Famous tourist spot of Leh

Hill Station: Leh

Tired of your normal life? Want to escape to a place away from all the trappings of cities? Then, go to Leh. The mesmerizing beauty of this place and it's quaint atmosphere give you the perfect opportunity to escape to another world. Leh is one of those few places in the world that have not been manipulated by outside world at all. Though some development has occurred but there are still some places in Leh where people live in the same way as their ancestors used to live hundreds of years ago.

Leh is home of many Buddhist monasteries and has become a cultural hub for the Buddhists from all over the world.

About Leh

Leh used to hold a lot of importance in terms of trade with Tibet during the colonial times. Located at the junction of Tibet-Kashmir trade route, Leh is situated in the Indus valley. But the trade route is closed down due to the 1962 Indo-China war. Located at an astonishing height of 11,490 feet, Leh is a favourite among adventure tourists. But try to give yourself some time to get acclimatized before heading on to sightseeing.

Places to see in Leh

Leh is more famous for its beauty than its tourist sites. Being a famous tourist spot, it is quite surprising to see that Leh offers very less tourist sites.

Palace of King Ladakh: This is building dominates the scene of Leh. The former King of Ladakh used to reside here. Built in 17th century, this palace provides magnificent views of the town. Sadly, this palace is now in ruins and restoration work is in progress here.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa - This 15th century Buddhist temple is built on top of a crag behind the Palace of King of Ladakh. This temple has a three story high statue of Maitrieya Buddha made of solid.

Soma Gompa - Located near the main market of the town, this is one of the newly constructed Gompa.

Karma Dupgyud Choeling - One of the main religious centres in Leh, this is a very well known monastery Karmapa sect. which is a religious sect of Tibetan Buddhists. This Buddhist temple plays an important role in propagating Tibetan Buddhist values in the world.

Things to do in Leh

Trekking: Leh is a trekkers' hub. There are many treks leaving from Leh to nearby villages and peaks. Don't miss a trekking opportunity in Leh.

White-water rafting: Every year, white water rafting is held during summers in Indus and Zanskar rivers. You can enjoy it provided that you know rafting and are not afraid of rafting on difficult waters

How to reach

You can take a flight to Leh from Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar. The flights come and go to Leh all year long and it is the only way to reach Leh during winters. To reach Leh by road, you should first reach Manali which is the largest city near Leh. Many buses also go to the town from Delhi. It is advisable to take a stoppage in Manali for a day, in order to get acclimatized with the altitude. Many adventure enthusiast drive to Leh in Jeep. You can hire a jeep from Manali and experience the rough and adventurous trail to this beautiful town.

Climate of Leh

Leh has an extreme type of climate. It's quite hot in summer and the temperature may rise to 40 Celsius during the period from March to May. On the other hand, temperature may fall below 0 Celsius during the winter months of November to February. It snows a lot in Leh and sometimes the whole area loses contact from the rest of the world. You should come to Leh in the months of June to September as it is the best time to enjoy the place.

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