Land of a thousand wonders

Thailand, the land of a thousand wonders is blessed with some of the best looking places in the world that capture mother nature at her best. Tropical islands ,exotic fruits, a mystic culture and the beautiful people of the land gives one many reasons to want to explore it. Among its many famed beautiful spots is Phuket. Phuket, an island resting on the shores of the Andaman sea , is a big island being around the size of Singapore.

The island is a dazzling ornament of the country as it offers a sight of Thailand at it's best- white beaches with shady palm trees, world class accomodation , historically influenced architecture of Sino-Portugese origin, endless options of activities and outstanding hospitality. Blessed with 18 beaches and ease of access to small islands nearby, Phuket is the ultimate choice for a beach themed getaway.

An interesting insight to Phuket is the fact that their oldest residents ar ethe Sea Gypies that have a rather peculiar habit of staying at a bay until natural resources available are exhausted , after which they move to a different spot to allow replenishment of resources at the precious sites. The gypsies are much like nomads that never stay put at a place and whose origins are unclear .The three settlements of the Urak Lawoi,Moken and Moklen people are a site to be visited by all those who come to the island to understand the diverse local culture of the people who work in a range of occupations including fisherman,tourist activities and even more exotic jobs like collecting bird nests or being pearl divers. An interesting fact about the people is also that they abide by a different religion from most Thais that are either Muslim or Buddhist as they practice animism in which they biannually celebrate the " Loy Ruea " festival.If you happen to be there during the time, it is an interesting watch as they set off little wooden boats that are meant to transport gifts,weapons and bizarre items like hair to the sea ghost as well as the dead . This offering is meant to ensure the happiness and peace of the Sea Gypsies.

For the duration of your stay , you will be spoilt for choice as the island has many hotels that are suitable for a range of budgets and preferences. Hence whether you are there to splurge or travelling on a budget, fret not as Phuket has something right for you!Most famous hotels on the island are by the Patong, Kata and Karon beachside .

If you have preference for hotels, then look no futher as the many luxurious world class hotels at Phuket are available for your stay including -The Old Phuket Hotel at Karon Beach with furniture of the past,the urban luxury Katina Hotel which overlooks the Rama 9 park and Phuket Town and Rattana Beach Hotel which gives options of Balcony, Pool View and Deluxe Boutique.At Patong Beach,one can stay at hotels like the famed Aspery Hotel that has exotic restaurants and bar along with a spa which is the talk of the town while Baan Sukhothai Hotel is for those eyeing more the traditional and original Thai feel as the hotel carries the theme through out its decor, land scaping as well as world famous service and if you plan to just stay in your hotel then one could not think of a better place than the thoughtfully put decorated Ban Yin Dee which also has a stunning four tiered swimming pool.

For those preferring Villas Or Resorts- the choices are endless! At Patong Beach, the choice between the pool side bungalows and the hillside rooms is not as an easy one as they both are stunning while the Avantika Boutique Resort gives you every reason to not want to leave with its spectacular view of the ocean via the private balcony in every room!The Thai inspired cottages at the Boomerang Village Cottages gives one a friendly and relaxing feel as they have only 17 rooms,making it cosier than most resorts.The Sawasdee village is a choice to get the feel of the traditional thai village living while mantaining modern facilities.

For those on a low budget but would like a decent place to stay, why not try the Andaman Bed and Coffee and Patong Beach which is suitable for individuals or couple that prefer a quiet place while being economically savvy as prices start at only 400 Baht!If you can afford about 700 Baht, then why not rent a bungalow style room at the Baan Nern Sai Resort? But if your thing is more of a cosy small hotel, it is highly recommended to go to the charming Beach road inn that gives its guest a choice between 3 types of rooms with the price starting at 600 Baht.At Kata the Toy Beach Residence gives guest 24 hours security at the hotel while providing basic ammenities.

Phuket hence is a vibrant island that represents Thailand at its best so it is worth a visit and that too a memorable one.

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