Mediterranean holiday villa rental

Enjoy the magnificent sights of the Mediterranean country where you're staying at a holiday villa rental. The countries that border the Mediterranean include Italy, Egypt, Greece, Gibraltar, Monaco, Turkey, Tunisia, Montenegro, Lebanon, Spain, France, Albania, Libya, Malta, Cyprus, Syria, Slovenia, Algeria, Israel, Morocco and Croatia. Make sure not to miss out on all the exotic food, entertainment and attractions these countries have to offer while relaxing at a villa rental.


Italy can be found in Southern Europe. The country encompasses the Italian Peninsula, the Po River Valley and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Italy has a mountainous northern border that its shares with Austria, Slovenia, France and Switzerland. It is also home to the Vatican City and San Marino. Italy is recognized for its cuisine and has profound Roman Catholic roots.

Rome is Italy's capital city and is part of the Lazio region. One of the European Union's largest city, it is where you can find Vatican City which is the world's smallest country. Rome's historic center, with Baroque and Renaissance characteristics, is listed has a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The best way to experience Rome is by staying at Rome villas. It offers you all the lavishness of a Rome hotel and allows you to experience authentic Italian life.


Tunisia is an authentic combination of spice and beauty, color, with olden cities, hospitable inhabitants and brilliant coastal sceneries. The country is a great traditional travel destination where you can walk along stunning Mediterranean beaches, enjoy the sunsets or play golf.

There is a huge culture to discover in the country. There are also many archaeological sites and monuments with massive significance in Africa's history that are mostly open to guests all week. The National Museum of Bardo displays a lot of the most remarkable artifacts found in the country.

With a splendid climate and high quality courses, golf holidays in the country are some of the greatest the Africa. Six incredible golf courses including the El Kantaoui, Tabarka, Monastir, Hammamet and Cathage are open to guests all throughout the year. Be close to Tunisia's attractions and people by staying at a holiday villa rental.


Turkey can be found in between two continents, Asia and Europe and nearby the Middle East. Turkey has centuries old archaeological and historical heritage that's unparalleled. The country has a varied culture with an inexpensive cost of living which makes a holiday in turkey perfect for a lot of people.

While staying at a villa rental in Turkey, have fun with countless activities such as hiking, white water rafting, birdwatching, paragliding, snorkeling and viding. You can also go skiing at one of the main ski resorts in the country such as Erciyes, Uludag and Kartalkaya.

You can stay a Holiday rental villa when vacationing at any Mediterranean countries. For the best deals, visit the Vamoose Home page by clicking here to see a list of the Rome Villas, Tusinia villas, and other villa rentals available. Searching for your ideal villa rental is so easy since you can sort your search by location, price or amenities.

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