Finest BBQ restaurant

Las Vegas offers finest BBQ restaurants serving slow cooked, hot and smoking barbecued food.

Best Restaurants for BBQ in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers finest BBQ restaurants serving slow cooked, hot and smoking barbecued food.

  • Rub BBQ at Rio is famous for its distinctive Texas BBQ cooking style. Located at W Flamingo Road the place is really wonderful for having a cheerful evening with friends in Las Vegas.
  • The BBQ Chili is perfect and the Barbecue sandwiches specially the Mo Samich are remarkable. Rub's Stuffed Baked Potato has the unique taste. Try the place and you will fall in love with it.
  • At 1951 N Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas Famous Dave's Bar B Que serves delicious BBQs. from classics to the combos everything here is incredible.

Is There a Place in Las Vegas Offering Good but Inexpensive BBQs

One of the most popular BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas is Memphis Championship Barbecue at the E Warm Springs Road, Las Vegas.

The food and service both are quite good and the price is also reasonable. If you are a group of four you can enjoy a fabulous meal with a rack of Saint Louis Ribs, ½ pound beef brisket and ½ pound pork, baked beans, corn, crème a whole chicken and lot more at not more than $ 100. In Las Vegas that sounds really cool!

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos for BBQ

In Las Vegas you can have exquisite barbecues at number of great hotels and casinos.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas is located at the heart of the city. The Strip Steak Restaurant at this world class hotel caters some of the most exotic BBQ dishes. The slow poached food here has the perfect savory taste and the smoky flavor.

Salt Lick Bar B Q at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa has the wonderful ambiance and fabulous brisket and ribs and especially the Cobbler has the unparallel taste.

Can you Name Some Korean BBQ Restaurants in Las Vegas

While visiting Las Vegas you can find some really good Korean BBQ restaurants on and off the Strip.

Ginseng Korean Restaurant at 3765 S Las Vegas Blvd is popular among the locals and tourists for its hospitality and lovely BBQ recipes.

Mother's Korean Grill offers tasty food and pleasant environment. The restaurant is located on Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas.

Kimchi Korean BBQ is worth visiting. The beef kalbi is extraordinary here.

Korean Garden BBQ House and Korean OK Restaurant in Las Vegas also feature incredible variety of food and wonderful environment.

Best of Korean Garden BBQ House Menu

The famous Korean Garden BBQ House is located at 4335 Spring Mountain Road, next to the China Town Plaza.

It takes just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Blvd to reach this extraordinary restaurant.

The Korean Garden menu includes authentic Korean cuisines. The Deungsim, Galbee and the Korean style Bulgogis are highly recommended. Enjoy the roasted fresh shrimp with the sea salt.

All You Can Eat BBQ includes 7 different types of Korean BBQ with wide range of side dishes and house salads. And it costs just $19.95!

Dining at Delmonico Steakhouse Restaurant in Las Vegas

Delmonico Steakhouse at The Venetian Las Vegas is an excellent place for planning an intimate romantic dinner. The spectacular Italian themed interior and the delectable food make this classic restaurant so special.

The restaurant is situated on the Las Vegas Blvd and is owned by famous chef Emeril Lagasse.

The enticing taste of Beer-can Turkey breast with barbecue gravy or the innovative pork chop Parmigiana is unbeatable. Try the grilled shrimp with potato fritters. Shrimps served here are fresh and huge in size. The wine collection is also great. But the best part of this place is the price list of course.

BBQ Party at Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead

Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is one of the most spectacular spots in Las Vegas offering wide range of outdoor adventures. The Red Rock Canyon Sunset BBQ and Horseback riding is an excellent option for exploring this picturesque desert landscape and enjoying an exotic BBQ party amidst the nature.

The beautiful Lake Mead in Las Vegas is a marvelous picnic and camping destination. The Boulder Beach near the Hoover Dam has a picnic area with tables, restroom, fire grills and water. The shaded concrete area on the beach is perfect for BBQ cooking.

Best Season for Backyard BBQs in Las Vegas

If you are a die hard BBQ lover then you can enjoy the party anytime of the year. But for Vegas the best time would surely the spring and fall.

It is the festive time as well as the best weather in Vegas, perfect for enjoying the Halloween with some friends and the grilled vegetables, savory salmon and smoking lamb or beef with wines!

Early summer is also great for arranging outdoor BBQ parties in Las Vegas. You can even have BBQ parties in winter unless it is too windy or raining outside.

Las Vegas Parks for Enjoying Picnics and BBQ Parties

Some of the most beautiful parks in Las Vegas are popular picnic spots.

Floyd Lamb State Park in Las Vegas is open for day use only and offers historic sites and picnic areas where you can enjoy outdoor BBQs.

Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas is another favorite picnic area offering free BBQ areas.

Springs Preserve, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead National Recreation Area also have fantastic facilities for BBQ and picnic.

Companies in Las Vegas Supplying BBQ Equipments and Grill on Rent

If you are planning an outdoor BBQ party in Las Vegas during your long family vacation and looking for places in Vegas for renting the BBQ equipments at reasonable charges there are quite a few good places in the city.

United Rent All is a renowned company renting wide range of BBQ grills, propane heaters and steamers. The rate offered by the company is also quite affordable, ranging from $30 to $100.

You can rent BBQ grills and other essential materials for Las Vegas picnic or garden parties from the Kims Gifts.

RSVP is another reputed company offering BBQ grills on rent.

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