Sailing destinations for rental condos

While enjoying the rental condos at your sailing destination, make sure to explore the numerous attractions of the place. There are many great sailing destinations in the world including Captiva Island, New Zealand, Stockholm, The Exumas in Bahamas, Turkey, Whitsunday Islands in Australia, Britain, British Virgin Islands, Greek Islands, Lamu Archipelago in Kenya, Croatia and many more. Staying at a rental condo while on your sailing vacation lets your experience the place and the people on an entirely different level.

Captiva Island

Captiva Island, located on Florida's south central gulf coast, is a strikingly magnificent island. It has a tropical appearance with a history of pirates and adventures. Beach fanatics from around the globe are drawn to Captiva Island's impressive white sandy beaches. Staying at a Captiva Island condo will also allow you to experience its culture, sports and cuisine.

Captiva Island's beaches are simply breathtaking. The island is encircled by temperate, transparent waters and lined with sugary white sand. The beaches here aren't your typical tourist attractions; instead, they are incredible, natural, isolated beaches bordered by nature and ideally serene. You can watch from the beaches numerous wildlife species from raccoons to manatees, dolphins to herons. Canoeing down the waterways of the island is also another perfect way to spend your afternoon.

Water sports, such as sailing, kite surfing, wind surfing and deep sea fishing, are also popular in Captiva Island.


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is an astonishing city nestled on the banks of the Norrstrom River which makes quite a short connection between the Baltic and Lake Malaren, and transversely to the lake's 14 islands. The city has one Europe's most attractive and nicely preserved medieval centers. The city has unbelievably amazing scenery springing from every direction.

There are a lot of sights waiting to be seen in the city. The ancient city center is one of Europe's greatest medieval wealth. Stockholm cycling tours are also another way to enjoy the city.

Relaxation is a perfect pair for Stockholm holidays. Spa treatments in the city and the whole of Sweden are extra luxurious. You will find world class, classy spa centers where you can get the renowned Swedish massage and a whole range of other additional treatments.

For golf enthusiasts, you'll find around 60 golf courses in the region. You can't play on the larger courses without a green card but there are plenty of pay and play courses available too. Even with the broad range of available courses, it is still recommended that you book early if you want to get your preferred tee-off time.

The Exuma Islands, Bahamas

The Exuma Islands are situated in the midst of the Bahamas Islands, but in spite of that, they stay mostly uninterrupted. The key attractions for guests here are its top notch boating and sportfishing. Sailing in the Bahamas islands is truly marvelous because of its scenic islands, cays, and concealed coves.

The Exuma Islands has an average annual temperature of 78F. The Sea Park and the Exuma Cays Land is where numerous exotic reptiles, vibrant fishes, flora species and rare birds reside. Snorkelers will enjoy the simple to explore region while diverse will have tons of fun exploring the Exuma Sound that's full of blue holes, shipwrecks and caves, and the enormous coral reef.

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