Maximum variety of artwork

Houston alone houses more than 50 big art galleries and 10 museums! Many other not so well known artists have also made Houston their home.

What do I as an art lover, expect from Houston?

In the last two decades, Houston has emerged as the destination for art loving tourists from across the USA. Houston alone houses more than 50 big art galleries and 10 museums! Many other not so well known artists have also made Houston their home.

If you are in Houston, we surely recommend you to visit any of these 3 art galleries. These art galleries offer the maximum variety of artwork to choose from under a single roof.

What to expect in the Houston art galleries?

These galleries have a wonderful collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs. The painting covers a wide variety of medium ranging from acrylic, oil, water color, collages, digital etc.

These galleries house the works of artist specializing in abstract, realism, modern, classical, contemporary, representational, surrealistic, and geometric and many other varieties of art work. You can also expect to see wonderful landscape photographs of many renowned photographers.

What time of the day to visit Houston galleries?

Each gallery has its own timing for the visitors. We list down the timings of the three galleries that we recommend to art lovers visiting Houston.

Harris Gallery - Wed-Sat 11-5, Mon & Tue by appointment. Sun - Closed.

Inman Gallery - Tue-Sat 11-6, other days - by appointment.

Mc Clain Gallery - Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

If you are visiting Houston on Sundays, you can visit any of the following good art galleries which are open on the day.

Houston art galleries open on Sundays from- 12:15 to 19:00 hrs.

Art League Houston - one of the oldest galleries of Houston is open on Sundays for the visitors.

Besides painting, what other art works can be seen at Houston?

If you want to see some wonderful glass art work you can visit "Art glass by Wells" at Houston - Here you can see some stunning piece of works in stained glass windows, etched glasswork and glass mosaic work.

If you are looking to buy or look at some great sculpture work, we recommend you to visit Houston North Gallery -

For quality wood sculptor work you can visit Adrift wood sculpturing, Kemah,

If you are looking for quality craft work you can visit Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Are their any specialized photography galleries at Houston?

Houston has more than 10 galleries which deal in a variety of photographed artwork. While these galleries have a list of printed and frame photographed exhibited you can also ask them to show you through digital files. Thus you can go through a vast list of photographs.

If you like to have any of these digital files printed, many galleries also undertake to have them printed, framed and dispatched to your residence. The prominent photography galleries in Houston include:

Hollywood frame gallery -

All art framing gallery -

Do I get a chance to see some exhibitions in Houston art galleries?

All the galleries mentioned above organize exhibitions by renowned artist from the U.S.A. Some galleries also invite artists from other countries as well. Most of the galleries run at least one exhibition a week. At any point of time, there are at least 15 or more exhibitions happening in Houston at different places.

In most of the cases, the galleries also put up notices of exhibitions on their websites .Hence if you are keen on seeing exhibition work by artist, you can do a brief internet search of these websites before venturing out. This way you can choose the exhibition you would like to visit by going through the particular artist's work displayed on the internet.

You can also choose from the various themes on which exhibitions are held. This way you will also get an idea of what to expect at those places.

Do the Houston galleries accept cards for payment?

While a few of the big art galleries accept card payment, majority of the galleries do not accept card.

However just in case you like some art work and fall short of cash in your wallet, there are ample number of teller dispensers spread all across Houston.

This means that you can easily withdraw money and return to pay within the time the art dealer packs the artwork you.

Can I Bargain in these art galleries?

Different art galleries will have different approach to this. While some big art galleries would not entertain bargaining on prices, you can nevertheless give it a try. After all you are the buyer and have all the rights to try to save you hard earned money.

In many a cases the art dealer enters into a contract with the artist allowing the dealer to be flexible in pricing. If such is the case and if bargaining works out, you can always use the same money to have a good lunch at a restaurant once you are done with your art purchase.

Other important things that you should be keep in mind when visiting Houston art galleries

With this financial crisis, Art galleries are buckling under severe financial pressure. We suggest that you be generous when buying or visiting art galleries. This will help to keep these galleries up and running.

If you are buying any art work, always insist for a bill. This is all the most important if you are buying work of some well known artist. Work of renowned artists sells for a premium and it is very easy to replicate those works. Having a bill with the name of the artist mentioned will ensure that you can always return back to the seller in case you come across any discrepancy in future.

Remember judging the right price for an art work is a tricky job. The right price of an art is socially decided is always more than the sum of its parts. All we can say is that if it suits your taste and if you can afford the price, just go for it!

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