The baffling Bermuda triangle

What is the mysticism with the Bermuda Triangle? The name conjures up thoughts of disappearances, electrical fields, lost cities and unexplained phenomena. Disappearances continue to take place with regular frequency. One National Geographic article maintains the disappearances have been attributed to the machinations of enormous sea monsters, giant squid, or extra-terrestrials. Alien abductions, the existence of a mysterious third dimension created by unknown beings, and ocean flatulence—the ocean suddenly spewing great quantities of trapped methane—have all been suggested as culprits. Yet the culprits suggested are not infallible and have several holes in theory. Thus far with modern technology and instruments available to the scientists of the 21st century, we still have no authoritative answers as to why the unexplained continues in the Bermuda Triangle. Therefore, accepting paranormal phenomena contribution in the Bermuda Triangle is rational and realistic.

The actual triangle is an equilateral triangle and the area mass is roughly anywhere from 500,000 to 150,000 miles. It has no exact longitude or latitude. It is based on the corners of Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Portions of the Bermuda Triangle are known for the Sargasso Sea, where a profusion of seaweed that once made passages by ship difficult or impossible. It is also know for the luminous glow in the area. The eerie glow caused by the seaweed is due to bacteria. . In addition the melting of methane gases can cause disruptions in the ocean floor. Those gases are in essence mini earthquakes which could be a reason for ship's disappearing without any remnants or survivors.

Documented during the last 250 years, the Triangle has collected hundreds of boats, people and aircraft. One warship, The Expervier disappeared in 1815 and delayed the closing of the 1812 war. The official peace proposal was on board. Flight 19 is considered to be the most famous aerial mystery of the 20th century. On December 5th, 1945 a squadron disappeared during a routine training flight. No traces of the 5 Torpedo Bombers or the pilots were ever found(McDonnell 8-16). In 1964, Chuck Whaley experienced a bright light and problems with his instrument panel. Within minutes the light disappeared and the instrument panel returned to normal. He believed that it was a paranormal experience.

The Triangle has also been considered the home of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce, a famous psyhic of the early to mid 20th century believed that Atlantis was near Bermuda. Gian Quasar states in his book "It is true, of course, that the greatest electromagnetic and undersea phenomena do recur where Cayce predicted that Atlantean ruins would exist." .

There are survivors who recount their time in the Bermuda Triangle. Martin Caiden, author of Ghosts of the Air, stated he was flying in fair weather when he noticed the air had turned to "eggnog" and the electrical equipment had power but nothing worked. This lasted approximately 4 hours until they were near Jacksonville at which time the fog lifted and the equipment began to work again In 1952, George and David Rothschild were passengers on a flight to attend their father's funeral when the pilot became frantic when the instruments went dead. Luckily they were able to land in Norfolk off the Florida coast.

Christopher Columbus reported compass anomalies in 1493. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places where the compass points true north. Currently a variation of up 22 percent of north is normal in other areas. These anomalies are considered to be due to magnetic fields in the area. Magnetic field readouts are the oldest scrutinized geophysical data available. Their strength, vagaries, and anomalies have been studied for the past century and a half. Nevertheless, repeat readings and tests continue to offer puzzling and conflicting results, leaving us with an unstable foundation for even interpreting its potential . The US Coast Guard currently receives up to 20 calls per day from the area.

The possibilities of "spiraling clouds" are being considered for the fog like vapors that many people have reported seeing. These clouds are considered to be electrically charged and often feature corkscrew tails and tunnel like appearance. Their origin is unknown but they do exist. Dr. Birkeland originally described this in 1908. Unfortunately his work was destroyed and has not been re-evaluated (Quasar, Web). His work may have led to the cultivation of particles, space and energy explaining where the people, ships or aircraft disappear to.

As for UFO's, some have suggested that they are like the Bermuda Triangle due to its location. If UFO's do use the Bermuda Triangle the magnetic fields would be a logical place in which to recharge. Governments have spent millions of dollars on space programs and yet doubts about other colonies still exist. It is a normal thought process to believe that if we want to explore space then another planet more advanced may already be or have been on explorations.

No plausible sources were found for sea monsters or giant squid in the Bermuda Triangle. Recent book releases have underscored the fascination with sea monsters but no evidence for support. One example is Rick Riordans book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians "The Sea of Monsters".

The building of methane pockets that melt and then explode to the surface causes Ocean Flatulence. The first thing to consider is how methane will sink a ship and is the Bermuda Triangle the largest area for these pockets? The answer per the is no evidence of methane sinking large ships and an example (see Glomar Challenger) of it not happening. What about the largest pockets of methane? They are off the Carolina coast. This has no history of missing ships, aircraft or paranormal activity.

People who disappear never to be heard from are assumed dead. The American Government has a standard of 7 years missing and then the courts can be petitioned to have a person declared legally dead. There are no reports of returning from the Bermuda Triangle once declared missing. Due to the depths of the ocean and lack of land it is logical to assume no survivors will ever be located. The same assumption can be made for the missing aircraft and ships. There are reports of people being lost and losing their bearings before regaining their sense of direction.

The Bermuda Triangle is not the only spot know for disappearances. The Dragon's Triangle, is located off the coast of Japan. UFO's, ghost ships and lapses in time have all been reported. Volcanic activity in the area is also noted. Islands appear and disappear. The Michigan Triangle located in Lake Michigan has reports of missing aircraft and a boat captain.

The one consistent theme is that we will always have unexplained activity. Acceptance that these activities are linked to paranormal phenomenon is becoming more widespread. For centuries mankind has been consumed with explaining the unexplained. Time-travel, disappearances, reappearances, UFO's and aliens are examples of activity investigated for centuries.

Explorations have shown that what was once considered fantasy can indeed be true. With space exploration, we discovered "Black Holes" are real. We were able to visit planets through our space programs. The voyages of early sailors led to verifying that the world is round, not flat. Giant squids were thought to be a myth. Each generation of humans grows to new dimensions. Perhaps one dimension will be a Fifth one.

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