Speed and unobtrusive service

Hotels are being visited by many people that can be divided in different types. First is the tourist. The tourist comes from a distance that can be either from the same country or from another so they may feel scared away their home. For this reason, hotels should make them feel like home, and provide them all the information they might need. In addition, hotels should provide a translator and multicultural staff, F&B services and facilities. Second type is the families. Families go to hotels usually for weekend trips and the main factor that the hotels should take in account is the kids. A family's need when on vacation is to spend time together, so facilities and F&B services for all the family is what hotels should consider. The third type is the elder people. This kind of tourists feels like they need to be looked after so the hotels should treat them delicately and with patience. Forth is the businesspeople. Many hotels base on the businessmen and the business women and this is why all the facilities try to fit their needs. Businesspeople need mainly relaxation and rest, since they are in town to work and get tired. They would prefer to be at their home so hotels try to make the experience be as more convenient as possible as well as to provide them special facilities such as meeting space, secretarial services and internet access. Fifth and last type is the delegates. Meeting planners bring a lot of hundreds guests in the hotels so it is important to make sure they get what they need. This is simply speed and unobtrusive service.

Greeting a guest is very important part in the guest-receptionist relationship. Greeting is taking place the first moment the guest walks in the hotel. The importance of first impression is during this procedure. The guest will form an opinion of the person and also of the hotel something that will influence the rest of the guest's stay. By greeting, the receptionist comforts the guest with him and by introduction of himself the guest feels more familiar. A charm and polite receptionist can mood up an angry walking in guest and create a very good image in his eyes. However every guest needs different handling. The receptionist should be able to recognize the guest's personality and adapt his own to make a proper and effective conversation. There are some things you should have in mind when greeting a guest. First and most important is that you should acknowledge your guest. After this you should be polite and honest while always keeping eye contact and smiling. You should use the name of the guest as it will make him feel more special and be careful with the words you will choose to use in your conversation as well as the clarity and the speed of your speech. Last point to remember and important as well is the use of positive tone and positive words at the start and the end of anything you say.

The registration process is a very important part of the guest's stay in the hotel. It can start with the preregistration activity in which the guest's information are being put in the system before his arrival. This is an important step since in high season it will help speed up the registration process since all that will be needed to be done, is verify the data. Second step is the registration record in which information of the guest is being kept. His or hers name, address, telephone number, payment method and a valid signature are being recorded. This step is important as well since the hotel knows who it is hosting in its premises. In addition, these records can be kept as history records as well as for the proper security in the hotel. After this, the assigning the room and rate takes place. Also important part because the proper room should be given to the guest, according to his needs, as for example a non-smoking room and because it is the time you agree the rate of the room given. The next step is the establishment of payment in which the guest agrees in which way he will pay, something that the hotel should know, in order to use the proper procedures. For example if the guest will ask to pay with credit card, the hotel should take the number of the credit card, so if something goes wrong, the hotel has a safe point. Last part of the registration is the issuing of the room key, where the receptionist gives the key for room to the guest. The receptionist must be very careful during this step for security reasons. After the guest takes the key, he is responsible to return it back to reception and in the meantime keep it safe for his own security. All the above show how important the registration process is, not as one process but in smaller parts.

Guest history file is a file for each guest individually and although it is kept for all guests, it is mostly used in the repeaters. This file contains the company for which the guest works, his address, his telephone, his id number, details about the days and the length he had stayed in our hotel before, any special needs or requests he has and his money movements inside our premises. In addition, preferences are being shown in this file such as the characteristics of the room he wishes to stay in. The main reason the hotel keeps these files is to provide the best service possible to the guest. A guest is flattered when you already know which room he would prefer and which food he prefers to eat, making the service more personalized.

Up-selling is the use of certain words to convince the guest to buy more than what he would have bought. This is a way to make more sales for the hotel and our business by simply talking with the guest without offending him in any way. It is a very good technique that has to be used by all the employees in any front-of-the-house position. In order to up-sell there are certain techniques to be used based on the normal human senses. You should look at the body language of the guest and see what mood he is in, and how freely he acts and moves when you speak with him about money. Also the eye contact is very important since it is easier to convince a guest when you look him straight in the eyes showing him how serious you are. Then is the listening where you must listen patiently to what your guest says and the correct moment promote, for example, a facility. Also you should smile, showing him that you are gently and always happy to serve them, as well as speak to them describing and convincing using powerful selling words. These words can be big words with strong meaning like magnificent, genuine, tempting and irresistible. Last but not least you must show the guest that you care about his needs and the easiest way to do this is to actually do.

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