The city of romance

Paris, the city of romance, love is in the air...The perfect getaway for love birds. However, ever since the famous movie, Da Vinci Code was shown in theaters word wide, even more tourists flood this beautiful city. This city is not only romantic but cultural and historical as well.

Paris is one of the major European rail and air hubs. Thus, what you need to worry is not about how to get there but which travel package to choose from. Upon arriving in Paris, you can choose to travel around via buses, Metro or RER which are relatively cheap. Paris offers its visitors a distinguishing public transportation system. Just arm yourself with a map and a French translation book and you will be all fine. If you are still lost, there are many city tour packages for you to choose from be it on land or on water. In fact, there is even a Da Vinci Code tour. The prices for these tours range from 25 Euro up to 160 Euro whereby lunch will be included.

Accommodations vise, there are abundance of places for you to choose from. You have a choice from the very classy to budget hotels. If you wish to indulge in all the best of Paris, you can choose Best Western Premier Louvre Saint-Honor , Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel or Le Mathurin. Their prices range from 110 to 160 per night. On the other hand, if you are on budget, you may consider Hotel Tamaris, Vintimille Hotel or Hotel Alize Grenelle Tour Eiff. They are currently offering discounts up to 70%! Prices range from 42 to 70.

Now, let's move to the many, many, beautiful, romantic and cultural attractions in Paris. These include but not limited to, The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and the many romantic cafs by The Seine riverbank. It would be a waste to Paris if you miss either of them.

The Arc de Triomphe is not only a magnificent piece of architecture, it is historical as well. In 1806, Emperor Napoleon built The Arc to perpetuate France's military powers. Today, it is known as the affection and charm of Parisian. The Arc is located at the Etoile juncture where 12 renowned avenues radiate out from there. You can get there via Metro and RER.

Notre Dame Cathedral was the centre of medieval Paris. It is the most spectacular, breath taking gothic cathedral in the world. Notre Dame's towers, statuary and stained glass are beyond words can describe. This marvelous cathedral was completed in the 14th century. Alike The Arc, it is not just a piece of majestic art but both cultural and historical as well. Ever heard of the story of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo? Walt Disney animated this story as well. It is to commemorate this great gothic cathedral. You can even climb the North tower to get a gargoyle's view of Paris.

The Louvre is the world most visited, largest museum. It is known not only for its grand collections but also for its beautiful all glass design. The Louvre is located at the Louvre Palace. The Louvre is not any boring museums. It is merely a maze whereby you could simply immerse into the world of arts, culture and history. The Louvre's collections consist of masterpieces from European, Egyptian, Greco Roman, Islamic etc. masters such as Vermeer and Da Vinci. The famous Mona Lisa is displayed here as well. There are mass, economical transportations to The Louvre. Thus, it is a must visit.

Last but not least, The Eiffel Tower. Paris is strongly associated with this tower. Each evening, when the tower bursts into dazzling lights, it is hard for one to draw his/her eyes away. There are even two restaurants in the tower. Of course, you do not have to literally climb up yourself. There are lifts operating via modern hydraulic pumps to get you up. On the first floor which is actually at 95m above sea level, not that "first" after all, is the Altitude 95 restaurant. Above it, on the second floor, is the restaurant which caters to elites and offers a splendid night view of Paris, The Jules Verne. It is even attached to a private lift.

Compared to other attractions listed above, The Eiffel Tower is a rookie to Paris. This tower got its name after its designer, Gustave Eiffel. Initially, The Eiffel Tower was not meant for tourism. It was to serve as an entrance arch for the 1889 World's Fair. However, it is now the tallest building in Paris and is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It is also the world single most visited paid monument. You can get there via Metro, RER, buses and taxis. Thus, there is absolutely no reason for you to not visit this icon of Paris.

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