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'Every event is a small story with topic, protagonists, audience and impressions. However, due to the fact that no story has any interest if there are no tiny details to surround the scenario and inflame our fantasy, Great Events designed every single detail in order for your story to be successful, unique and impressive.'

What I am going to analyze today is with regard to Great Events, an event organizing and producing company, which attracted me for choosing it for my assignment because of its past created events. Actually it is a subject that quite interested me to research further and in more detail since it is very important for my career orientation. I recognized it as an important point of my future personal development considering the fact that in the Hospitality Industry we are facing daily with the mentioned topic.

Great Events

Great Events is a company that organizes and produces special events. The company was established in early 2006. Great Events started to serve the public needs of an event organization and production committed to remain the first choice in the local community. During its professional debut the company kept improving its capability to respond to the dynamic changes of the markets' need by endeavour, creativity and innovation. With its solid, experienced and dedicated team, it has been maintaining its quality commitment to deliver a horizon beyond creation and satisfaction.

Great Events commits to create attractive and interactive events to the public's need of entertainment, business development, education and recreation as part of the society.

Great Events, with its resources and capability committed to provide necessary consultation and assistance of producing and organizing events for various parties (corporate, community, club, non profit organizations, institutions, government, etc) for their marketing and communication program to maximize the goal achievement.

Corfu has the basis for a sophisticated tourism infrastructure that caters for the growing demands of the MICE industry. Great Events positioned its self to support and assist any tourism related company (Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Travel Company, etc) create their special event production. By implementing first class quality services which embrace communication, detail and totality Great Events aims to assist for best possible production design and execution plan to deliver an unforgettable moment of ones guests (clients).

Code of Conduct:

What ever the need may be, Great Events duty is to fulfil it. Above all, the Company shares the commitment, passion and belief that it can make a real difference to an event, by creating happenings beyond plan and agreement.

Service Sectors:

  • Planning of Private Events
  • Wedding Ceremony Planning
  • Christening Ceremony Planning
  • Adult Party Planning
  • Planning of Corporate Events
  • Company Gatherings
  • Company Launching
  • Company Meetings
  • Promotions/ Road shows
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Commercial Exhibitions
  • Gala Dinners
  • Outbound/ Team Building Activities
  • Show Biz Entertainment
  • Events Sales and Marketing
  • Planning of Artistic Events
  • Artistic Exhibitions
  • Theatrical Shows
  • Concerts
  • Press Conferences
  • Networking Parties
  • Planning of Educational Events
  • Kids Parties
  • School Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Reunion Parties
  • Academic Seminars
  • School Educational Excursions
  • School Competitions
  • Carnival Parties
  • School team building activities
  • School Shows
  • Production and Technical Support
  • Venue Management
  • Research-Coordination-Negotiation-Dealing
  • Stage Production Services
  • Stage Design-Stage Building-Lighting System-Sound System Backdrop
  • Decoration
  • Multimedia Services
  • A/V
  • Presentations
  • Panoramic View Presentations
  • Presentations-Digital Backdrops-Multi Display
  • System-In house television-Multimedia
  • Content Development
  • Secretariat Service
  • On-line Registration-Office equipment-secretariat operational
  • Talent and Crew Management
  • Artist management, sales promo girl (SPG)
  • Liaison Officer, Master of Ceremonial
  • Daily Worker Provision
  • Tailor made event request coverage


Autumn Musical Concert of Marios Frangoulis in Corfu (Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling) Musical Concert of Petros Gaitanos in Corfu (Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling) Summer Musical Concert of Marios Frangoulis in Corfu (Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling) Summer Musical Concert of Helena Paparizou in Rhodes (Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling, Concert Production) Summer Musical Concert of Goran Bregovic in Corfu (Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling, Concert Production)


Very wide market with potentials for niche development

Types of meetings:

corporate - private - VIP exclusive

Frequency of meetings for Great Events:

Corfu - average of 9 per year
Athens - average of 12 per year
Rhodes - average of 10 per year
Austria - average of 3 per year

Properties utilized:

private - hotel - municipal and governmental

Background of the interviewee

I decided to make the interview with Ms. Mando Mazi who is co-owner of Great Events, Events ServicesinGreece. Ms. Mazi additionally was my lecturer at the European Center for Tourism Studies. Apart of being my lecturer I consider her as professional and successful young person both personal and in business. She thrives towards a sense of dignity, pride, passion and satisfaction in what she or he does. Moreover it was pleasure to interview her.

Miss Mazi holds the following academic credentials:

  • BA in Management and Public Relations(Major Public Relations and Entrepreneurship)
  • BA in Interior Design - Vacalo School of Arts
  • MA in Hospitality Management(Dissertation Events Coordination and Production)
  • Participation in International Conferences as a Lecturer (IMIC, ICCA)
  • Participation in Global Meetings as a CoOrdinator (OSCE, ICCA, UCLAS)

Questions and answers:

  1. Could you tell me the number of departments, functions, and their relative importance within the client service in your meeting planning organization?
  2. Ms. Mazi mentioned the following departments of Great Events in an order of importance:

    1. Media Department
    2. Financial Department
    3. Sales Department
    4. Marketing Department
    5. HR Department
    6. Design Department
    7. Sponsorships Department
  3. Does the company cooperate with other meeting planning organizations?
  4. Only for the CoOrdination of Mega Events in Austria and generally abroad, but not for locally organized events.

    Q: What makes Great Events different from its competitors?
    A: There is no correlation with packaged services and only tailor made personal handling of clientele.

  5. What are the services your meeting planning organization specializes in, and how did you decide to come up with them?
  6. What is the most important product that your organization provides to its clientele?
  7. Its updated knowledge in the field of events and its expertise that is transmitted from the management to the staff.

  8. What would you say makes your organization uniquely qualified for your line of work?
  9. One of the outstanding qualities of Great Events as a company is the level of commitment of all participants and the problem solving methodology applied.

    Which are the futures challenges/trends for the Great Events?

    The company needs to maintain a high commitment to quality services and the courage to apply changes to meet future developments.

    Committed employees.
    Good co-operators willing to listen, learn and improve.
    Updated Knowledge.
    High motives.
    Development of a product (service oriented) to be proud about.

  10. What factors have been responsible for the organization's success in the past?
  11. Passion and very hard work.

  12. Could you please describe your typical work day?
  13. Monday to Thursday
    8:30 I am at the office preparing for my 9 o' clock appointment.
    From 9:00 to 12:00 usually I have appointments.
    12:00 to 14:00 I keep notes with the team and prepare proposals for the clientelle.
    14:00 to 15:00 Lunch Break always with the team in order to discuss about arising issues.
    15:00 to 18:00 Evening appointments on social events.
    18:00 to 20:00 Meetings with my partner on bookings of artistic (concerts, theatrical shows), athletic and corporate events.
    20:00 to 21:00 telephone meetings with offices in Athens, Rhodes and Graz.
    21:00 to 22:00 Note keeping with my secretary for the coming day.
    22:00 to 00:00 3 times per week business dinners with customers, colleagues for communication and pr reasons.
    8:30 to 12:00 weekend event rehearsals with clientele
    12:00 to 15:00 event set up
    18:00 to 21:00 office (various tasks, weeks sum up with team)
    9:00 to 14:00
    Controlling of event's set up
    17:00 up to events end
    presence at event

    If there is no event family and friends

    *The contradictory side is a sum of 10 trips per year within Greece and abroad for business reasons, where leisure always has some part and twice a year 10 day vacations.

  14. Could you please describe me the procedure of making contracts with the clients?
  15. While the actual planning of an event may take several months from the initial contact with a client to the actual happening, the client typically signs a contract one month before the event. However, sometimes various items may be subject to change up and to almost the last minute. The contract is always reported to the appropriate governmental body in order to be legal and protect all parties of the contract.

  16. Could you please provide me with any official documentation you may have in order to assist me on my extended research?
  17. All official documentation of Great Events is for private use only.

Difference between the meeting planner and a meeting professional

Self employment is a very risky but at the same time very challenging job. The cornerstone and epitome of the many differences between the meeting planner and meeting professional the two is that at the end of your day, no matter if this was good or bad, tiring or easy. When you have made your company's title a state of mind, this makes it an existing figure for you and knowing the result burdens you in either a positive or a negative way. This makes you a better and more responsible strong person with absolute understanding of what it takes to get there and sustain yourself or let you go in comparison to an employee, who no matter how strongly committed and focused to his/her own job, by the time s/he leaves the building there is no worry but the monthly payment to be on time and as agreed.


At the end of my assignment is worth mentioning that this interview was not only part of the task for me, but a source of knowledge about the work and responsibilities of a meeting professional. Furthermore, this research helped me to feel a charm and joy of this work as well as its difficulties. Moreover, the interviewgave me the opportunity to peek into the life of a young, successful, professional meeting planner and see the real world in which meeting professional works.

This research was a challenge for me and a great experience which helped me to realize and understand the responsibilities which this job carries.My great excitement is that Ms. Mazi apart her obligations and responsibilities, separate a little her time and helped me in achieving my assignment.

Meeting professional interview assignment

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