Spa and Golf Resort, can be used to interpret results. This is 2 out of 5 or 40% out of the projected interviews. These results are accurate when it comes to assessing these two resorts, but there were not enough respondents to determine if actually these top trends from Las Vegas are present in most top Croatian resorts. The interviews were conducted with Manuela Novak, Foreign Sales Manager from Spa and Golf Resort Sveti Martin and Maja Jukic', Marketing Manager at Solaris Hotels and Resorts.To see the actual interviews please refer to the Appendixes E and F. The following are the answers and points on the Likert scale mentioned in the methods which each resort achieved. A simple bar chart was created for each trend and overall score to compare the resorts to each other and Las Vegas.

Is there a specific theme that your hotel tries to achieve? (See Figure 1. in Appendix B)

Solaris: Resort for families with Middle age theme - castles for kids, pirates through Pirate Adventure Mini Golf, Galley Ship, Middle age Dalmatian castle for kids and other.(score for themed hotels-5-excellent)

Sveti Martin: Our hotel is famous for its spa offers. We are themed to be a relaxation hotel. In the recent years, we have also started to add offers for more active guests. (Score for themed hotels-5-excellent)

Do you believe that entertainment and nightlife is strong in your hotel? If not, how can it be improved? (See Figures 2. and 3. in Appendix B)

Solaris: It is according to our guest profile, but we do have night club, bars, lounges, bar pool and entertainment for adults and kids. (Score for entertainment-4- very good) (Score for nightlife-4-very good)

Sveti Martin: Because our resort is more for relaxation, nightlife is not a strong focus, although we do have a nightclub, pub and bikini bar, which are all quite popular with the younger guests. For entertainment, we have some organized animation for children. But, we rely on the fact that with so many activities and offers, guests can find something to entertain themselves. (Score for entertainment-4- very good) (Score for nightlife-4-very good)

Note: Due to the popularity, the number of entertainment and nightlife possibilities for guests, and quality of these in Las Vegas, it is simply impossible to give these resorts a score of 5 because this would be saying that they are at the same level as Las Vegas.

How do the relaxation, spa, and wellness offers contribute to the experience? (See Figure 4. in Appendix B)

Solaris: Wellness is designed for tourists mostly in pre and post season. When attractions are closed due to unfavorable weather conditions, guests can relax and enjoy wellness amenities. (Score for wellness-4-very good)

Sveti Martin: Wellness is the most important part of the experience at our resort. We have received many rewards for this program and we have many offers for the guests. Most of the people that come here come for exactly this purpose. (Score for wellness-5-excellent)

Is there a strong gastronomical offer, are the restaurants top quality and do you receive high guest satisfaction? (See Figure 5. in Appendix B)

Solaris: Our restaurants are heading for top quality food and authenticity in preparation. We have our water mill which is producing our own flour, then a bakery on the spot for bread production or other bakery products. Also we have one Italian restaurants which server our own (homemade) pasta and pasta products. Olive oil comes from Solaris olives trees, and all other food and vegetables comes from local farmers. Thus, with food we are following eco friendly trends, which are recognized by our guests. (Score for gastronomy-5-excellent)

Sveti Martin: Yes, we have five restaurants and our offer is all natural food. Wine comes from the local people and the recipes for meals are all famous and traditional. The food is healthy and the guests all leave satisfied. The experience offers beautiful views from all of the restaurants which include views of the golf course, of the nature around the resort, and the pool. (Score for gastronomy-5-excellent)

How would you describe the experience economy in your resort?

Solaris: Solaris is building its reputation as experience resort. We want to offer our guests more value for money, where guests are not only on the beach to suntan and swim but also to experience Dalmatia through Dalmatian Village, Pirate Adventure Mini Golf, Galley Ship, Palma Beach Bar, through Solaris Express train and our mascots. Thus, all of our efforts are put into investment of higher standards, quality and development of attractions. In 2010 we will have: 3 Solaris Yellow Submarines, Solaris Golf Park, Par 3, artificial grass soccer field and much more.

Sveti Martin: I would describe it as very strong because when guests come here, they are very involved and participate in every aspect of the offers. The whole experience is a mix of active sports and relaxation which leaves any person feeling healthy and great.

What are some special strategies and approaches you take to make this experience real for your guests?

Solaris: Following guest complaints, listening to guests, building and developing a different"resort in Croatia and believe into a phrase more value for money". In 2009 this strategy was recognized by several tourist agencies and Croatian National Tourists Board.

Sveti Martin: We try to make sure that all of our offers are strong, not just some of them. We always ask for customer feedback in the form of surveys at the reception and just by talking to them. We make sure that our employees know how to do their job and are always friendly. We have a big focus on the guest and their satisfaction always comes first.

How to interpret questions 5 and 6?

It is difficult to interpret these two questions, and for this reason they cannot be recorded quantitatively. The answers of these two questions were used to see what kind of general experience these resorts offered and if they use any special strategies to accomplish this, to better asses the concept of experience economy in Croatian resorts. The specifics will be discussed and analyzed in the following section.

After adding the scores for all the hospitality trends in questions 1 through 4, Solaris receives a score of 22, and Sveti Martin receives 23 (See Figure 6. in Appendix B). The trend that gave the advantage to Sveti Martin was wellness, which is their strongest asset. This shows that Sveti Martin was only one point better and closer to the top score of 25. In the end, both received very good overall scores and proved that the top five trends in world hospitality are present in some top Croatian resorts. The limitations to the results, due to the three resorts which never answered, make it hard to say that these trends are present in most Croatian resorts.


After gathering these results, the author can interpret a few conclusions. But first and very important is to stress the limitation to research. If this were to be an ideal situation and to reach more accurate results, it would be better to gather the information needed from former hotel guests. This would make the information less subjective because as expected, no manager would say anything bad about their hotel. Also, when speaking to the media or any outside people, hotel managers always like to put emphasis on the better points and advantages of the hotel. On the contrary, when it comes to the actual guests, they are usually very honest. People want to get value for their money so if they are unsatisfied about something they will vocalize that and if they are satisfied; they will make sure everyone knows this. More importantly, when it comes to the experience, guests are the actual participants in the experience of each resort. They can feel, see, touch, taste, and smell the experience. They take home the memories of the resort and that becomes their experience. Questioning the guests would be a great way to see if the answers of the managers match their answers and if they have the same perception of each particular experience. The time constraint for this project was not enough to get to this type of information.

Another important limitation was that only two interviews were received out of the expected five. It would have been even better to involve more resorts, but of course this was impossible due to the time constraint so the pool was narrowed down to five. To have only two out of those five resorts answer is not a good result but must be accepted. This process was subjective because these five were chosen based on the fact that they possessed more offers, were the most popular, had great quality and carried the title of resorts. There are many more of these types in Croatia, but they are of lesser quality and for this reason they were not chosen.

After examining the results, very interesting conclusions can be made. When it comes to themed hotels, there is a very clear picture. Sveti Martin Spa and Golf Resort focuses on the theme of health, incorporating relaxation and recreation. In contrast, Solaris Hotels and Resorts builds its reputation on being a family resort with a middle age, medieval theme. When compared to Las Vegas, these resorts receive the same score. This is because they do everything they can to make this theme obvious in most parts of the hotel, just like for example the hotel New York New York does in Las Vegas. As previously mentioned in the introduction, Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world due to the extraordinary nightclubs and forms of entertainment that cannot be see anywhere else. Solaris and Sveti Martin do have nightclubs, great bars, and entertainment for their guests, but this just cannot be compared to the status of Las Vegas. Gastronomy is excellent in these resorts because there is not artificial food, it is all organic natural and made in the old Croatian way. Of course this is not the only reason it is at the same level as Las Vegas. Other contributors include the ambient and atmosphere of the restaurants, the themes, the style, the service, and taste. Wellness of Sveti Martin can be seen as being on the same level of any Las Vegas hotels because of its great quality and multiple programs. The heated pools with thermal water, special massages offered, and other programs that help many people with health problems, but also are for guests who just want to relax, prove to be a bit better than that of the Solaris resort. The five mentioned trends contribute greatly contribute to create the experience of these resorts.

When it comes to potential for further research, there are many possibilities because very limited research has been done on the experience economy. For this particular topic, at least 10 resorts should be analyzed to ensure more accurate information. This should not be done with just interviews but also by actually going to the resorts and observing for a short period of time during peak tourist season, seeing first hand how the trends work in the resorts, and in this way more precisely determining the experience economy in Croatian resorts, seeing how it can be improved, and if the top trends are present here.

In conclusion, when looking at these results, it can proudly be said that in Croatia there are resorts that are at the world class hospitality level. This can clearly been seen from the above stated information. Every year, similar and even better resorts than these are opened in Croatia. With this, it is safe to say that world hospitality practices are followed even in Croatia. This means that when guests come to a great Croatian resort, they will feel exactly as if they are in a top world class resort. The experience economy is the future of economies and every new business should consider this. Customers becoming participants leads to more guest satisfaction, customer loyalty, eliminates boredom, and ultimately will mean great profits for any company. When this is recognized, it is a sure win situation for every business, especially in hospitality.


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