The introduction to Barbados


Barbados is one of island located in the most eastern side in the chain of the Caribbean island. It has the Atlantic Ocean to the one side and Caribbean Sea on the other. It is relatively a flat country made of limestone with only one mountain in it which is named as Mount Hillaby. Barbados is of totally 644 square miles of 14 miles of width and 21 miles in length. The weather in Barbados that rarely drops below 75 degrees Fahrenheit and over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The total population is roughly around 270,000. Bridgetown is the capital city which is located in the southwest coast.

Barbados is considered to be highly safe for tourists compares to other Caribbean Islands. A plus point is the drinking water in Barbados is safe to drink since it is naturally filtered through the coral limestone rock.

Barbados has plenty of attractions for everyone and anyone,be it for shopping, lazing or seeking adventure at the beach or beach side, going for sight seeing experiences limestone caves and gullies in the St.Thomas,experincing a rocking night life hence having the right combination of offering to potentially make it a memorable vacation of one's life.

Some of the famous attractions that one should not miss during the trip to the island besides the usual offerings at most seaside locations include:

Swimming with Sea Turtles

It would be one of the best places to for a visit especially for families with young outdoor enthusiastic children besides being ideal for all types of tourists as it provides calm waters suitable for swimming. As the sea turtles are protected under the Barbados Sea Turtle project hence much care is taken to preserve the originality of the turtle habitat. The tourist guide will lure the turtles by feeding them to allow the tourist to swim close to the turtles. The experience can be obtained at different budgets as many packages are offered.

Harrison's Cave

It is the one of the most popular and impressive limestone cave which is located in the central uplands of Barbados as it is the natural coral limestone cave which is opened daily from 9 am to 4 pm. The 2.3 kilometer underground tour through the cave displays number of caverns, lakes, calcite formations and waterfalls besides tours on electric trams givng the tourist a chance to enjoy spectacular sight during the journey throughout the cave as at various spots, tourist leave the tram to take photographs. The major highlight of the cave is wonderful view of the Great Hall, 50 foot High caverns and a 40 foot waterfall.

The Atlantis Submarine Barbados

Barbados is well surrounded by coral reefs where most colorful and exotic sea life in the Carribean waters call home. Many submarine tours offer a chance to view the Caribbean Sea up close and personally. A 10 minute boat ride from the Shallow Harbour in Bridgetown allows tourist to reach the "The Ocean Quest" in the sea where they can view the submarine surface.

The tour on the submarine is suitable ,even claustrophobic persons as they accommodate about 50 persons at a time ,full air conditioned and a view port for almost an hour to fully enjoy the undersea adventures.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

The andromeda Botanic Gardens, located in the township of St. Joseph in the east coast of Barbados is maintained and controlled by the Barbados National Trust. The garden has eye-catching views of the rocky east coast and Atlantic Ocean.

The garden has been set in a whopping 6 acres of land and it has over 600 varieties of Mother Natures jewels including exotic orchids and shrubs in it making it the a sight to behold with various colors. It is no wonder that it is a major tourist attraction as one can smell the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers against the scenic, magical background of the Atlantic Ocean.

Brighton Farmer's Market

Situated in the Brighton Plantation in the rural community of St. George in the middle of the island,the market starts early on Saturday's morning where local farmers will setup the stalls by 6.30am and sell all types of local Fresh Fruits and vegetables as well as refershing breakfast options like coffee and croissants and local favorites including connoisseur stalls that sell British sausages and cheeses!


There are many places where one can enjoy the best of the nightlife in Barbados. There are wide ranges from pumping nightclubs to the relaxing and chilled out bars. The most exciting feature of their nightspots is the fact that they are situated outdoorsmaking it more enjoyable as it is not stuffy and less smokey. Famous clubs include Harbour Lights, The Boatyard, St Lawrence Gap and Lexy Piano Bar.

Barbados is truly a spot for relaxation and recreation for all ages and budgets,so get packing and board the next plane to the scenic heaven on earth!

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