Explore cities while at rental condo

When enjoying yourrental condoin any major cities, make sure to include it on your list to explore the city attractions. The best cities in the world include Florence, Rome, Bangkok, Sydney, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, New York, Beirut and San Francisco. Rent a car or take a shuttle and discover the numerous things to see and do in each city that will make your stay worthwhile.

New York City, New York

Commonly known as "The Big Apple", New York City is the country's largest city and one of the most significant and thrilling cities worldwide. The city expanded in the early 20th century to include all five districts - Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. With a diverse ethnic population, New York City is considered a "melting pot". Aside from being the center for fashion, advertising, entertainment, communications and publication, the city is also home to the United Nations.

Baseball fanatics shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to watch The Mets play at the Shea Stadium located in Queens or The Yankees at the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. New York City has more than 28,000 acres of parks all throughout the five districts. The most renowned is Central Park which has an area of 843 acres. From Broadway to SoHo to Harlem to Times Square, New York City lives up to its nickname "the city that never sleeps", since entertainment here has no limits. Staying at a New York condo will get you closer to the city attractions.

Florence, Italy

There is one huge reason why tourists from all over the globe travel to this small Italian City. Florence has over one million Renaissance artworks including the famed Birth of Venus by Botticelli and of course Michaelangelo's David. Florence has also been the focal point of Italian fashion since the year 1950. The city is where global fashion brands such as Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Pucci were born. They city also has the best steaks and some of the best wines in the world. It's not difficult to see why this little city is as popular as other top cities in Europe that's five times bigger than it.

Stay at a rental condo while in Florence and get a private tour of a win in the Uffizi that's off-limits. It has Renaissance masterworks' Contini Bonacossi. Don't miss out on shopping at the San Lorenzo Markets or the fashion stores in Via Tornabuoni especially the cosmetics made by mokes and the lush Loretta Caponi linens. For genuine Italian food and amusement, visit the Teatro del Sale.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, the largest city in Australia is rich in culture. They have vibrant ethnic enclaves, unmatched museums and not the mention the infamous opera house. Sydney can win any tourist with just its looks and climate.

Some not to be missed opportunities when staying at a rental condo in Sydney include a Sydney Opera House behind-the-scenes tour, drinking cocktails at the Icebergs club from where you can watch the surf and the tanned people at the Bondi Beach. Sydney also has several modern restaurants, lush parks and dazzling beaches perfect for any vacation.

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