Looking for a bazaar

Looking for a bazaar, out-of-the-world experience? Here are some of the weirdest hotels you can find on planet earth.

This is a weird, weird world. We have weirdo all around us, weird cars etc. Thus, it is not weird at all to have weird hotels.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

This hotel is built to melt, definitely one of the world's weirdest hotels. It has luxury suites with beautiful ice wall carvings and ice furniture. The 'Ice Church' caters for big group bookings. It looks just like an epic church from story books. The craftsmanship of this hotel is simply breath taking.

Gamisaru Cave Hotel, Ayvla Village, Cappadocia, Turkey

Wonder how cave men live but reluctant to leave modern life's comfort behind? Check in Gamisaru Cave Hotel. This hotel is built into a cliff. It is actually a restored 1000 year old Byzantine monastic retreat. How often do you get to live your life in a historical site?

The Sand Hotel, Dorset, England

Just like any hotels, this hotel offers twin and double bedrooms but without a roof over your head for obvious reasons. This however gives your the opportunity to star gaze at the comfort of your sandy bed. It is kind of romantic, in a way.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

You will have to pick up scuba diving before booking this hotel. It definitely qualifies as one of the weirdest hotels with the weirdest requirement. Reason being, the hotel is located 20,000 leagues under the sea. Each room is equipped with a 42-inch round window for you to observe your 'neighbors' or simply to check have your room service arrived.

White Cliffs Underground Hotel, New South Wales

The appearance of this hotel looks just alike any hotels. However, do not judge a book by its cover. All rooms here are situated underground. In fact, they were once opal mines. You will even have the opportunity to tour these old underground mines.

Malmaison Oxford Castle, England

Unlike the famous Edinburgh Castle, this castle is way beyond famous and historical. It was actually a prison during the Victorian times. Now, it is an extravagantly-furnished hotel! You can lock yourselves in and be released upon "good behavior".

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

Miss you dog dearly even on vacation? Here is your solution, The Dog Bark Park Inn. It is a two-storey sized doghouse and it even has a name! Sweet Willy. Sweet Willy is decorated with beautifully carved dog shaped furniture and decorations. You can even purchase them and get your dog jealous.

Jumbo Hotel, Stockholm

Having to spend the night at airports just not your cup of tea? Think again. This hotel is an abandoned 747 jumbo jet parked in Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. Best of all, your wedding suite is at the cockpit!

Das Park Hotel, Austria

If you are on a super tight budget, consider sleeping in a sewage pipe. No kidding! You just have to 'check-in' at a ticketing machine and pay whatever amount you want. We are talking sewage pipes after all! This is obviously one of the weirdest hotels you can find.


Nowadays, not only human travel, hotel travels as well! This is really one of the weirdest hotels. This hotel has only one room and has travelled to the roof of Palais de Tokyo and the roof of The Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzip. The main objective of this hotel is to provide its guests spectacular views from above.

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