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5 Star Hotels Cornwall

Cornwall covers the southernmost tip of the United Kingdom with two different seas lying each side of the peninsula, to the north and west lies the Atlantic Ocean and to the south the English Channel. This county is known for its natural and rural beauty of the land, spotless beaches and stunning coastal towns where some of the 5 Star Hotels Cornwall may be found, each offering a range of accommodations and unique services. Cornwall has a history that dates back thousands of years presenting a rich history and cultural experience for all visitors to its legendary lands.

Like the rest of Britain south of the Firth of Forth was inhabited by the Britons or Celtics as otherwise known which overtime developed and spread the birth of several different languages including Cornish. Today many of the road signs and directions are in the ancient language of Cornish as well as English.

The county boasts many quaint seaside towns and ports that reminds the traveller of something from a picturesque post card or glossy magazine, all are a must see during your cornwall holiday, these ports remain almost completely unchanged from many years ago, one of the most famous being St Ives. St Ives is extremely famous among the artistic world as many famous artists reside in this beautiful town, artists such as Barbara Hepworth, Naum Gabo and Alfred Wallis. Many claim that the artists are inspired by the stunning surrounds of the azure sea, intricate harbour and green rolling fields that appear to sway in an afternoon breeze that flows off the ocean. The 5 Star Hotels Cornwall often display some of these works of art in their grand lobbies where guests are greeted by the attentive and friendly front desk, from this desk the 24 hour room service operates. Other services this front desk offers include reservation bookings at any of the local restaurants, attractions or galleries including the famous St Ives Tate gallery.

These fantastic 5 Star Hotels Cornwall presents well established fine dining restaurants within the hotel grounds each displaying their own charm and elegance through the intimate table settings, classic waiter uniforms and beautifully described menus. The restaurants host talented chefs who create culinary masterpieces from fresh local produce complemented by a select range of vintage wines.

A lavish and extensive range of treatments are displayed on the Spa menus coupled with delightful and invigorating aromas these facilities are overseen by highly qualified staff who are sure to rejuvenate and revive the mind, body and soul through a number of rubs, scrubs and relaxation methods.

The 5 Star Hotels Cornwall offer a broad choice of accommodations including single, double, twin, triple and king size suites each presenting stellar views of the surrounding areas from the large picture frame windows which soak the suite in sunlight giving birth to a lively and fresh ambience. The large comfy beds are dressed in crisp white high count cotton linens proudly standing as the focal point of the suite, each scattered with fluffy cushions. Flat screen televisions, wireless internet, DVD players and CD players make up just some of the fantastic in room amenities on offer in each of these marvellous suites.

The county of Cornwall stands as one of the most picturesque areas of the UK drawing many tourists annually and with accommodations and cuisines settings and facilities of the 5 Star Hotels Cornwall guests are sure to remember their vacation for many years to come.

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